Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

Chapter Eleven - My Final Rugger Tour

My third and final Easter Rugger Tour was imminent.  Billy busied himself sorting out the various pairings.  Charley had insisted the terrible pair were included among the reserves as he maintained they would be the backbone of the First Fifteen next year.  I agreed as I'd noted how much they'd come on in the last few months.  The quieter taller one, Peter Mee, had impressed me with his calm enthusiasm and I decided, if asked, to have him as my first pairing.  However, being crafty I suggested to Billy that Peter and the other one, Tony Smye, could be Kish's pairings for the first three nights.  Billy grunted and said as Varun had already got them running rings for him the elder brother might as well have his turn.  I then, quite casually, said I would have them as well and Kish could have the mouthy one, Tony Smye, for the first two nights.  I found from Billy's scribbles he'd got two of the other Fifth Year reserves as his companions of the night and the other one had Charley and one of our overlarge prop forwards for his bedmates.  As this Fifth Former was a wellbuilt lad with a good length I thought he shouldn't be outmatched.   

As soon as the lists went up the terrible two dogged my footsteps at school, volunteering for all sorts of extra Prefectural duties.  The taller, quieter one was obviously overjoyed with his pairings and when we got off the bus at the first school he followed me to Gareth's house like a young puppy.  I knew Gareth wouldn't be there the first night but Mrs Davies said we would be so welcome and she certainly meant it and gave us a splendid supper.  Peter was rather apprehensive at first when we arrived but under Mrs Davies's Welsh friendliness he became quite chatty and we also heard all about Gareth's exploits from Mrs Davies.  Finally, after goodnight cups of cocoa we made our way up to Gareth's bedroom.  

I took the initiative and quickly stripped off completely while Pete was still in the bathroom.  So, when he came in I was busily folding my clothes up and getting my kit ready for tomorrow's game.  I also had the beginnings of a hardon.  Pete looked me over and fixed his eyes for some seconds on the section below my navel.  He was a bit slower than me in undressing but as he did so I noticed he took several glances at my equipment which I deliberately kept in his line of vision.  I was having a hard job to not get a sudden, complete erection.  As he eventually pulled his underpants down and stepped out of them I saw we matched in both having semihardons.  

"Usual nightly occurrence," I said as my cock, uncontrollably, sprang to attention.  

He went slightly red around the gills as his shaft did the same.  

"Better take care of them, hadn't we?"  I said, moving over to his side of the bed.  

I wasn't prepared for what he did next.  As I got close to him, he dropped to his knees, grasped me round the backs of my legs and took half my tool in his open mouth in one go.  He sucked and licked me with such frenzy it was all I could do not to shout out.  In the end my lengthy rod was almost completely engulfed by his darting head and I couldn't help it but I came so quickly and flooded his mouth with so much cum I made him cough and splutter.  I pulled my prick out of his mouth and dropped to my knees as well.  I fixed my mouth over his and we tonguefucked with my spunk until I lifted him up and laid him on the bed.  I ran my spunk coated tongue down his whole body as he moaned softly and then took his young, quite lengthy prick into my mouth and soon felt his warm semen squirt into my throat.  I licked his sensitive knob and he squealed.  I leaned over him and gave him back some of his offering as our tongues met again.  Gently, I opened the bed covers and we got in together and lay arms and legs entwined for ages, our tongues lightly darting in and out of each other's mouths.  

"That was wonderful, Pete," I murmured in the end, "Thank you."  

"I've wanted to do that for a long time and I never thought you would do it to me," he confessed.  

We lay with our heads close together and whispered into one another's ears as he told me that he and Tony were so grateful to me for helping them so much.  He said they were very friendly now with Varun though he was a cheeky little soandso.  I asked if they'd practised on each other.  He hesitated for a moment and then said `all the time' and that meant with Varun too.  I said I thought so and then I explained that he'd better not try that tactic tomorrow night as I didn't know if Gareth was into cocksucking.  He said he would be careful as he knew all his friends wanked together but as far as he knew only he, Tony and Varun were doing anything else.  I didn't enquire into what `anything else' might encompass but guessed, if Varun was involved, it might be more!  

The game next day was very enjoyable at least for us.  We ran in three tries and I managed to convert two of them.  Pete had part of a game as one of the wings had cramp during the second half.  One of his unkind friends said he expected it was because of too much activity the night before.  

