Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

Chapter Ten - The Term before the Last Rugger Tour

Needless to say Billy accepted with alacrity the offer of staying with me over the weekend so Friday afternoon after school we arrived home to an empty house.  I had to tell him about my visit to Cambridge and all about Paul and Jacob.  He seemed a bit envious that I made friends so easily so I reminded him of the others in our group and how we all felt about each other.  Then, apart from eating the meal Mum had left in the fridge and getting through a bottle of wine which Dad had very thoughtfully also placed in the fridge, we didn't come downstairs again until midday on Saturday.  That doesn't mean we didn't come upstairs.  We certainly did, time after time.  

After a first rather quick suck each as we were both bursting to shoot our loads we settled down to a night of slow fucking.  By five o'clock in the morning we'd each fired three more wads deep inside one another.  Billy certainly liked the slowness of my fucking and my tool reached in as far as I could push it each time I felt my balls begin to boil.  We slept in each other's arms until we both were woken by the insistent ringing of the 'phone bell.  I hopped quickly into my parents' bedroom as there was an extension there.  It was Mum saying as Gran was not at all well they would stay until Wednesday as long as I could look after myself.  I said I could and I would ask Billy if he could stay on and we promised not to make the place mucky.  As the cleaning lady was coming in on Tuesday morning I knew we would have to do some washing as my bed was in a real mess after last night's continuous debauch.

Billy was beside himself with joy and as soon as I told him the good news at least about staying on, not about Gran!  he grabbed me and thrust his thick prick straight at my still wet and lubricated hole.  I had to give him as good as he gave me and fucked him fast and furiously and was surprised at the feelings of how much spunk I shot.  That little bout meant we were exhausted again so that's why midday approached before we felt able to emerge from bed.  

We had a leisurely lunch and I said I really should do some work on the problems as I'd had a couple of thoughts even while I was resting after fucking Billy in the night.  He grinned and said he thought I was a bit far gone but had put it down to postcoital bliss!  In any case he'd promised his Dad he would do some clearing up for him at the shop during the afternoon.  He promised to bring in some food and would be back just after six.  

I worked steadily all afternoon without stopping and was very pleased at the end as I only had one more problem to finish.  It was going to be difficult, but building on the ones I had already solved I thought I should be able to crack it.  

I was sitting thinking and heard a car come onto our drive.  I looked at my watch, it was six fortyfive already.  I supposed it was Billy driving his Mum's car.  After a few moments there was an almighty clatter downstairs in the kitchen and voices were raised laughing and catcalling.  

"I'm back!" shouted the recognisable tones of Billy, "Come on down, supper'll be ready in two shakes of a donkey's dick!"  

I went downstairs quickly to be met by Billy with a big silly grin on his face.  

"Look who I've brought back." he said delightedly.  

I peeked into the kitchen where Gerry and Charley were busily unpacking tinfoil cartons for a slapup Indian meal.  

"I found these two loitering on the corner in the High Street like a couple of superannuated tarts..." he began and was interrupted by Gerry.   "...He offered us bed and board for the night so how could we refuse, eh Charley?"  

Charley bowed low and nearly dropped the steaming container he was taking the lid off.  

"So please your grace, the Prologue is address'd!"  

"Fucking hell!," said Billy "Give him halfadozen lines and he thinks he's fucking Lawrence Olivier!"  
"I wouldn't mind doing that," said Charley, bowing low and putting the container on the kitchen table very carefully.  

"What?" enquired Billy.  

"Fucking Lawrence Olivier, he's got a nice arse in that film...."  

"...Dick the Turd!" said Gerry, "You know, `A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse and a box to stand on while I give it one'!!'"  

We all grinned and gave a few halfhearted groans.  

"Anyway," said Gerry, "Once we've had our little feed it's measurement and statistics time.  I haven't had any data since before Christmas so that's a whole month and we're all growing boys still."  

"And you were just going out somewhere for the evening?" I asked.  "Tape measures at the ready?"  
"No, No, we were just out to enjoy ourselves, at least that was coming later.  Whoops, two double entendres in one sentence, my dears," he said with a very camp accent.  

Billy took over.  

"If you think you're coming later we're eating first and we don't want any mess so it's grub in the kitchen."  

I went to the fridge and brought out four large cans of Heineken which I'd put in there earlier from my father's store and had earmarked for Billy and myself although I wasn't too keen on beer.  

"....And this to wash it down.  And if you want a glass you're a sissy!"  
Gerry wriggled his shoulders and pursed his lips.  

"Who's the big boy now, eh?" he said, blowing me a kiss, "Old monster chopper's getting very manly for once."  

"Bollockbrain, get your arse over here onto this seat, eat your food and I'll deal with you later with my monster chopper," I said in my best `manly' way.  "In fact, you'll be having three monster choppers after you, if I'm not much mistaken."  

Gerry rolled his eyes and sat down next to me.  

"I'm all yours, but questions first.  How many times have you wanked off this weekend so far?"  

"None," I replied truthfully.  

Gerry raised his eyebrows and looked at Billy.  

"None for me either," said Billy with a grin, "But if you want to know how many times we've come each that's a different question!"  

Of course, we had to tell them what we'd been up to and Billy started to say about my visit to Cambridge.  I said I'd met Jacob, who was South African.  

Gerry was on to it at once.  "OOOh, is he big and black?" he asked, wriggling his shoulders again.  

I think I got out of that very well by replying that he was white and very compact.  Billy kept egging me on to tell them more and by the time we'd finished eating and I'd gone through all the antics on the visit we were all as horny as hell and the others were dying to meet Jacob when he was to visit at Easter.  

Supper over we were all in my bedroom by eight o'clock.  After a quick wash and brushup for all we were in a circle by ten past noisily sucking on each other's cocks.  Gerry insisted he would start on my `monster dick' as he called it and Billy was soon sucking him.  I had Charley's stillgrowing shaft between my lips and he was greedily engulfing Billy's thick rod.  Boy Oh Boy! the spices in the Indian meal must have gone straight to our loins.  It was either that or Charley hadn't shot off that day before.  His cock began to pulse and I knew I would be receiving his seed very soon.  I nearly choked on the amount.  His young balls were really working in top gear.  I soon after gave Gerry his comeuppance for inciting me by grabbing his head and holding him tight as I unloaded a fair amount considering the outpourings of the night before.  Then Billy and Gerry coughed and spluttered as two more loads were deposited.  

We got up and pushed the two beds together and got under the combined covers.  I was next to Charley and released what a firm body he'd got.  Very much like Jacob, without the hair!  After resting for a while Gerry insisted he measured us and as we lay and giggled he got each of us in turn erect and, with a flourish of my ruler and tape measure I kept for such things in a drawer of my desk, he proceeded to measure all sorts of parts of us.  I was gratified to learn my shaft was now seven and a quarter inches, the longest of the four of us and now matching Paul's.  Perhaps my mental effort at getting it into Jacob and Paul as far as possible had urged that little extra growth!  This Britisher certainly had a weapon to put the fear of God into the natives!  I suppressed the thought of what I would like to do to Kish with it!  Another day, another time!  My reverie was shattered with the announcement that Billy's prong was even thicker than last time but Charley was the winner as he had lengthened by a whole half inch from the month before.  I'd thought he was still a growing boy.  

