Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

 Chapter Twelve - The End of Schooldays  

On arriving home all was quiet on the Western Front.  That is, if Mum hadn't announced she and Dad, if I didn't mind, would be going off for a week on Monday, to Spain again.  She said Mrs Phillips would feed me as necessary.  Dad later said it would give me a chance to do some serious studying for my exams and passed over six five pound notes with a wink saying I should take Paul out for a meal with that young South African lad.  

I was so worn out with the exertions of the last couple of days, I mean, playing Rugby was the exertion which sprang most readily to mind, I had quite forgotten Jacob was spending the Easter vac with Paul.  I went to bed early that night so I got up in good time on Saturday morning and sauntered round to nextdoor saying to Mum I would probably get some breakfast there.  I knew Dad and Mr Phillips had gone off early that morning to play golf.   Mrs Phillips greeted me like a longlost prodigal and said she hadn't heard a sound so far that morning from upstairs and she was just going out to the shops but I was to tell the boys to get their own breakfast as she wouldn't be back until much later.

As she went out of the backdoor I crept upstairs and opened Paul's door silently and there they were, in separate beds, like the babes in the woods, fast asleep.  I quickly took my clothes off and slid into bed beside Paul and put my arms round him.  In his sleep he knew who I was and murmured, "My Jamie, my lovely Jamie."  I pressed myself close to him, my prick fully erect in seconds, and there was his massive tool in the same condition.  I hugged him close and murmured that I loved him so much, I wanted to be with him for ever and began to dust his lips with light kisses.  He woke up.  

"I knew you would be here, my lovely Jamie," he whispered, "I waited all night for you."  

Our pricks rubbed together as we bucked our hips.  Our mouths met, we kissed and tonguefucked.  I felt down and gently drew his foreskin back and wanked him slowly.  A wave of hot spunk soon swept across my stomach.  He wanked me slowly in the same way and a second tide mingled with the first.  We held each other tightly in loving silence.  I felt I was in heaven.  

I think we lay glued together by the drying viscosity of our combined outpourings for close on an hour just enjoying being together.  Jacob slept on, the sleep of the innocent.  

I had my eyes closed as I touched Paul's upper lip with the tip of my tongue.  A voice came from the other bed.  

"Oh, Jamie, you're back!  Paul's been waiting for you."  

He scrambled out of bed, his short hardon jutting in front of him, looking all golden with his abundance of hair.  He kissed me passionately and put his arms round both of us.  I reached out and drew him onto the bed between us.  

"I think that needs dealing with," I said taking a grip on his stubby prick.  I wanked him slowly just as I had done earlier to Paul and as I did so Paul stroked him across his furry chest.  A gush of morning spunk zoomed out and splashed on both Paul and me.  We three then laid huddled together in silence again until Jacob announced he was hungry and he meant food hungry when we looked at him wryly.  

We were like one dog with three tails.  We were all so happy to see each other and couldn't stop touching each other as we ate breakfast round the kitchen table.  I was very taken with the amount of hair on Jacob's head as well.  He had let it grow all term and it was almost down to his shoulders in a mass of curls.  He looked so beautiful with his roguish smile and his merry manner.  However, we got down to serious matters almost straight away and I was glad to hear that Billy's and my advice to him was the same as Paul's;  forgive Hendy and try to forget the hurt.  Jacob was so overcome with how we had taken him into our hearts he wept soundly and we held him tight and said we would do everything we could to make his enforced exile happy.  

They both already knew that Mum and Dad were planning a week away and they laughed when I told them Dad had said it would be a good opportunity for study.  They both said it was as they had important exams coming up too.  We would use my house as a base and Paul's Mum would feed us.  I would tell them about the money later!  

That week was bliss.  We each made a schedule for study which left afternoons fairly free.  I drove Dad and Mum to the airport on Monday morning promising to meet them at ten o'clock the next Monday after their return flight.  That first Monday afternoon I fucked Paul first and then Jacob and, after, as I sucked Paul, Jacob fucked me.  After Monday night they both moved into my bedroom and when we were not studying we sucked and fucked and enjoyed each other's company and bodies.  I thought I would always associate the solutions of certain maths problems with whose cock was in my mouth or whose dick was in my arse at the time the solutions of both kinds came to me.  I did make the effort of meeting up with Billy and the others but they were also in the throes of revising so sexual activity with them was zero.

The three of us did emerge on the world at large on Friday evening and we spent the money Dad had given me quite easily, supplemented by a donation from Jacob's greatgrandmother.  That night we had sex continuously for several hours.  I thought of the poor lads coming five times in two hours.  I know I came five times but it was rather more spread out.  

That all ended with the return of my parents and the departure back to Cambridge of Paul and Jacob.  Term began and the Tour was dissected and voted to have been the best ever.  Discreet enquiries of Johnny Marshall and Barry revealed no lasting damage to their nervous systems but both said they'd had hardons more or less continuously for a couple of days on return.   