Gareth was waiting for us when we arrived back at the terraced house after the game.  He hadn't grown any more but was still as voluble as ever.  He and Pete got on well together I was glad to see.  Mrs Davies was on duty that night so disappeared off just before eight o' clock.  I looked at the clock just before ten and nodded at it when Gareth looked at me in conversation.  He took the hint and within ten minutes the three of us were in his bedroom.  I stripped off first to lead the way with Gareth not far behind.  One difference was that over the past year he had sprouted quite a patch of black hair on his chest.  I complimented him on that and he reciprocated by saying I was now beating him on hairiness of legs.  Pete was a bit slow in casting off his clobber so I grinned at Gareth and we advanced on him from either side, upended him and pulled his remaining garments off.  He had a hardon like a young stallion.  Gareth grabbed it and started to toss him off so quickly the poor lad's mouth gaped open and he clutched at the bed clothes.  I moistened my fingers on my right hand with spit and began to circle his left nipple as Gareth picked up speed pulling the kid's foreskin fully back on each hefty downstroke.  Pete was shaking his head from side to side and panting heavily.  I reached down with my left hand and caught hold of the nice package below the base of his prick and massaged his bollocks within.  He began to make guttural noises in his throat going, "Nuh.. Nuh.. Nuh..  Nuh... Nuh.."  These changed suddenly as I felt his balls draw up.  I pulled down on his scrotum and he went to a series of fullthroated cries, "Oh..  Oh..  Oh..Oh..  Ohhhhh..  Ohhhhh..  Ohhhhh..  Ohhhhhhh!!"  The last cries in the sequence were accompanied by four strings of thick, white spunk which leapt out of his pissslit and landed, each one on top of the other, dead central on his breastbone.  The spunk was so thick it almost stood in a pile like whipped cream!  Of course, I hadn't seen his spunk the night before as I had swallowed it straight down.  I did know it had a good consistency and taste!  Even after he had come his whole body was still twitching and his hands were still clenching the bed clothes.  He was going "Oh my God, Oh my God," now and quietened down a bit as Gareth and I exchanged glances and smiled at each other.  

As Pete opened his eyes he must have seen Gareth standing directly in front of him, his hardon jutting out at fortyfive degrees from his body.  Pete sat up, causing a rivulet of cum to start cascading down his stomach to end up in his pubic bush.  He opened his legs, grabbed Gareth round the buttocks and pulled him towards him and with one go Gareth's thick, Welsh dick disappeared into Pete's open mouth.  I wondered what Gareth would do having warned Pete not to try anything too much.  Gareth was taken by surprise.  I saw this writ large on his face but Pete, very expertly, sucked on him, moving his head back and forth and it was Gareth's turn to make strange noises.  Whether they were evocations to the Welsh Gods I do not know but vowels and consonants in unknown combinations spilled from his lips.  I thought I'd better help so I grabbed his balls and gave them a good squeeze and as I did they rose and stood on either side of the base of his cock like two proud, hard walnuts.  Gareth's hips now moved in time with Pete's mouth and with wild, Welsh cries he came, and came, and came.  Poor Pete.  He tried his best but Gareth's balls, I knew from past experience, produced a fair bit of gism.  Although Pete closed his mouth as tight as possible round Gareth's jerking rod a mass of spunk flooded out and dripped down his cock as Pete released it and swallowed hard.  

"Oh, Christ," exclaimed Gareth with a great deal of emphasis, "I've never had that before.  I've heard about it, but, Oh Christ, wonderful!!"  

He leaned forward and kissed Pete on the forehead.  He turned to me.  

"Has he done that to you?"  

I nodded and said he had, last night.  Gareth looked at me and shook his head almost in disbelief that having one's cock sucked could give one such pleasure.  He glanced down at my rod which was, as usual, not only rigid up against my belly but drooling copiously.  A thin tendril of colourless fluid was almost to the floor.  Even though he had only just come Gareth went into action.  He opened the bottom drawer of his dresser and pulled out the familiar towel.  He quickly wiped down Pete's front then chucked the towel on the floor some distance away from me.  He told Pete to get off the bed and stand about five or so feet in front of me.  I knew what was coming, I was for a start, but Gareth had experienced the distance my pentup come could fly and was going to put it to the test again with young Pete as the target!  It certainly was pentup.  My viewing of those two intensive workouts had raised my sexual temperature to boilingpoint.  Gareth stood just behind me and ringed my prick with two fingers and thumb.  He had remembered my favourite hold.  Ouch!  He pulled back so hard on his first stroke I thought he would tear my foreskin off.  But no, he managed to keep it as far back as possible as his fingers gripped my shaft and massaged that so, so sensitive point just under the ridge.  Thirty or so strokes later I knew I couldn't contain myself any longer.  I grunted, gritted my teeth and squinched up my eyes and spunk zoomed out of my knobend like a missile.  It was a homing missile and home was square on Pete's chest where five great globs landed with the accuracy of a Moon landing!  Pete gasped and Gareth laughed and gave my cock an almighty last tug which made a sixth gobbet fly up to land just at the edge of the towel by Pete's feet.  He was staring, first at my prick, still in Gareth's hand, then down at the new ribbons of cum rolling down his stomach.  I put my hand behind me and clasped them round Gareth to support myself as my thigh muscles were still tingling greatly.  

Pete whispered, "I've never seen a thing that big and I've never seen anyone shoot as far as that!"  

Yeah, I had to agree, even if it was me!  As soon as Gareth had started beating my meat I had stared at the reflection in the mirror on his wardrobe.  I must admit that the sight of my sevenincher, foreskin fully back, dark red knob rampant, was formidable.  Even more impressive was the quantity of spunk I always produced and the distance I could eject it.  If I was really worked up, like today, then, WOW!!  

Gareth let go of my prick, picked up the towel and wiped young Pete down again.  

"You don't do too badly yourself.  Is your stuff always as thick as that?"  

Pete said it was and he'd always made lots like it.  

Gareth pointed at Pete's still quite rigid dick.  "What's that, about six and a half?"  