When he'd finished and jotted down the figures on a page torn from one of my exercise books Gerry said that Varun was also growing very fast.  He said he'd lengthened an inch and half in three months and he was going to be as long as Kish pretty soon.  I didn't know Gerry was keeping tabs on Varun as well.  I was also curious to see Varun's increase as I had also noticed he was rapidly getting taller as well.  

As we were all sporting hardons now it was time for the next round, as Billy put it.  I crawled over Charley and pounced on Gerry saying he was going to experience my monster again.  He rolled on his back, giggling, as I lay over him and began to lick his neck and then suck on his hardening nipples.  The giggling changed rapidly to moans of delight.  He grabbed my head and drew it up and kissed me weaving his tongue round mine.  His hands went down my back and he grabbed handfuls of my buttocks and kneaded them.  I peered over and saw that Charley was on top of Billy who was twisting around under him, lost to the world.  I reached over and took one of the jars of Vaseline from the floor where I'd placed them as we got into bed.  This was the signal for Gerry to raise his knees either side of me and I liberally coated his pucker with a couple of dollops of the jelly.  He began to moan softly as I worked my fingers into him.  He was bucking his hips and I got three fingers in easily.  He must have sensed how many.  

"Try more," he whispered urgently and his buttocks moved towards me as I pushed.  I drew my little finger in as close to the others as possible and pressed.  He let out a gasp and four fingers went in to the knuckles of my fist  Someone had certainly been stretching him since I was there just before Christmas!  I twisted my fist and he groaned and moaned even more.  I placed my inserted fingers so my palm formed a cup.  I pulled my foreskin back with the other hand and put my knob end into the welllubricated cup.  I gently withdrew my fingers, sliding even more lubricant over my waiting shaft and pushed gently.  I slid in with no effort and with a swift shove my whole length was in.  Gerry put his arms up and drew me down and our tongues intertwined again.  He pushed my lips away from his with his tongue.  

"Come on, Jamie, fuck me hard!" he whispered decisively, "I want that monster fully in and out each time and make it fast!"  

I kissed him once more then set to work.  I gauged my strokes to perfection bighead! each downstroke battered my pubes against his wide stretched butt, each upstroke brought my cock out so only my knob was still in.  After appraising the amount of movement needed by a few slow insertions and withdrawals I accelerated my pace until I was humping him with gusto.  I must have been doing it right.  Each time I thrust in he let out a loud gasp.  I suppose I was hitting his gland in just the right spot.  On the next bed I could hear Charley giving Billy the same treatment with Billy's entreaties of "More, More!" interspersed with Charley's great intakes of breath as he also picked up speed.  Gerry was way, way gone after about three minutes of continuous fast fucking.  His breath was now coming in stertorous gasps and I was about to reach my apex.  I started to cry out my usual series of "AAAAAH's" as I felt my knob end sending me signals of impending climax.  My vocalisations became more insistent as I urged my prick to drive even deeper and, with a final call, I buried it as far as possible and convulsed with huge spasms as my load jetted free.  

"Oh my God, that was good!" Gerry was murmuring as I reduced my thrusts quite quickly, "Wank me now, wank me now!  Quick, please!"  

My pubes were crushed against him as I gripped his cock, unskinned the end and pulled back as hard as I could.  I pulled back twice, stopped, then pulled again twice and with the accompaniment of guttural gurgles and a glazed look he fired off stream after stream of thick, creamy come all over his chest and onto his face.  

Billy, meanwhile, was roaring like a bullelephant and there were mingled cries from Charley as they both came.  I flopped over Gerry and greedily slurped up the gobbets of spunk and fed them between his halfopen lips.  He tasted good, not so sweet as when we had first savoured each other's outpourings, a bit more salty perhaps but it was still my friend's wonderful essence.  I looked over at the other pair and Charley was copying me with Billy swirling his long pink tongue over the proffered tongue.  

Billy put out an arm and stroked Gerry and me.  

"That was good, wasn't it?  I'm glad you've got Charley, Gerry, thanks for lending him to me!"  

"I'm not lent," said Charley, brushing his hand over Billy's sturdy chest, "I want to give you what I can, Billy, I'm very fond of you, and Jamie, and I love Gerry very much!"  

We lay together for a while then got up and had a quick wash.  I went downstairs and made mugs of hot cocoa and when I got back Billy and Gerry were together on my wider bed and Charley was sitting up against the headboard of the narrower one.  We sat and drank the cocoa and as I sat next to Charley he began to feel my shaft.  

 I was hard again very quickly and saw as he gently massaged just below my knob that drops of clear liquid welled up through my pissslit.   I had observed since I was about sixteen that the amount of this liquid had increased every time I got aroused.  I had noticed over the last few months that my underpants almost always had a damp stain on them caused by my drool, as I called it, because getting a hardon several times a day meant an outflow each time.   In fact, some days it was so copious it was a wonder it didn't come through my grey school trousers.  I knew from the wankmags which Paul had given me that the Yanks called it precum but I didn't know of any English word for it.  Even Jacob had remarked on the amount I produced as a long thin streamer hung from my prick one day and he said it was a very good lubricant and tasted fine.  I knew it tasted nice, rather sweet, because I'd wiped it up with my fingers many times when I was preparing to have a wank in bed.  Charley saw the drop sliding down my knob and gently caught it on his fingertip.  He put it to his mouth.    

"Tastes nice, just like mine," he commented.  

"What is it?" I asked, "I always get lots."  

Billy said he had it sometimes but not always then Gerry spoke up.  

"It's a secretion from your Cowper's glands, Jamie, it's for lubrication and you seem to have quite a production of that as well as the amount of spunk you shoot."  

We all looked at him, amazed.  Cowper's glands?  He saw our looks and grinned.  

"Well, I am doing Biology and I do want to be a doctor so I've been reading up medical books from the reference library.  It's all in some tome about the reproductive system I read during the summer holidays.  It's quite interesting what you've got inside there," he said, prodding Billy just above his dick, "Lots of bits and pieces all working together to make you come.  And, did you know, once you start to come you can't stop it because it's a reflex action."  

Charley gave a low chuckle and nodded.  

"I know!  My Mum opened the door of the bathroom one morning just as I was getting there.  Luckily I called out and she didn't come in, but I'd let go of my cock and it took over and I splattered my stuff all over the place.  Good job she didn't see that!"  

We all agreed once you got to a certain point you felt nothing would stop it and Billy related his near miss when he was sitting on the bog handling his hardon not realising his Dad was still at home but he did have time to point his prick down into the bowl.  

Charley was still circling my knob end with his finger and licking off my secretion as Gerry had called it.  

"Do you want to put that lubricating fluid to good use?" Charley asked me, and without further ado slid down the bed and raised his legs.  "Come on Jamie, let 'em watch!"  

I was ready and very willing.  The jousting with my lance into Gerry had primed me and made me wanting more.  Charley grabbed the Vaseline and anointed his own pucker pushing one, then two fingers forcefully into himself.  I rolled over and knelt between his legs and inserted my first finger as well and we vied for supremacy.  After a minute or two of furious fingerfucking Charley was gasping a bit.  

"Put it in now, please, PLEASE!" he commanded, clenching his teeth.  