Examinations loomed and went.  The Sixth Form arranged to celebrate the leavers with a giant party.  A pub crawl was what was finally organised.  Then, about three days before the end of term I was buttonholed by a very serious looking Ben Castle who asked if he could ask me something personal.  I said yes and we sloped off to a stockroom I knew was very rarely visited.  We sat down on a couple of packing cases and Ben told me he was having to get married and would I be his best man.  Ben at eighteen getting married!  I must have gaped at him as he gave a wry smile and explained that all the happenings on the Tour had made him so horny that when he got back and was with his girlfriend on the Saturday night he had persuaded her to have a fuck.  He grinned even more wryly and said it wasn't just one fuck and now Bridget was pregnant and as they were both Catholics they would have to marry.  He said the wedding would be on August Bank Holiday Saturday and he wanted me to be his best man.  I leaned over and hugged him and said congratulations and I certainly would.  He seemed a bit more cheerful but said he didn't want the others to know yet.  I said he should tell them because everyone would be so pleased as well as jealous.  It was a known fact that although most of the Sixth Formers had girlfriends the number of virgins amongst us was close on ninetyfive per cent  that was, except for those of us who had lost their virginity in a slightly different way!  I only knew of two of the other guys, other than Ben, who I could believe with any certainty!  

Ben told me he was going to work for his father anyway in their building firm and Bridget, at the High School, didn't want to go to College.  I then told him I was as good as married and, I was rather surprised, he didn't look as startled as I expected.  In fact he smiled broadly and said he'd heard rumours, so it was true?  I nodded and he clasped my hands and said he hoped I would be as happy as he was sure he would be.  

The last night of term was a riot.  It was the first time I had ever been really drunk.  I decided after that night I didn't really like beer as I found as soon as it went down one hole I pissed it out of another and all I was left with was a splitting headache!  In the end about a dozen of us kipped down in various stages of drunken stupor in Gerry's basement.  Billy was so out of this world two of us, slightly still within the world, had to drag him to the bog where he emptied his stomach and guts noisily at irregular intervals most of the night.  I didn't envy Gerry and Charley now living together permanently  the task of cleaning up.  In fact, several of us to salve our consciences made a feeble effort to mop up some of the more obvious stains in the morning.  

Dad's promise of a holiday was taken up and other parents chipped in so ten of us ended up in the hotel where Paul and I had stayed before on the Greek island.  Apparently Varun kicked up a bit of a fuss when he heard Kish was going.  When I saw him next I pacified him by saying when I was at Cambridge he could come and visit me there.  Billy, Charley and Gerry were also included in the party together with the Tracey twins who had both got into Oxford.  That left someone to find to share with Jacob.  I had the bright idea of asking Sean who was coming down anyway to stay with me before we went to France.  We were a party of exuberant young lads but we were definitely not lager louts.  We had a fortnight of sun, sea and sex.  Eight of us knew from the beginning who was having sex and everyone knew anyway by now that Paul and I and Charley and Gerry were definite couples but I found out an interesting fact on an urgent visit to the loo in the early hours of the second morning.  I could hear sounds of evident sexual activity coming from the twins' room as I passed their door.

The matter of what activity was resolved a couple of days later when the twin I had been helping with Maths asked me rather apologetically if I had any spare condoms.  I had to admit that Paul and I never used them.   Chris raised his eyebrows and said that he and Dick always did but they'd misunderstood who had said would get a good supply in.  We wandered off together along the beach and I found they'd been sucking and fucking each other ever since they'd reached puberty and had never bothered about anyone else.  I suggested they made certain they were well lubricated and when we got back to the hotel I gave Chris a spare tube of KY jelly.  Dick thanked me the next day, his face wreathed in smiles.  

Both Sean and Jacob told me independently how great they felt together and that was when I discovered that Sean was aiming for Cambridge for next year.  They made a good couple and generally disappeared for what they called `a siesta' most afternoons.  Gerry kept us all amused with his wit and little presents he'd brought with him, no more so than when, on the first morning, he produced ten posing pouches for us to wear on the beach.  Only he and Charley dared to put them on that morning but by the third day the rest of us were coyly, then blatantly, strutting about with Billy moaning that if he wasn't careful his bollocks would be on full view.  He was promptly sat on and buried in the sand and then moaned he'd got sand in all his crevices not noticing until he stood up that his thong had been expertly removed.  

So, with the visit to Albert and his grandmother in France with Sean my schooldays came to a close.  I was best man at Ben's wedding and Paul was invited as my guest.  Although nothing was said openly I was absolutely certain my parents and Paul's parents knew about us.  In fact, poor Jacob just about let the cat out of the bag when we were having a barbecue, or `braai' as he called it, in the Phillips garden that last Sunday afternoon at the end of August.  I was sitting next to Paul and Jacob started to make a remark that we were a lovely couple.  He said this much to the amusement of my elder sister who was visiting us and obviously had cottoned on to our attachment and a stony stare from the humourless prat who was her husband.  Luckily their illbehaved brat at that moment decided to try to catch the Phillips's pedigree cat with the avowed intention of sticking it on the barbecue.  At least daddy did tell the little bastard off.  I would have tanned his hide, with Podger's slipper for preference, if I'd had half the chance.  

Just before she was ready to leave my sister was in her old bedroom.  I came out of my room and she, very softly, called me in.  

"It's OK, Jamie, I love you both.  Be happy.  Anyway, from what Richard told me one day when he was drunk he's quite experienced!"  

I just whispered I was so happy.   She gave me a big hug, a big kiss and a big smile.  My big sister!  

No need to hide.  I made certain as she,  Richard the prat and the little horror left, Richard got a good view of me holding Paul's hand!  

So, schooldays at an end my friends departed on their separate ways during September.  Billy to RADA, Kish to the London School of Economics, Tony Pearce and Mickey Nevens to Bristol, Georgie Phelps all the way to Edinburgh University and, surprise, surprise, Phil Mooney of feathered knob fame, to Kings College in London to read Theology.  October came and Paul, Jacob and I went off to Cambridge and our lives after that is another droll story.  

                          The End