Yes, that was one thing I'd noted the night before, Pete's cock lengthened considerably from its nascent state.  

Pete nodded, looking pleased as Punch.  "Yep, just under and Varun says it's still growing 'cause it's over a quarter of an inch longer now than at Christmas."  

"Who's Varun?" asked Gareth.  

I explained he was the brother of Kish who Gareth remembered from last year's game and he and Pete were good friends.  We decided to get into bed then so, with Pete saying nothing, I told Gareth the tale about `the terrible pair' and their conversion to the road of righteousness.  As Pete was lying in between Gareth and me he put his hand between my legs and held my balls and squeezed them gently each time I magnified their transgressions.  In the end the three of us went to sleep with Gareth spooned against Pete's back and Pete and me facing each other with my arm loosely round his shoulders.  

As we snuggled down Pete whispered in my ear, "Thanks for everything."  

We all woke around seven o'clock and very slowly and gently Pete wanked us two older ones off.  Then Gareth jacked off Pete before he had to get out and go to his lonely bed before his mother arrived home.   Gareth's last words as he bade us farewell as we walked to the bus were to Pete thanking him for the magnificent new experience he'd had.  As we turned the corner out of Gareth's sight, Pete nudged my arm, "No one can resist that, eh?"  Cheeky sod!

The match that afternoon at the other school was rather scrappy.  Whether everyone in our team had worn themselves out the night before, I don't know, but the exhortations to our squad by Billy did little to raise the level of our game.  In the end it didn't really seem to matter who had won as the other Captain was heard several times to curse at his lot for not getting into the game a bit more.  However, everyone was very cheerful in the showers and we were all much entertained by a trio of lads from the other school who knew countless verses of `Four and Twenty Virgins'.  

As we came out of the changingrooms I spotted Duncan and young David, beaming broadly and itching to rush up and greet me.  I collected Tony Smye and introduced them.  As I knew Tony had a younger brother of David's age I thought they would get on well.  In fact, he and  Duncan ended up in animated conversation as we rode to their house on the local bus.  I found out from David that Frankie was at home holding the fort as both the girls had gone away for Easter.  I was looking forward to meeting Frankie again as I'd only spoken to him on the 'phone a couple of times since I'd seen him last Summer and I didn't really know how he and his boyfriend were getting on.  I wanted to tell him about Paul and me at New Year and my visit to Cambridge.  

Frankie was just the same.  He and his mother and the dogs made us very welcome.  As usual, the boys were sent off to clean our boots while Mrs Cooke put our dirty rugger kit into the washer.  Tony and I offered our help but Mrs Cooke ushered us out of the kitchen and asked if we would like a drink before dinner.  This turned out to be a large glass of red wine and by the time the meal was over and we three older lads each had another couple of glasses each I was feeling quite lightheaded and exceptionally randy.  I had noted that Macbeth's porter probably meant he'd had a bit more to drink when he said although it provoked the desire it took away the performance.  With me a couple of glasses both provoked the desire and, I felt, enhanced my performance.  But then, I still hadn't experienced being really drunk!  

Duncan and David were sent up for their baths and I noticed that Frankie didn't have to supervise.  When his mother was out of the room I asked him about them.  He said Duncan now insisted on keeping David in order and David and Duncan were inseparable.  I went upstairs a bit later to have a pee and went along to their room.  They still had the bunks with Duncan on top and David below.  
"Thought you would come to say goodnight," said David in his very precise manner.  "You've grown even more since last year."  

"So have you and Duncan," I said, "It won't be long before you're as tall as Frankie."  

"Are you sleeping with Frankie tonight?" David began.  

Duncan leaned over and shushed his brother.  "Mustn't ask things like that!" he said.  

I grinned at him and bent down and said goodnight to David.  As on previous occasions he pecked me on the cheek, then said, "See you in the morning."  

I tucked the blankets around him and poked Duncan in the side.  "Good night, big boy!"  

We watched the News at Ten on telly and then decided to go to bed.  As before, Frankie's four foot bed was accompanied by a putuup.  As I had peed not long before I went straight to the bedroom and stripped off.  Tony came in next and I saw him eying my cock and balls as I folded my clothes.  I wondered if he'd had any discussions with Pete during the day.  Frankie then came bustling in and cast his clothes off so quickly the room looked as if it was hit by a whirlwind.    

"You're a bit slow, lad," he said to Tony.  

I guessed he was a bit shy like Pete had been .  In fact, although he always seemed the more outgoing of the pair, he was acting rather coy this evening.  He was slow.  He took his time, eying both Frankie and myself as our cocks began to rise as is natural for boys our age every night!  I realised why.  Tony's cock was not as developed as Pete's and so he wondered how we would view it!  He took his underpants off and stood up.  His youthful cock was dangling free at about four inches.  Frankie moved over to him.  

"D'you want a hand with that, Tony?" he said.  

He reached down and drew Tony's foreskin back.  Tony flinched but the effect was immediate.  A rampant almost six inch cock drew up to attention.  It wasn't long but it was thick.  I could see a touch of the Billy's there.  `Long and thin goes well in, but short and thick does the trick!'  

"Has Jamie wanked you yet?" he asked.  