I positioned myself, withdrew my finger and pushed my cockhead against his still inserted fingers.  As they came out I went in.  There was an audible `pop' as his ring snapped tightly shut round the base of my knob.  I pushed and gradually my welllubricated shaft went in until, as with Gerry, my pubes were grinding against him.  This time, whatever he said, I was determined to fuck slowly and make it last.    
I looked across at Billy and Gerry who were sitting side by side just holding each other's erect pricks.  A silvery drop was very evident on the tip of Billy's knob.  

"I should use that lubricant on him, Billy!" I grunted out as I pushed home even harder to a squeal from Charley.  

They arranged themselves on the other bed and I saw Billy flourish his thick rod before entering a whimpering Gerry.   Billy had seen I was going at my task slowly and copied me once his whole length was in and he was pressed tightly against Gerry.  We were very closely aligned on the two beds so Charley and Gerry put their arms under each others necks and drew  themselves as near together as they could.  While Billy and I fucked them they tonguefucked and jacked each other at the same time.  Billy and I sat up on our haunches as far as we could and crossed our arms over each other's shoulders so our mouths could meet and the four of us fucked, wanked and tongued until we were all sweating copiously and I felt myself getting ready to come somewhere deep in Charley.  But then, he beat me to it, I felt him somehow vibrating on my shaft as he let forth a great stream of cum.  My orgasm followed shortly after that with several spasms jolting my pubes against him.  We were all still sucking on each other's mouths and  I felt Billy's breathing rate change and he nearly bit into my tongue as his spunk burrowed into Gerry.  Finally Gerry shot his load and he and Charley groaned in unison.   Still with our pricks in our partners and our mouths glued together, Billy and I twisted our torsos and clung to each other while, somehow, Gerry and Charley did the same.  In the end the four of us just collapsed together in a sweaty, dishevelled but sohappy heap and all clutched each other and rubbed the two lad's spunk all over our fronts.  This was when I noticed that Billy was beginning to produce a spread of fine, soft black hairs on his chest.  

I whispered, "Heh, lads, our Billy's growing up.  Look what I can see!"  

I caressed his chest with the fingers of my right hand.  Some of Charley's cum sticking to my fingers raised the fine dusting so they were more visible.  

"Something else for you to measure, Gerry.  First sproutings of the season, eh?"  

Billy was ever so proud of these first sightings.  I think almost as proud as when he found he could make stuff as a thirteen and a half year old in this same bedroom.  He said he'd seen Paul's hair on his chest and I said he'd got even hairier over the last few month's but he was nothing compared with Jacob.  I had already told them about Jacob's hairy legs but I now told them about his complete furriness, including that he had quite a patch at the base of his spine.   At that Gerry turned over and said, "What about this?"  Crumbs, I'd never noticed but he had a trail for about an inch leading out of his crack.  I'd been too busy always getting my dick in to notice that!  That set the four of us off exploring each other closely for signs of anything we hadn't observed before.  Charley had a strawberry mark on one leg while, as well as this eruption on his chest, Billy's balls were decidedly hairier we decided.  They all agreed that my balls were bigger than last summer and I knew I had also got just a bit taller.   

We decided that we were fairly satiated and disentangled ourselves and washed and got in to the two beds.  I was last out of the bathroom and found, like good friends they were, I was allowed to have half the narrow bed, with Charley as my sleeping partner.  We all lay and chatted for ages mulling over all manner of things and from the movements in the other bed I knew they were also feeling and exploring each other as Charley and I were doing.  I don't think they tossed each other off, we didn't, we just luxuriated in each other's company.  In the end Billy demanded the light be put out as he needed his beauty sleep.  "Too right!" was the triple reply.  

I awoke, still rather sleepy, but with a raging hardon.  Charley and I had ended up facing each other and his hand was cupping my balls.  I supposed he'd found them during the night and was still clutching them while he snored on.  I needed a piss so extricated myself from his clasp and slid out of bed.  The bathroom light was on and Gerry was sitting on the bog.  

"Got here first!" he said, quite cheerily allowing for the time.  "Shan't be long, had an urgent need for a shit."  

I made my excuses and backed out, not wishing to be overwhelmed with Gerry's emanations.  I went downstairs and put the kettle on and stood watching the proverbial nonboiler.  My need for a piss was increasing, especially as I had run the water for the kettle so I hefted my cock and did something I'd never done before, I pissed in the sink.  I was just luxuriating in the relief and just about to turn the tap on to wash away the evidence when there was a low whistle behind me.  It was Gerry.  He came up behind me and caught hold of my dick which I was still aiming at the plughole.  

"Practising writing your name in the snow, eh?"  

I laughed.  This was a standing joke between us.  Four of us Scouts had tried to write our names by directing our streams of piss into the blanket of snow which had fallen during one of the winter Monday evenings when we were fifteen or so.  Gerry and I had the shortest names and had managed quite well although my `J' was a bit lopsided.  Poor Christopher Barton had only enough output to get to the `p' of his name and Bernard Crumb gave up after an abortive effect at a neat capital `B'.  After that every time snow fell there was a lineup of aspirants until Skip suggested that we directed our efforts elsewhere.  Someone said he'd only said that because he'd noticed that Jimmy Cate's name was in Benny Forbes' handwriting!  

"You know, your's is bigger than any of ours."  

"No, Gerry, your's is only a touch shorter than mine according to your last measurements.  What, less than quarter of an inch?"  

He wrinkled his nose.  I looked him over.  We were very much alike.  Almost same height, darkhaired, welldefined chest, hefty hairy legs and matching uncircumcised pricks.  

"We are longer than the other's though," I continued, "Longer, perhaps, not thicker.  Billy's got volume!"  

He snickered.  "Yep, and he certainly knows how to use it.  I can still feel it from last night!"  

He rubbed my foreskin up and down a bit.  
"D'you want it now?"  

I grinned at him.  "No, let's have a quartet again.  Pity Kish isn't here and we could have a quintet."  

He snickered again.  "Kish gets plenty anyway.  He told me Friday afternoon that young Varun wears him out."  

I was about to get a bit of juicy gossip so, as he hadn't let go of my dick, I cupped my hand under his balls and felt their weight.  

"Tell me more," I said.  

The kettle boiled and I made a pot of tea.  I carried the tray and he led me, with a hand on my prick, out of the kitchen into the livingroom and we sat side by side on the sofa.  

"Kish told me...," he began as we settled down, "...that Young Varun now sleeps with him all the time and wakes up first every morning and they suck each other off."   He squeezed my dick.  "Wish I had a brother who'd wake me up like that, eh, Jamie?"  

"Too right," I said, bemoaning the fact, internally, that I didn't have a brother either, older or younger to help me satisfy my needs.  

"Not only that, Varun has to be fucked every night while Kish wanks him off.  He says he won't fuck Kish until his dick's bigger!"  

What a piece of gossip!  I bet old Mrs Lake over the road from us, who was the local gossipmonger, didn't have such succulent morsels to discuss  with her neighbours.  I giggled inside as I thought here we are like two old grannies, drinking our morning tea, trading lovely bits of gossip.  I thought I'd better add something.  

"Varun isn't all that small, I know, I've tossed him off."  

Gerry gaped at me.  "When was that?"  

I recounted the tale of handing over old sports kit and the ensuing encounter with Varun sucking Kish and me off and my manipulation of Varun's lusty young dong.  I said I thought it was getting on for five inches then, at least a good four and a half.  

"Oh Christ," Gerry laughed and said, "He is a sexy monster.  Anyway, Kish says it's over five now 'cause he's keeping the measurements for my charts.  And I'll tell you something else."  This last statement accompanied by a heftier squeeze of my rigid dong.  "Little bastard's also got that other pair, you know, Smye and Mee, round his little finger."  

I said I knew they helped with deliveries from his Dad's shop.  

"Yeah, and they have a wank apiece as often as Varun can get them in their storeroom."  He snorted.  "Kish said he'd discovered Varun makes them all shoot into a paper bag as he doesn't want cum on the floor for his father to find!"  

We both laughed at the image of three young cocks in succession being popped into a paper bag to the sound of adolescent moans of joy and the thwacks of squirts of cum hitting the sides of the rustling container.  

Gerry had finished his tea and pored himself a second one from the pot.  

"How are you and Charley?  Still OK?" I asked.  

He smiled a smile of complete happiness.  "Oh, yes, we have really got to know each other the last few weeks.  In fact, as we both want to go to Med School I'm going to work for Mum for a year and then we can go together as long as we both get places at the same one.  Mum's opening a third salon and I said I would help with managing."  He saw my look of amusement. "Certainly not the hairdressing!  Anyway, Mum said she would pay for me and I've got the trust fund when I'm twentyone."  I must have looked a bit puzzled.  "Well you know Mum had me before she was going to get married?"  I nodded, I had heard this some time ago but had never thought about it.  "The chap she was going to get married to got hit by a car and the insurance paid up and it was put into trust for me.  Mum has never told me who she was going to marry.  I wonder sometimes but in some ways I'm not really interested.  Mum's looked after me and I think I've done well without a Dad."  

I had to agree, Gerry was for me a very good friend and he was the kindest person I knew.  I said I hoped it was someone as nice as him she was going to marry and I thought to myself how well I'd got on with my Dad.   Gerry smiled at my compliments and placed his cup on the tray on the table in front of us.  "What about some breakfast now?" he asked, giving my shaft another tweak.  

I put my cup down too.  "If you do that much more you'll be cleaning my Mum's sofa."  

He rather reluctantly took his hand away.  

"Come on," he said, "We'll have some breakfast upstairs first.  You know!"   

He pursed his lips into an O formation.  

"We'll take them some tea as well to lubricate their throats.  And I'm having Billy, OK!"  

I thought over the previous evening's couplings and decided to make all's fair I would get my prebreakfast from Gerry which would mean Billy sucking off Charley and Charley fixing his mouth on me.   We reloaded the tray and I preceded Gerry up the stairs with one of his fingers firmly pressed against my ring.  

The other two were still fast asleep as I poured out their cups of tea.  I gave one to Gerry who went over to Billy and gently woke him.  I did the same to Charley and another pair of old grannies were soon sitting up in the beds sipping tea.   
"God, that was good," Billy enthused after draining his cup.  "Any more in the pot?" he asked holding it out.  

He had a second and I could see Gerry was getting impatient.  As soon as he'd finished Gerry took the cup away from him.  

"OK, Billy and Charley, it's breakfast time," he announced, "Move over you two, Jamie's got the order of menu."  

I grinned.  "Oh yep," I said, pointing in turn, "Gerry, you will have this sausage for starters, the Billy Hall Bargain.  Billy can have that chipolata over there...," Charley stuck his tongue out at me, "...sorry Charley, it's not fattened up to a fullsize polony yet but Billy will work on that.  I'll have Gerry's bratwurst and Charley can have the sixpenny special a fullsized Tanner!"  

They all groaned at the feebleness of my joke but soon got into position and the serious business of the early morning got under way.   After a few moments Billy was heard to murmur that it was the best bit of pink polony he'd tasted since yesterday.  Silence ensued except for slight sighs and hurried intakes of breath.  All four were concentrating hard on giving their companions a great deal of satisfaction.  Each was experiencing the most pleasurable feelings and somehow we were all trying to prolong ours and the others euphoria as long as possible.  My cock was out of Charley's mouth for several minutes as he licked and sucked my balls.  His tongue then made a wet track from by balls to the ridge below my knob.  He touched that most sensitive of spots where the knob was joined to the shaft and my whole body twitched in response.  I tried the same tactic on Gerry who moaned and groaned in fargone delight as a copious load was dumped across the roof of my mouth.   I heard Billy whispering `More, more' in response to whatever Gerry was doing to him.  That meant Billy had been experimenting on Charley's rod as well.  That experimentation finished rather abruptly with a muted cry from Charley and a gurgling sound from Billy who must have received a full load rather unexpectedly.  Charley then attacked my cock from all angles.  It was in and out of his mouth, sucked on savagely, licked with copious amounts of saliva and, finally, just as I knew I couldn't hold out any longer he took as much of my length into his mouth, gave about five tremendous sucks and away I blew!!  I looked across at where Gerry had his mouth stretched wide over Billy's thickness.  Billy was actively facefucking him with spasmodic thrusts of his buttocks.  Gerry's eyes were tightly shut as Billy began to roar.  I reached over and grabbed his balls which were tight up against the base of his prick.  He roared even more as I clenched my fist.  Gerry's eyes opened wide as the full force of Billy's jetting spunk hit him somewhere around the tonsils.  Billy's roars changed to a sequence of "Oh, my God"'s delivered with much feeling and emphasis.  We'd all had a real prebreakfast treat!  

We lay around and chewed the fat until Gerry reminded me he still wanted a proper breakfast so as they argued who was going to wash first I went downstairs and laid up the table in the breakfast room.  I did a load of bacon and put that in the oven to keep hot.  I rushed into the downstairs loo and washed hurriedly and pulled on an old rugger shirt and shorts to make myself decent and went back to the kitchen to fry up a dozen eggs and make a mound of toast.   

Charley came down first and put an arm round me as I stood at the stove.  

"Gosh, I love all of you!" he said, "And I'm bloody starving as well!"  

I told him to make coffee for all and we two shortorder cooks had everything ready as the others ambled down the stairs deep in conversation.  Billy gave us a hug all round and also said he was starving.  We all started on cereal and I watched as two large packets were rapidly emptied, mentally making a note to replace the depleted stores before my mother returned!  Three eggs and a mound of bacon went onto hot plates with slices of toast to mop up the juices.  A good night's fucking needed a good breakfast to replenish the energy expended!  

We sat back with clean plates and Billy rudely burped, but apologised.  

"Now, you two fuckers can clear up and wash up and then piss off to Gerry's wank cavern or wherever you spend your time 'cos Jamie here and me have work to do,"  Billy announced.  "After that, my Mum has invited Jamie to lunch, but..."  And here he emphasised the `but'...  "...Then we'll be back here and I will be staying the night again to give my poor Jamie succour and comfort until we leave on the morrow for school.  If you two sad bastards want to come back and stay no doubt we can accommodate you, eh, Jamie?"  

I was having no say in the matter.  My house was being turned into a den of iniquity and I was going to enjoy every moment of it.  

"Make certain you tell your parents where you will be, Charley," I said, "I don't want them sending out search parties and finding you locked in the arms of Billy the Bruiser with his....."  