Tony looked at me almost pleadingly.  "No," he replied quietly.  

"Come on then, let me see what you're made of," said Frankie, starting to rub his fingers up and down Tony's thickness.   

I picked up the towel which Frankie had put on the dresser and laid it on the floor.  Frankie moved behind Tony and began to wank him slowly.  Tony's eyes shut and his mouth opened.  He leaned right back on Frankie and I could see Frankie pushing his cock down into Tony's arse crack.  He didn't seem to mind and pressed back further against Frankie's thighs.  Frankie was actively rubbing his own cock somewhere around Tony's ring.  I wondered if there would be any developments.  Anyway, my speculations were interrupted quite suddenly as a stream of spunk erupted from Tony's knob.  It was so quick and sudden I think it took us all by surprise.  In fact, instead of Tony looking pleased he looked rather crestfallen.  

"I came much too quickly," he murmured, "Can I do it to you next?"  

He changed places with Frankie and took hold of Frankie's longer and even thicker tool.  He was an expert wanker because very quickly Frankie squirted his load over the spread out towel.  I went over to Tony and put an arm round his shoulders.  

"It's OK Tony, we've got all night."  

He looked up at me with almost sorrowful eyes.  "I didn't want it all to happen so quickly!"  

I took his right hand and put his fingers round my prick.  
"I think I'll come pretty quickly too this first time."  

I did.  He slid his hand up and down my rod and within a couple of minutes I was ready to drop a load.  Frankie had seen my performance before but it startled young Tony when my five ropes of come emerged like tracer bullets from my slit.  Luckily it was a bath towel as I did my usual four to five feet ejaculation.  

Later, in bed, we had another wank session when I tossed Tony off slowly, with much writhing and low moaning and, as nobody had commented on the size of his prick he seemed much happier.  Frankie then brought me to a very satisfactory conclusion and, as Tony watched again, I pulled Frankie's pudding.  As we settled down for the night Frankie slipped out of the bed and got onto the putuup which squeaked and creaked with his weight.  

I slept very soundly, back to back with young Tony.  Then I found myself waking up and thinking to myself `I'm having a wet dream!'.  It couldn't be, I'd been tossed off twice the night before and although I'd had a wonderful dream involving Paul I didn't think I'd got to the point of shagging him or him shagging me.  Then I realised I'd got a real, warm experience happening to my groin.  It was still quite dark but I realised my erect cock was in someone's warm, soft mouth.  It couldn't be Tony as I felt his back pressed against mine.  Pressed hard against mine and moving backwards and forwards very slightly.  I opened my eyes more and peered towards the putuup.  It certainly wasn't Frankie whose shadowy figure I could see sitting upright on the edge of that bed.  I put a hand out and felt a head pressed almost against me, moving slightly up and down my shaft.  I thought first of all it was young Duncan then I realised it was his younger brother David.  David was very expertly sucking my cock.  His young mouth must have been stretched considerably to accommodate both the thickness and the length.  I was past caring about such mundane matters.  A great throbbing started beneath my balls and the poor kid had a very quick mouthful of my hot, morning cum.  He never batted an eyelid.  I heard him swallowing hard each time I spurted another instalment and as I finished he very expertly licked my shaft clear of any stickiness and it was only because I lifted his head away that he didn't lick my ever-so-sensitive knob clean as well.  

Almost as soon as I came Tony gave about six convulsive jerks of his buttocks against my arse and I knew he's shot his load as well.  I looked over at Frankie and as my eyes had become accustomed to the gloom I could see he was grinning broadly at the endeavours of his young brothers.  Young David was still on his knees by the side of the bed so I reached out and very easily lifted him onto the bed.  I pulled down the covers exposing both Tony and me and whispered to David that he should lie face up down my front.  Seeing what I was doing Duncan scrambled on top of Tony and the pair of us wanked away at the brothers' rigid  young cocks.  I tried to go as fast as I could because I guessed young David wasn't producing any sperm yet but would enjoy a good hard dry cum.  It didn't take long before he was bouncing up and down on me with my hand over his mouth to stop him calling out.  As he jerked to a standstill I gave him a few moments then started up again.  Three minutes later he had an even bigger orgasm and flailed around on me so much I thought I might come again by spontaneous combustion.  In fact, I thought I'd come again as a spray of warm come hit me on the face and on the back of my hand held over young David's mouth.  A few moments later an even greater spray of come squirted all over the four of us.  The first was young Duncan with his prick bent and directed over his brother and me.  The second was Frankie's load as he'd stood up as he saw his young brothers' reach their climaxes and showered us with the results of his own jerkfest.  

Frantic whispering then went on.  On questioning the two youngsters we found it had all been planned.  David, the youngest, turned out to be the instigator and spokesman!  He said he'd decided that we should be dealt with that way.  He and Duncan had practised every night for over a week and Frankie confessed the two young tykes had both sucked him off for practice with a bigger cock the night before we turned up.  Duncan said they'd tossed a coin to see who would have whom and he'd won and chosen me.  Was it good?  I turned him over on me and gave him a great big kiss.  There was a slight squelching as Duncan turned over on Tony and was rewarded in the same way.  I nudged Tony.  