I didn't get the chance to finish as Billy placed a large, rather greasy hand over my mouth.  

"...And I will personally see you have a good night's sleep, after whatever!" he said, emphasising the `whatever'.  

Good lads they were as Billy and I went upstairs, me to write out neatly the last solution to Dr Bell's problems and Billy to write the History essay he had been mulling over since Christmas.   

I came back down about eleven to find the kitchen spotless and a note propped up against the teapot,  "See you at five and we'll bring supper, Luv, G & C, XXXX".  

Billy drove over to the big flat over the shop and Billy became the dutiful son.  Mr Hall was large, redfaced and a bit reserved, just as you would imagine an English yeoman farmer.  I must say that as I was now more grownup I was less in awe of him. He asked how I liked Cambridge and said his brother's farm wasn't far off but in Suffolk.  As Billy helped his mother in the kitchen Mr Hall said he didn't know what Billy wanted to do when he left school but he was very proud of what he had achieved.  I bet Billy's ears were burning.  I said I was very glad to have Billy as a good friend and I expect whatever he chose to do he would do well.  Mr Hall nodded at that and looked satisfied with my reply.  

Lunch was stupendous.  Billy had eaten much more than us at breakfast and now as he polished off two great platefuls of roast lamb, roast potatoes, carrots and a host of other vegetables I thought he would burst.  At least he had the grace not to burp!  I wasn't far behind and as the Halls had something on at the Methodist Church that afternoon Billy and I were left to our own devices.   I followed him up to his bedroom and we flopped side by side on his double bed and slept.  I awoke when Billy prodded me in the ribs.  

"Come on, Dreamboat," he said, "It's four o'clock.  A brisk walk back to yours and by that time the others will have arrived."  

He packed his school togs and kit into a holdall, left a note for his mother saying he would stay over with me Monday night as well and we left, feeling rested and ready for `whatever'!  

We arrived before the others so I had the boiler stoked up and the place really warm when the bell rang.  They too had bags ready for the morning and Gerry had rustled up a very enjoyable supper from the depths of his Mum's fridge.  Inevitably, by nine o'clock we were in bed, or, rather, across both beds, reliving the occurrences of the night before.  As it happened we just reversed all the sequence of who sucked whom and who fucked whom and got through three more ejaculations each for the day before we settled down at midnight for our hardearned rest.  At least I hoped it would be a night of rest as I was in my own bed with Billy and the first thing he did was to make me turn to face him as he hugged me close to him with his meaty legs around my thighs gripping me tight.  He was asleep almost immediately and I, taking great comfort in his closeness, also fell asleep rapidly just wishing that I could be with my Paul much more.  

My alarm clock woke us all at seven.  We all needed a morning piss which, surprisingly, we took in turn without any wrangling.  I'd got to the bathroom first and Charley had followed me.  I laid Charley on the bed on his return on his side and began to suck his rapidly hardening cock.  Next thing I knew was a nuzzling at my own erect penis  it was Gerry and the beds shook as a lumbering Billy took up his position against Gerry with Charley trying his hardest to swallow as much of Billy's thick tool as he could.  The first eruption of the day didn't take long.  We all came within about five minutes and each swallowed his buddy's spunk and I, for one, savoured  Charley's still rather boyish sweetness.    

Later that morning at school I showed Dr Jackson my solutions to the problems and he raised his eyebrows at about half the problems and said it would take him ages to solve them, even if he could.  He asked if I had used any text books and I said I didn't know of any which would have helped.  His eyebrows went up again and he grinned and said I should send them off immediately.  In fact, he took me and the sheets of paper to the School Secretary a fearsome old bird  with the request they be sent through the school's mail.  

I had driven the lads to school in the morning so had Mum's car parked in the Staff car park.  A couple of the masters raised their eyebrows as they wheeled their bikes out as Billy, Kish and myself got into the car after school.   Billy made me stop outside the Boys' entrance so he could roundly tell several of the junior kids to get on their bikes and clear off because they were cluttering up the roadway.  Luckily for them no child even dared to raise one finger, let alone two!  

I had told Kish about the weekend after our Maths tutorial and said I was having to restock at his father's shop after the gannets had been at the food.  He said he was very sorry not to have been able to join in  he looked a bit sad, so I said that we would arrange another get together before long and he was always welcome.  He smiled.  Billy had overheard our conversation and was in earnest conversation with Kish after I left the Sixth Form Common Room.   

On the way to the Sharma's shop I heard Billy say to Kish that he'd heard that Varun kept him busy.  I didn't catch what Kish said but looking back in the mirror I could see him smiling.  

We spent some time talking to Mr Sharma, at least Billy did while I went round gathering things and mentally ticking off our needs.  While I was hunting on one of the shelves who should appear but Varun with Mee and Smye.  I gave them a cheery smile and they all responded very affably.  I thought I would try something as the terrible pair disappeared through a back door leaving Varun with me.  

"Hey, Varun, I want some of these," pointing to some small packets of biscuits.  "Got a paper bag?"  As I said that I winked at him.  The effect was immediate.  Though darkskinned he blushed tremendously and stared almost openmouthed.  One could see the little cogs rotating `Who'd told the Head Boy about paper bags?'  He looked round to see if Smye and Mee were listening but they had closed the back door of the shop so we were alone.  I thought I'd better put him out of his misery.  

 "It's OK, Varun, secret's safe!"  

 He gave me the most impish grin, rushed off and came back with three paper bags.  

"Would these be enough, sir?" he said and winked at me.  

I cuffed him lightly on the back of the head and laughed.   He picked up my basket of goods and carried them for me to the till.  

"Will that be all, sir?" the cheeky monkey said as he sat behind the till in his best shopkeeper mode and rang up the cost.  

"I shall see that your brother deals with you appropriately tonight," I said, with heavy emphasis on the `appropriately'.  

"I should like that," he said almost sotto voce,"And if you put in a good word for me that would guarantee a ten per cent discount!  The paper bags are free anyway!"  

We looked at each other and smiled.  Varun was a very bright lad and he knew it.  

I took the stuff to the car and waited until Kish and Billy appeared.  As we drove off  I told Kish about what I'd said to Varun.  

He laughed.  "Little sod, I'll give him what for when I see him again!"  

"I thought you did every night," grunted Billy, "I hear that's what young brothers are for anyway, a bit of what for, whenever!"  

Kish laughed again.  "It's OK while it lasts but he's just at that always horny stage."  

"Aren't we all?" grunted Billy again, "I have a permanent hardon and the bastard needs attention now.  Put your foot on it, James!"  

Oh, well that meant as soon as we got indoors Billy was upstairs and dragged a notunwilling Kish with him.  A minute or so later I could hear Kish telling Billy to stand still if he wanted it done properly.  I'd put the kettle on and put out some of the packets of biscuits so I scooted up the stairs and found the pair of them, starkers, in the bathroom fisting each others lengths with Billy grunting and swaying around trying to get as much feedback from Kish's flailing right hand.  I was just in time to see Billy spray Kish with a liberal coating of spunk right across his chest  

"Fuck me!" he said with great emphasis, "I needed that!  You do a great job, Kish!"  

He redoubled his efforts on Kish's ramrod and soon Kish leaned back and showered Billy's frontage with an equal amount of youthful cream.  

I had a hardon, of course, but if I was to get to the early Scout session at six o'clock I would have to have a hurried tea and get changed and I didn't want just a quick wank, I really wanted a good, hard, slow one.  Resignedly, I said I would wait until later when Billy quizzed me on my needs.  I did say to Kish that was Billy's second for the day and Kish confirmed our information about him and Varun by saying it was his too.  

I left them to wash themselves and dress again while I went to my room to get changed into my Scout uniform.  They were downstairs before me with Billy preparing a pot of tea and eating a biscuit.  

"My, my!" he said as I appeared, resplendent in khaki shirt, with bicoloured scarf and my prized Queen's Scout insignia and, of course, my neatly pressed shorts and long socks.  "Look at him, a real little BadenPowell."  He came and stood by me and looked me up and down.  "Gosh, Jamie, I bet you'll have all those little sprogs stroking your lovely hairy thighs and kissing those manly knees of yours tonight, eh?  Or do you let them get a bit higher?"  

Kish laughed.  "I've told Varun to join the Scouts but he says he's too busy.  I bet he would if he saw Jamie close up."  

I said I would deal with both of them when I had time and, no, I didn't encourage the young'uns in any unseemly activity that only happened, spontaneously, I added, when they were old enough.  Anyway, I was past the quick wank in the bushes stage now as I had my rank and status to uphold.  
"Did'ya say `wanking status?" asked a guileless Billy, "'Cause I overheard Tony Field only this morning saying he bet you held the record for the number you've helped!  Is that true?"  

Kish laughed.  "Come on, Jamie, tell us!"  

Of course, Tony Field was one of my original pals in the Scouts, so as well as helping each other's urgent needs at times I suppose he'd kept an eye on my progress.  Thinking about it, he also had quite a reputation for clocking up a score so I bet he was about levelpegging with me.  I said that I didn't really know.  I'd made a mental note when I started coming at that summer camp, when I was thirteen and a half, of the first dozen or so but with twiceweekly meetings, all the camps and weekends away and so on, the numbers soon mounted up and then there were classmates, looking pointedly at Kish who was grinning broadly, and, oh yes, the French lads, and Sean and Aidan etc.  etc....   I supposed getting on for fifty now.  

Billy whistled.  "Christ, Jamie, I must have led a sheltered life... it's only you lot and on the Tours and my own poor thing!"   He pondered for a moment.  "And what were they all like?  You know, anything you remember especially?"    

As the great majority were for quick relief of each other's needs I said the one thing that stood out was it didn't matter who they were if they wanted it, bingo, there was no stopping.  Also, I pointed out, I didn't always start things off.  In fact, when I was younger the older Scouts used to pair us off with them and although we had to toss them off first they always reciprocated.  They knew if they didn't they wouldn't get a helping hand next time.  There was one thing I had noticed and that was how quickly lads' cocks grew, 'cause I'd noticed that with mine.  Both Kish and Billy nodded wisely.  Kish said what Gerry had told us, that Varun was getting bigger almost weekly.  We all nodded wisely, thinking back, I suppose, to the time of our own newlyexpanding cock lengths and the newly experienced but continuing pleasures.  

I finished my tea and said I'd be back before eight so I expected a good meal when I got home.  They, unsportingly, both gave me a vigorous twofingered sign and I drove off to collect Gerry to take him to Scouts.   

After Scouts Gerry said Charley was waiting for him at home so he wouldn't come back to mine.  I drove home carefully as the roads were getting very icy and the gritters were out, parked the car in the drive and went through the backdoor into a darkened kitchen.  I thought the worst.  What had the crafty sods got planned for me.  But no!  I went through to the living room and there they sat, sipping glasses of my father's best Tio Pepe sherry, both with pads of paper and scribbling furiously.  
"Aha!" said Billy drily, rather like father's sherry, "Back home at last"  

I said I was late because of the ice.  

Billy nodded and continued.  "Your mother rang just after you left and I said that Kish and I were housesitting while you went off to get your oats.  She told me where to find some food and to have a drink so supper's in the oven.  You can park your hairy legs next to me 'cause we have been doing some paperwork."  

He patted the sofa and I sat down.  Kish handed me a glass of sherry.  

"Big match on Saturday and you are chosen to play, Kish has deigned to partake as well."  He turned a page or two of the pad.  "Then there's the Easter Tour.  Podger has said he can't chaperone us and the Head Beak has said it's you and me in charge and he expects every man to do his duty!  Same schools again and Kish and I have been putting together the squad.  Pity Charley isn't here but I'll go through it with him tomorrow. Anyway, Podger suggests because we were a bit tight on replacements last year we can make it five extra this year.  He's checked with the Abbey and they can put us all up as usual.  We shall just need one more host at the other two schools."  

He raised his glass and took another sip.  "Must say your father keeps a good cellar!  There's a bottle with supper.  Hey, can Kish 'phone home to say he'll have to stay the night because of the ice.  Eh, Kish?"  

Kish said he'd have to ask his Dad.  

"Come on, Kish," Billy said, "You're over eighteen now, `When your balls weigh half a ton, then you're a man, my son!'  Go on, your parents know I'm a good influence on you, but you'd better leave a message to tell Varun he'll have to pleasure himself tonight!"  

"Go on, Kish," I said, "The `phone's in the hall."  

Kish put down his glass and went off.  Billy looked at me, rubbed his hands and gave me a wicked Billy look.  Billy put a hand on my leg above my knee.  

"And how many sprogs did you fornicate with this evening.  You look rather dusty about the leg area.   Been on your knees?"  

I laughed.  "Nothing so exciting.  We had a game of British Bulldog as a finale and I tackled a couple of the more exuberant ones and slid on the mats."  

He slapped my leg.  "We'll have you sliding on the mat tonight, my boy."  

Kish came back in smiling broadly.  

"All OK, I spoke to Mum and she said OK, then Varun wanted a word.  I'd promised to help him with his homework tonight so he's not too pleased.  Little bastard said he'd sleep in my bed tonight.  I know what that'll mean.  He'll leave spunk stains on the sheets and think I 'll get upset in case they're seen.  He did that before so I changed our sheets over and he never knew so I must have a look as soon as I get home tomorrow."   

Oh Christ, that reminded me.  Our cleaning lady would be in tomorrow.  I'd better bundle all the sheets up and start the washer off before leaving for school in the morning.  I'd noticed this morning there were several crusty deposits and there were certain to be more before tomorrow.  

Billy went to the kitchen and Kish and I chatted on for a few minutes.  I was getting hungrier every second so was glad when Billy called us through to the diningroom.  Oh God, the sods had got the best cutlery and dinner service out while I was at Scouts and there were lit candles on the table as well.  So the crafty buggers had planned the lot, even to Kish staying!  They had been busy because we had soup, main course and a pudding, with a good bottle of red wine, in father's best cutcrystal glasses.  I dreaded the washingup!  

Not to worry we buckled down and had all cleared away in ten minutes and retired to the drawingrom where Billy and Kish had a couple of my dad's John Player Special's and, because I didn't smoke, I pointedly coughed and spluttered and waved my arms each time any whiff of cigarette came my way.  

"Oh, shit, Kish," Billy said as he stubbed out his fagend, "The bastard's getting on my nerves.  I think we should take it to bed, don't you?"  