"How old's your brother?"  

"He's nearly thirteen like David," he giggled, "And I'll have him trained very soon!"  

I asked David if he enjoyed being wanked.  He said he loved it and he made it a condition every night that if he did Duncan then Duncan had to do him.  Duncan then said he often did David twice 'cause he came so quick but he didn't make any stuff yet, a fact I'd already noted.  He then said one afternoon when everyone else was out he'd made David come five times in an hour and he'd nearly fainted in the end.  Oh God, I wished I'd had a brother to do it to me at that age!  

Frankie gave Duncan a towel and told him to wipe us down and then he shooed the two youngsters back to their room.  While he was out I whispered to Tony that I hoped he kept young Varun busy as Kish needed his sleep at nights.  He sniggered and said Kish had kept him and the lad they'd stayed with the last two nights very busy.  As I was facing him in the bed he put his hand down and put his fingers round my semihard shaft.  

"Do you want it again?  I wouldn't mind." he asked.  

I said I didn't, thinking I would be rather exhausted if the game at the Abbey school was tough, but I grabbed the towel off the side of the bed and put it between us and found his already erect prick and wanked him fast.  Horny sod came almost within seconds, panting and puffing and spraying spunk over me as I'd held his cock at an angle.  

As he shot so Frankie sidled silently back into the room and got into his noisy bed as quietly as possible.  I made a mental note to ask Tony how many times he tossed off per day as he's already come twice since midnight!  

The young boys were especially bubbly over breakfast, so much so I wondered if their mother might ask why.  But I assumed they were often like that although David kept surreptitiously putting his hand on my thigh.  

As we went upstairs to collect our things he followed me into the bedroom.  He looked up at me slyly and said in a whisper, "Your thing is still much bigger than Frankie's!"  

I cuffed him lightly round the head then hugged him to me.  
"You mustn't say that.  Frankie's thing is just right and so will your's be soon."  

He grinned up at me.  "I like mine now anyway."  

He insisted on carrying my bag for me and all three of them said as we parted that we must meet up again.  

 The journey to the Abbey school went very quickly.  I noted a few bleary eyes so assumed others had had interesting nights as well.  As we got off the bus I was collared by Sean and he took Billy, Charley and me to meet the Abbot.  He was most affable and wished our team well, but not too well, and hoped we would enjoy our stay.  We thanked him and went off to have a very substantial but rather stodgy lunch.  

Billy and Charley had decided that all the five reserves would play the second half.  Charley moved from scrum half onto the wing and the lad who was scrum half in the Junior XV took his place.   He was short, about five foot four, but stocky and was an excellent player.  I was left at number fifteen but four others came off so the others, including Tony and Pete, could take their places.  In the end we won quite easily.  Sean was their ViceCaptain and made the usual excuse that all their best players had gone home for the holidays.  Still we had more excitements to come!  

The five sixteenyearolds hadn't been told of the tradition of kissing the cocks of the try scorers or good players so were quite surprised by Billy's little speech and the lineup which was then made.  I was in as I'd converted two tries and, best of all, the young scrum half was next to me having scored a try straight from a scrum under the posts.  Poor lad, as soon as the first lips touched his short fat dangler, they were mine incidently, he went hard.  The short fat cock became a goodsized fat cock with a large knob peeping out of his foreskin.  He blushed but quickly realised that threequarters of the squad were well towards stiffness by the time the rounds had been made.  We had just finished this when the lights went out as scheduled.  There was a general scramble for the allocated beds and Plan A when into operation.  

Unbeknown to the five youngsters Charley had orchestrated their partners for the night.  He'd decided that each of them were going to be tossed off five times for a start!  I had been told my three were the ones other than Tony and Pete and my first one was the little scrum half.  The five had an inkling about what might happen but young Chris Mellor was a bit startled when I got into bed beside him.  We lay and chatted for a few moments and I was reminded of my first tour when Brian had lumbered into my bed.  However, this time it was my duty, as the older one to toss him off first.  He was soon making the usual animal noises which were being echoed elsewhere in the room.  I had got him settled into a steady rhythm when I heard the main door open and, as last year, members of their First XV squad crept in and dispersed round the room.  One of their lads got partly in the narrow bed with us and was feeling Chris's balls as I wanked him.  Chris soon shot his first load of the evening and, after recovering, wanked me at the same time as I jacked off the nameless lad.  Chris was left with three loads of spunk on him as we went arm in arm in search of my second victim.  We exchanged names and I found he was Dermot O'Neill, in their First Year Sixth.  

My next target was Barry Irons, a burly lad who I'd had one or two runins with when I first became a Prefect.  In fact, Barry was the first boy I had put in detention.  I can't remember why, but like the `terrible two' he was also now a SubPrefect.  Barry was lying very still as Dermot and I appeared on either side of his bed.  

"Hi, Barry," I started, "Having a good time?"  

He snorted.  "Billy Hall's a bit rough, isn't he?" he complained.  "I thought he was going to pull it right off."  

He glanced at the figure on the other side of him.  

"This is Dermot," I said in explanation, "We're working as a team."  

I pulled the covers off Barry who instinctively put his hands over his cock and balls.  