I was lolling on the sofa so was unprepared for the onslaught.  They advanced on me and, big lad though I was, they scooped me up and carried me upstairs as if I were a roll of carpet.  I was dumped unceremoniously on my bed and while Billy lay over me Kish tied my hands to the bed head with a couple of my school ties, then they, somehow, tied my ankles down to the bed legs.  I was spreadeagled and helpless, mainly with laughter and the effects of the good wine.  

"Now, Kish," announced Billy, "I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do.  I'm going to undress a Boy Scout before having my evil way with him."  

They both laughed and proceeded to take their own clothes off and put them neatly in two piles on the dresser.  Oh God, both had hardons up to their eyebrows!  

"Bags I help too," said Kish pleadingly, "He looks as if he needs both of us to help, eh Jamie?"  

He drew a finger round my chin from ear to ear then stroked me round the neck.  A move guaranteed to make me as horny as hell.  My cock was also now fully erect and bulging out the front of my khaki shorts.  Billy was now stroking the inside of my thigh and I was going to shoot a load if I wasn't careful.  Oh fuck, it's something you can't be careful about.  If it's going to happen it will!  

Kish gingerly took my scarf off and balanced my leather woggle on the tip of his cock.  

"It won't fit round that," Billy said with a laugh, "Did he tell you he could fit five of those on his skinny young dong when he was fourteen?"  

Oh God, I'd forgotten that and also forgotten telling Billy about the episode which happened at one of my Scout camps.  My cock, even then, was about the longest in the tent so I had managed five, with a squeeze, when the others could only fit four.  

Kish opened my shirt and caressed my nipples.  I felt even nearer to firing a wad.  He lent down and gently licked each in turn.  I squirmed and shut my eyes and held on for dear life knowing I was drooling copiously.  Billy's hands moved up over my erection and tugged my shirt free from my shorts.  He slowly undid the top button and unzipped my fly.  
"Look at that!" he exclaimed, "Jamie's wet himself!  Not with fright, I hope."  

In my position I couldn't see properly but noted that at my cockhead was a sizeable wet patch.  

"Better have a closer look," he said inquisitively.  

He eased the elastic of my briefs down and flipped them over my knobend.  I could see a thin strand of silvery, viscous liquid about to drip back onto my belly.

"Let's get them right off him, shall we?"  

"That'll be a bit difficult," Kish said markedly, "With his hands and feet tied how can we get everything off him?"  

"Let's tickle the bastard then he won't know what's happening to him."  

With that Billy began to massage my ribs with his thick fingers.  I was sooo... ticklish and they knew it.  As I bounced around my shorts and briefs were lowered to my ankles and I was almost screaming out for them to stop.  Kish put a hand over my mouth as he tickled my nipples.  Billy undid my feet but I was thrashing around so much I didn't realise they were free so off came shorts, briefs and socks.  As Kish played scales on my nipples Billy ran his saliva drenched tongue up and down my shaft.  Then, quickly he lubricated his pucker with Vaseline, sat over me, held my prick end against him and sat.  I thought my dick would snap in two as it pressed against his tight rosebud.  He relaxed and I went in.  In one plunge Billy took my whole length in and sat grinning like a huge ape, transfixed by my shaft.  

"You can undo him now, Kish.  I don't think he'll want to shift much now, eh, Jamie.  It's my turn first, then I'll set Kish loose on you.  You know, Jamie, we arranged all this while you were chatting up Varun this afternoon.  In fact, Kish only rang home to see that Varun had done his homework."  

The bastards, so they had set it all up!  I screwed my nose up at him and said I would give them both something to remember.  Kish shut me up by giving me a kiss and untied my hands and manoeuvred my shirt off.  My clothes were also piled neatly on the dresser.  Billy was sitting quite still on me while all this happened.  

"How would you like it, Jamie, nice and slow, eh?"  

With that he raised himself slightly on his knees and I felt his internal muscles suctioning my dick.  I groaned.  He would have to be very, very slow, I wasn't far off coming already and I wanted it to last.  

"Slow, please, Billy, as slow as possible," I pleaded, interspersing almost every word with a groan of pleasure and he sat back then raised himself again.  

"I'll try, but I want it bad too!" he said and began to keep the slow rhythm going.   

Kish was now bending over me licking my nipples in turn.  I grabbed his head and we tonguefucked as I very slowly fucked Billy.  My climax built up and up until, thrusting my tongue somewhere deep into Kish's mouth, my  reflex actions took over and I flooded Billy's insides with so much cum there was a great squelching noise as he continued to slowly lift and lower himself on my cock.  

"God, the bastard wanted that didn't he?" Billy said lifting Kish's head away from mine.  "He's still hard up there so sit over his chest and he can suck you and then I'll feed him some more."  

Kish straddled my chest and put a pillow behind my head to raise me as he bent his cock down and I took the circumcised head between my lips.  Billy was still squeezing my shaft with his internal muscles so I remained hard as I took more of Kish's brown rod in and licked and sucked it until with a shout he shot his load over the roof of my mouth.  I clamped my lips round him to stop anything escaping and swallowed his salty sweetness.  My own shaft was still being massaged by Billy and I felt quite bereft as he lifted himself off me and quickly went to the bathroom.  Kish moved his knees down my sides and next thing I knew my cock was positioned against his welllubricated hole.  He must have prepared himself during Billy's bout.  

My cock was also welllubricated as it entered Kish's entrance and as he slid down my greasy pole Billy came back with a great grin on his face.  

"Had to clean up a bit," he mouthed at me over Kish's shoulder.  He cupped his hand under my balls.  "Still got plenty, eh?"  

Kish also began a slow, long fuck, riding my cock as if he were a champion jockey.  It was only about ten minutes since I'd shot my previous load so he was going to have to ride me for some time - the Grand National without the jumps!.   Billy had other ideas.  He moved to my side and began the most erotic dance with his tongue and his fingers over my lips, my chin, my neck my nipples.  Every second the intense feelings moved from one part of me to another except for the relentless pounding I could feel beginning to rise from deep between my legs.  Kish was calling out softly a whole repeated sequence of "OOOOOO....   AAAAAAAAAH.....   AHHHHHHHHH....".  My hips began to buck convulsively, I couldn't stop them and I didn't want to.  I shot a second load, as far as I knew as much as the first as the pounding in my groin went on and on.  Kish shot a load almost simultaneously which showered over Billy's hair.  

He raised his head from the nipple his tongue was just touching.  "Fuck me," he growled, "Now I've got a load of Indian Brylcreem all over my hair!  

They collapsed over me and the three of us laughed and giggled until Kish eased himself off my deflating shaft and I grabbed Billy's thick dong and pulled him so that he straddled my chest.  I sucked on him very hard and within thirty seconds he was yelling out thanksgivings for such a cocksucking friend as he fired a tremendous wad into my waiting throat.  He pulled his still dripping cock from my mouth and slid it and his body down me putting his hands under my shoulders and hugging me tight to him.  

"Oh God, Jamie!  What did'ya do to me, I've never come like that, wonderful, wonderful!"  
He'd come like that before, I'd sucked him off many times and he always thought it was the best ever.   Kish  returned from a trip to the bathroom and got onto the bed beside us.  

"You'd better go and clean up, Jamie, then we can rest a bit."  

When I returned the two of them were under the covers looking out at me and smiling.   Brown and white, my two lovebrothers.  I got in beside them and we hugged each other and talked for ages about all sorts of things and then we fell silent.  I reached out and switched the light off and we were asleep.  

As usual, I and the others were awakened by my alarm.  It was seven o'clock and after each had a pee we got rid of the overnight replenishment of spunk by sucking each other off.  I lined up with Kish as he took in Billy's cock while Billy pressed my foreskin back with his lips and gave me another climax to remember.  

I did remember to set the washer off.  When Billy and I returned after Rugger practice, held in the gym because the pitch was icy, the house was pristine and there was a note from Mrs Beckett our cleaner saying she hadn't expected the place to be so tidy when she started!  I warned Billy he wasn't to make a mess as my parents would be home tomorrow.  He just playfully punched me on the arm and said he'd make sure he didn't spill anything that night.  

Neither of us spilled anything.  As soon as we were in bed we were sixtynining and swallowed each other's offerings without any trouble.  Later we fucked each other slowly and sensuously and our second comings were contained successfully until the morning when we showered and just tossed each other off.  

My mother 'phoned as soon as I got home on Wednesday.  They'd decided to stay until the weekend.  Gran was still very poorly and Dad could travel up to London each day from that end.  Did I mind?  Get plenty of food, there was a cheque in the post.  And don't forget it's your birthday in a fortnight's time!  I was a bit annoyed, I had come to rely on Billy to keep me company the last few nights but I consoled myself with the memory of what I and my friends had done over the past few days and wanked myself to sleep on Wednesday and Thursday thinking of them.  Gerry came to the rescue on Friday and I stayed overnight with him but only indulged ourselves once because of the next day's match.  

That match was hell.  We all came off the pitch bruised and battered.  It was a casualtystrewn draw, both the teams had been badtempered and even Billy had lost his rag and said he'd whacked his opposing number in the scrum a couple of times.  He had a cut eyebrow and I drove him to casualty to have a couple of stitches put in it, plus a tetanus injection which the young doctor insisted upon.  I had the most horrendous bruise on my cheek and another on my thigh and poor Charley said he'd got a couple of loose teeth after one tackle and maul.  I drove Billy back to his parents' flat and was invited to stay for a meal.  I agreed and we retired, first of all, to Billy's attic room to rub ourselves liberally with Sloane's Liniment.   Of course, we had a quick wank together which lightened our mood a bit and Billy's Mum filled us with good food which made us even happier.  

I surveyed myself next morning when I rolled out of bed.  It wasn't only my face and thigh which were colourful but I'd also got bruises across my ribs and a purple patch on my left buttock where some foul fucker had booted me when I was on the ground.  Sod this, I thought, I liked the game but playing that school was a bit rough.  I jacked off in front of the mirror just to see that some part of me still felt functional.  I liked watching myself beating my meat and it was a pretty good display with plenty of pearly come squirting out when I climaxed.  Then I remembered the letters.  

When I got home the previous evening there were three letters on the mat.  One was the late arriving cheque from Mum and the other two had Cambridge postmarks.  I recognised Dr Bell's neat handwriting on a reused envelope which looked as if it had been dragged through the mud.  The note was short and to the point.  All the solutions were correct, two could have been tackled with more elegance, but he didn't say how, and he hoped I would do well in the entrance exams.  There was a PS "You have a future".  

The other letter was from Jacob.  He said Paul was well and was working hard why hadn't Paul written?  but the main part of the letter was to ask what he should do.  He had received a very abject and remorseful letter from Hendy.   He said the letter begged his forgiveness for the dreadful hurt Hendy had done to him and Paulus.  What should he do?  Ignore it, write a letter back saying he couldn't forgive a shit like Hendy, or forgive him?  He said he'd talked it over with Paul who had suggested what he should do but he wanted my opinion as well without me knowing what Paul had said and that was why Paul hadn't written to me.  What a conundrum!  The silly sod then signed off, "Your loving woolly bear".   I had thought about Jacob and his problem when I got to bed that night and wondered what I would have done if a friend had denounced me and my love for Paul.  I would have been heartbroken.  More than that, I would have been broken.   As the Halls had invited me for lunch I thought I would consult Billy who was a real bedrock of friendship as well as of good sense.  

I made sure the house was tidy before I left as I didn't know what time my parents would be back.  As soon as I arrived at Billy's I went up to his room where he was busy working on an essay.  I showed him Jacob's letter and told him the whole story.  He was aghast at the perfidy of someone like Hendy and said his first thoughts were that he agreed with Casper, the shit should be exterminated!.  But sanity prevailed and we said the same thing as I had thought to myself the previous night, forgive.  We concocted a draft of a letter which expressed our ideas which I could send to Jacob.  In it we said that he should point out to Hendy that although he was still dreadfully hurt by Hendy's betrayal and the enforced separation from Paulus some good had come out of it.  He was at Cambridge, a wonderful place and he had made new, good friends who were seeing him through the crisis and his feelings of despair.  If, after he finished his degree course Hendy wanted to meet him it couldn't be in South Africa as he never wanted to return.  I knew this as he had told me with so much venom about the situation there which he abhorred.  But, he would meet him on neutral ground, but also, it must be with Paulus as well.  We copied the draft out neatly and I added a note asking him to give my love to Paul and I would like a letter from him.  Billy put a hand out and held mine after I had sealed the envelope.  

"I could never do that to a friend of mine," he said with great feeling.  "I know you couldn't love me like you love Paul but I value you as a great and faithful friend.  I'll probably get married some day but I want you and Paul and Charley and Gerry still to be my friends.  You will, won't you?"  
I said I couldn't think of anyone I would rather have as a friend than Billy.  We sat and just held hands for ages until our thoughts were interrupted by the stentorian tones of Billy's Dad calling us down to Sunday lunch.  

 The next weeks at school passed quickly.  Mum and Dad were home, Gran was much better.  The four of us, Gerry, Kish, Billy and I had a joint eighteenth birthday celebration when we took all our regular Sixth Form pals, plus the terrible two and Varun, out for a stupendous meal at our usual Italian restaurant.  I said I didn't want a car as I couldn't have it while I was at Cambridge so Dad said he would pay for a fortnight in Greece for Paul and me and any of the others of my close friends who wanted to go.  Although he didn't say anything else, I was fairly certain Dad and Mum knew about Paul and me!  

I sat the entrance papers later in the term, by myself, in the Head's study.  Gosh, they seemed very searching but, I hoped I hadn't made a fool of myself.  About the same time Billy disappeared for a couple of days without anyone knowing where he'd gone.  A week later he announced to the assembled Sixth Form in the Common Room that he'd been for auditions for entry to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and had been awarded a scholarship.  Gosh, I don't think I have ever seen so many people so pleased.  He said his father had expressed some reservations about having a son on the stage but said he could always fall back on the greengrocery business if times were hard.  Gerry said Billy would like that as long as there were plenty of big carrots or cucumbers to fall back on!  

I had a congratulatory letter from the College saying I was awarded a particular scholarship as well as the exhibition so I must have done well in those ghastly exams.  Another short note appeared from Dr Bell.  He hoped I would take up the offer of a place and I would be in his tutor group.  Dr Jackson smiled a wry smile and said I don't envy you, he'll work your brain to the bone!