"Come on, Barry," I said encouragingly, "Surely you know the drill.  Anyway, who were you with on the rest of the Tour?"  

He brightened up a bit.  "Oh, Charley Fawcett and Gerry Simms, it was brill!"  

"Plenty of the usual, eh?" I asked, at the same time moving his hand from its position protecting his valuables.  He was partially erect and I felt a goodsized dick spring to life under my fingers.  

"Oh God," he said, realising he was being wanked off for a second time, "I only came a few minutes ago."  

"Too late to say you wouldn't come on the Tour. You've got to keep coming on the Tour, that's the rule, eh, Dermot."  

Dermot giggled and I felt his hand also stroking the side of Barry's now erect rod.  I let go and Dermot took over.  

"Now Dermot, Barry's always been a naughty boy," I said, "I had to put him detention last year and Podger, our Rugger master, had to slipper him before that."  

"Oh Christ," said Barry, wriggling under Dermot's attention, "Don't tell him about that, I can still feel it!"  

"I bet you can."  

"What did he do?" asked Dermot leaning over the bed towards me.  

"The little bastard hid his pal's Rugger shorts just before a Junior XV match and substituted them for a pair of his sister's navyblue gym knickers.  His problem was that Podger heard the row going on and, secondly, laddo here forgot that his sister's name was on a tape sewn inside.  Podge grabbed him and as he hadn't got fully changed into kit gave him six of the best on his bare arse with a gym slipper so he had to play with a sore bum to start with."  

"God, it hurt," said Barry giggling a bit, "But it was a good jape."  

"Yeah, but you were lucky Podge didn't make you wear them."  

I could just discern in the almost darkness that Barry was grinning up at me.  

"God, this feels better than Podge's slipper," he said and moaned slightly again.  

"My turn, Dermot," I said and as Dermot let go of Barry's tool I gripped it.  

"Fast or slow, Barry?" I asked.  

He groaned.  I took that to mean he didn't care so I carried on at the slow rate Dermot had initiated, at the same time listening to the muffled conversations from adjacent beds.  I could heard Billy's gruff tones telling someone that he'd better come soon and there were low moans and yelps from other lads who were either on the verge of coming or were firing their sticky wads.  I quickened my pace and Barry also began to moan in a monotone.  This changed to an insistent variable noise as Dermot rubbed and squeezed his nipples in sequence.  There was a silence, then a succession of "OOOOH"'s and "UNHHHH"'s as a stream of spunk spurted from Barry's knob onto Dermot's hand as he was still tweaking Barry's nipples.  Barry gasped and gripped my hand to stop me wanking him.  I saw Dermot put the back of his hand against Barry's lips and the lad licked off the cum splattered there.  

Silently, Dermot and I moved away from the bed and I guided him to my third designated quarry of the night.  This was the fifth one of our reserves, John Marshall.  A really big lad who was prop in the Junior XV and, I'd noticed in the showers, had a good thick cock and a massive bush of black hair around it.  He also had very hairy legs and tufts of underarm hair which showed even when he had his arms by his sides.  Pretty good development for a lad who was only sixteen.  

He was lying in bed gasping for breath as we arrived.  His previous helper had only just left him and here we were ready to give him his third wank.  Like Barry he protested a bit as he said he'd only just come for the second time.  I said he musn't grumble and he lay there like a lamb as both Dermot and I felt his hefty young cock.  Even though he'd only just come he soon went rigid and between us Dermot and I worked on him steadily for about ten minutes when, with a tremendous heave of his whole body, cum sprayed from his knob up onto his chest.  I put a hand up and spread the warm juice across his muscular torso and massaged some into the rings around his nipples.  He groaned and twisted about as I did it and I could feel, under my fingers, the beginnings of patches of hair.  I guessed by the time he was eighteen he would have a terrific body!  

So, I'd done my duty so far.  Dermot came back to my bed and tossed me off.  He said as I'd done it to him already perhaps he should go off and find someone else.   I suggested we went together to see who else needed a pair of helping hands.  We soon found a lonely heart in the shape of Micky Nevens, one of my classmates I hadn't yet had an encounter with.  He said he'd just returned from have a good session with Ben Castle our other prop forward and needed a rest.  Dermot and I squeezed into the bed on either side of him and we had quite a long discussion about our two schools with Dermot making us laugh about some of the antics the boarders got up to.    After some minutes I put my hand onto Micky's thin, long cock which was quite hard.  He reached out and held both Dermot's and mine.  

"Gosh, Jamie," he said admiringly, "I didn't realise you were so big."  

With that we shut up talking.  I told him to lie back flat and I jacked him off nice and slowly while Dermot massaged his balls.  As it was only his second wank of the evening he came quite quickly and fired off quite a respectable load which Dermot, as I had done with Barry, rubbed into his chest.  I then perched precariously on the edge of the bed while Micky pulled Dermot's wire and, although my cock was now feeling quite sore, Micky wanked me off too.  I scooped up the few drops of spunk I had produced that time and added them to the drying layer on Micky's chest.  

We moved off from Micky's bed after fond and happy farewells and made our way back to my bed.  I had done more than my duty and both Dermot and I had had a busy night so far.  We lay in my bed facing each other and I said I hadn't seen Sean so far in the room.  Dermot explained that Sean and some of the others couldn't risk the threat from a rather officious dorm Prefect who had said he would report anyone leaving the room.  Dermot said that he didn't relish being in that lad's shoes on the last night of the Summer Term when he was due to leave the school.  What Sean and his mates were going to do to him didn't bear contemplating.   

We were lying there, relaxed, just idly toying with each other's balls and pricks and finding out more about each other when we became aware of a slight commotion occurring down the room apparently from adjacent beds.  There were a couple of low pitiful cries of "No, not again, please!" and "Oh Christ, no more, no, I can't!" followed by stagewhispers of "Come on, lads, reinforcements needed!"  

Several shadowy figures passed our beds and we heard hurried instructions to `hold the fucker down' and `keep him still'.  I realised from the direction of the noise that the two recalcitrants were naughty Barry and John Marshall.  I assumed they were about to get their fifth wank of the night and were protesting.  Dermot whispered that we should go and investigate.  On the way a few more nude bodies joined us and there were two small crowds standing around the two beds with the complaining youngsters in them.  I leaned over someone's bare back and could just see a hand gripping Johnny Marshall's cock.  He was being held down by three others while the disembodied hand moved steadily up and down his fleshy rod.  He must have been in agony as he kept up a litany of "Please, no!  nonono NNNO!  Oh God, No more, please," The steady beat went on until there was a terrifying gurgle from his throat and a hand was placed over his open mouth to stifle the last sequence of  "UUUUUNH, UUUUUNH, UUUUUUNH, UUUUUUUNH!!!" as he shot his load for the fifth time.  

In the next bed a similar drama was being played.  I moved swiftly to see what I could.  I put my arms over two sets of shoulders and craned my neck. Naughty Barry was being held down by about five sets of hands and he was wriggling about as much as he could on the bed under these constraining circumstances, struggling to get away from the hand pulling back and forth on his dong.  Not only that but I could see someone's fingers also pinching one of his nipples which probably accounted for some of the squirming.  His ignored earlier protests were now confined to guttural sounds caused by the deep breaths he was having to take in as his chest heaved and fell as his abortive flailings had no effect on his captors.  As the movements of the hand, which I now saw belonged to big Ben Castle, went on and on, up and down his prick, the lad became even more distraught and began to sob.  He managed to whisper out, "Oh God, pleeea....se stop", then produced just three almost silent grunts as his spunk erupted.  Even in the almost dark we could see there was a huge amount.  He certainly hadn't produced as much as that when I'd wanked him for his second time.  There was a general gasp from the audience of fellow wankers.  The lad I was holding onto on my right had been fisting himself while watching and another load then joined that glistening on Barry's stomach.  

"Can't let the side down, eh Barry?"  I heard Ben whisper, "And you certainly haven't.  Good lad!"  

I stood behind Ben as he stood up.  I patted him on his broad backside.  

"Haven't lost your skills, eh, Ben?" I said.  

He recognised my voice in the almost darkness.  

"Crikey, Jamie, we've had a few, eh?"  

We certainly had.  I had sat next to Ben almost the whole of our Fourth Year after he'd discovered he and I shared one great delight, masturbation.  He would keep up an under voice chant of mucky suggestions whenever we were set some work to do in class, together with undercover prods at my genitalia with his pencil or biro.  This would culminate in me getting a hardon and him trying not to laugh out loud.  I guess we tossed each other off round at his house about every other week during that year.  So, I knew Ben's skills very well.  Perseverance and persistence!  

Dermot and I moved away from the two still panting youths with Ben who prodded me in the stomach, gave a low laugh, and went his own way.  I had noticed the two lads seemed too exhausted even to try to wipe up the pools of spunk or to pull the bedclothes back over themselves.  I nudged Dermot and we ambled back to them.  I went to Barry first, put a hand down and clasped his right hand.  

"OK, Barry?" I asked.  

"Oh yes," he responded in a half gasp, "But I'm bloody sore."  

"You'll be OK in the morning," I replied.  

I started to pull up his bedclothes to cover him and Dermot saw what I was doing and between us we tucked him in.  I put a hand on Barry's cheek.  

"Best ever, eh, Barry?  Never been milked like that before?" I asked.  

He grunted and closed his eyes.  

Johnny Marshall had both hands covering his cock which was still rigid.  

"You OK, Johnny?"  I asked him  

His was a real gasp.  "Oh God, no!  Oh, my balls ache and the bastard won't go down!"  

"Let's have a look," I said and cautiously prised his hands away.  I peered down.  His usually large, pendulous bollocks were drawn up tight against the base of his still pulsing erection.  His cock looked even thicker than when my hand was round it earlier.  I had noticed Barry's cock was also still erect but not so much as Johnny's.  

"See what it's like in the morning.  Have you done it like that before."  

"Fuck me," he gasped in a tone of wonderment, "Come five times in less than two hours, never!  I didn't know you could, but I did." He paused "And I'd already come once this morning."  

He clasped his hands over his aching parts again as Dermot and I pulled up his covers and tucked him in as well.  We went back to my bed.  Dermot asked if he could bunk in with me and then he would get back to his room before the bell went in the morning.  I agreed and we got into the narrow bed together and talked again for ages, listening also to the other conversations going on from joint occupancies around us.  In the end we dropped off to sleep holding each other's cocks and I slept very soundly.  

It was just getting light when I was awakened by Dermot's steady beat on my prick.  His face was close to mine as I opened my eyes and he grinned at me and whispered, "Are you ready for this?"  I certainly was and spattered him quite liberally with my first offering of the day.  I had been clutching his balls as he wanked me so my hand move naturally up until I encircled his shaft.  He too came quite quickly and we exchanged gobbets of spunk and wiped them all over each other's torsos enjoying the stupid boyishness of our actions.  He whispered, "Must go now, see you later" and like a willothewisp he had gone.  I heard several more hurried exits over the next few minutes before I dropped off to sleep again to be awakened by the strident noise of the morning bell.  

I waited in bed until the first rush of urgent pissers had gone to the bogs.  I crawled out of bed just as Barry and Johnny were emerging further down the line of beds.  Oh, crikey, both still had hardons, Johnny's especially looking an angry dark purplish colour.  Barry was inspecting his and I heard him swear softly and Johnny turned to look more closely at whatever Barry was indicating.  I padded over to where they were standing and was again joined by two or three other interested voyeurs.  

"Look at this," said Barry with some feeling, "The bugger won't go down just like his, but I've been skinned!"  

He pointed down at the side of his very red dong where there were three distinct tears in the skin, each slightly oozing.  I'd had a slight problem like that once after a fairly vigorous bout with Gerry and his answer was to smear some Germolene antiseptic on which certainly soothed the fiery nature of the beast.  I looked over to where I thought Gerry's bed was and saw he was still lying there in animated conversation with his bedcompanion, Ferdy Goldman.  I went over and explained Barry's predicament.  He laughed and indicated his washbag where he said he always carried the ointment for emergencies.  Ferdy said you had to be even more careful if you were like him and didn't have a foreskin, lubrication of some sort was essential.  I took the tube over to Barry and squeezed out some of the pungent salve onto one of his fingers and instructed him to dab it carefully on the wounds.  His rather disconsolate expression soon changed as the balm took effect.  But, his dick still remained erect.  I looked over at Johnny who had been surveying the proceedings with interest.  His rod was also still rigid.  

"I'm going for a shower," I announced, "Why don't you two have one as well.  It might have an effect on your predicament!"  

Someone said it would have to be a cold shower but they went off and when I went into the washroom they were sharing a hot shower.  I was luxuriating under the hot spray next door, washing off the accumulated cum of the previous night, when a cheery voice asked, "Mind if I join you?"  It was Ferdy.  

Ferdy was the most argumentative person I had ever met.  I don't mean that nastily, but Ferdy always had an opinion about everything and what he thought was right and he always argued about it until he had convinced you it was right.  At least, until through desperation you agreed with him!  Other than that he was a very good lad, I liked him and we'd often discussed matters which were burning issues with him.  He had a burning issue now.  He and Gerry had obviously not indulged that morning.  Probably because of Ferdy arguing about something.  Anyway, as we stood under the shower Ferdy's long, whippy circumcised dick went solid.  Although it hadn't been more than an hour or so since Dermot had tossed me off so did mine.  With one accord after a joint appraisal of our situations we gripped each other's shafts and soon, facing each other and grinning happily, we shot our merry loads.  There was a little burst of applause.  We hadn't noticed, being quite oblivious to anything else in our surroundings, that we were being watched by a gaggle of grinning teammates waiting for the shower we were occupying.  We both bowed and walked out dripping wet.  We were actually confronted by a veritable forest, or perhaps, thicket, of waving rigid dicks as all the lads who had been watching were sporting hardons.  I nudged Ferdy and said there would be a few more pints of spunk spilled in the next few minutes if I wasn't mistaken.  I wasn't.  As we dried ourselves we were entertained by the sight of three couples of hefty lads fisting each other in turn much to the amusement of all.  No doubt, this had been the best Tour yet!  

Twenty quite weary young men boarded the bus home after breakfast.  Sean had apologised profusely because he hadn't been able to join in the fun of the night before and he said their Dorm Prefect would be shat on from a great height before he left school.  I deliberately sat next to Tony Field as I wanted to find out his score.  I counted up in my head nine more over these four days  with Jacob, that was ten more since New Year!  I doubted if Tony could beat that!  

Tony was in a really chatty mood and we compared notes.  He'd had a very successful Tour too, adding seven to his total as he confessed he'd wanked most of the rest of us before anyway!  He said he'd made it a target to go round both Sixth Forms before the end of the Summer Term and he only had six out of the thirty seven lads to go!  I just told him I'd beaten him on the Tour but I certainly couldn't reach his level as far as all the others were concerned.  He giggled and said he wasn't the only one as there were at least two others on the rampage, but I needn't think I was in danger of being ambushed as they'd both had me in the past.  He wouldn't say who they were but as I'd had plenty of experiences around my classmates it would just need a bit of questioning to elucidate who they were.  Something to ponder about and to keep watch.  I did notice the five Fifth Formers slept soundly all the way home!  Also, Billy was particularly quiet on the way back as well.