Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

Chapter Nine - Jacob and his Story:  

Paul had been out that morning and bought some food for lunch and after that we both settled down to do some work.  At four he made tea and came and sat by me at the desk which I had commandeered.  He put his hand on my knee and stroked my thigh through my trousers.  

"Ready for anything?" he asked.  

"Mmmn," I murmured, feeling my cock stirring.    

We moved over to his bed and stripped off and began to suck each other off very leisurely.  I didn't hear anyone knock but the next thing I knew was that a figure in singlet and running shorts was standing by the bed.  I thought they looked rather skimpy attire for the coldness of the day.  

"I was just going for a run but can I join in," came the familiar accented tones of Jacob.  

His singlet, shorts and jockstrap were off in seconds and we quickly rearranged ourselves on the floor.  His mouth replaced that of Paul's on my cock and Paul noisily sucked on his, surprisingly, rather short length.  

As his lips met the tip of my knob he whispered, "Have all you Britishers got such big dicks?"  

A muffled murmur came from Paul, "How do you think we conquered the bloody Empire?  All we had to do was show them our cocks and they just laid down and surrendered, like your lot!"  A muffled roar came next, "Ouch, you fucker, that hurt!"  

Jacob was having his revenge for the Boer War!  He had reached over and grabbed Paul's goolies and given them a squeeze!

Mine was obviously not the first cock he'd sucked and he played with it's length with his tongue and sucked very hard so it wasn't very long before I knew I was about to come.  Paul's cock was already starting to throb in my mouth so I knew both of us were about to explode.  I came first and Jacob kept in every drop.  I wasn't so lucky with Paul as I gasped as I came and Paul pulled his cock back momentarily out of my mouth.  He began to shoot and before I could engulf it again half his spunk sprayed all over my face.  Jacob began to grunt and I heard Paul gasp and gag a bit.  We lay still for a bit as I scrabbled around for a handkerchief to wipe the cum off my face.  The fire was nice and warm so we didn't move to get dressed and I was glad we didn't as I wanted to look at Jacob a bit more closely.  

Paul spoke first.  "I bet Jacob fires off even more than you, Jamie."  

Jacob sniggered, "Saved it up specially for you, Paul.  I didn't do anything last night.  It was hard not to, but I remembered what you'd said."  

Bugger me, so Paul and he had set this up!   I remembered then that he and Jacob had had an earnest discussion just after we came out of the restaurant.  Crafty sods, I'd been set up!  That's why Jacob had turned up in just the minimum of clothing!  I didn't mind.  Jacob was a real expert at sucking cocks.  I moved closer to him so I was able to take a close look at his body.  He was blond all over.  I had never seen such masses of curly hair round a boy's cock either.  The colour matched the fur on his legs but from the curls at the top of his legs it burgeoned out into a dense bush of thick, softish hair which spread, almost as abundantly, up to his navel.  His stomach and chest were also covered in a fine mat of tight curls.  I pulled myself up even closer against him and ran my fingers from his pubic bush upwards.  

"It's quite a sight, isn't it?" he said, smiling, "The boys at school used to call me `Rug'.  And you should see my brother, I swear he has to sheep shear his twice a year!"  

He lifted an arm, the pit was stuffed with a dense undergrowth.  I looked at Paul who grinned at me.  He had a patch of dark hair on his chest and I had nothing.  

"Not bad for a kid of nineteen, eh, Jamie?" Paul said.  

"When did it grow like this?" I asked, fascinated, as none of my pals had anything other than a scattering of hair around a nipple.  Certainly nothing on their chests and stomachs.  

"I had very hairy legs by the time I was fourteen, just after I started...  You know,...."  He made wanking movements.  "Then it started to really grow fast when I was sixteen.  My brother's seven years older than me and I've seen him all the time and his grew just like mine but he's much more hairy than this now.  The Blacks on the farm call him the woolly lion cause he's a bit more yellow than me and he's got long yellow hair they call his mane.  'Cause we had to keep our hair cut short when we were at school so we've let it grow since then."  He tossed his head and his mass of curls rippled.  "He went to the school first so he was fifteen when I went first to the prep school."  

It turned out it was a very prestigious boys' boarding school and very strict.  I asked him how he learned about growing up.  He said his brother kept an eye on him and told him all about wanking and other things early on when he was eleven as Casper, his brother, was leaving school and going off to do his military service.  It was fascinating as he said soon after that one of the older boys had got him to suck him off and a couple of the older ones had also tried to let them shag him when they were on a hike in the veldt.  What he said next really astonished me.  

"`Cause I had to come to England as I wouldn't let one of my mates fuck me."  

Both Paul and I looked at each other.  

"Do you want to tell us?" Paul asked, "You told me a bit, but I thought it upset you."  

Jacob put an arm round me and I did the same to him, he was trembling slightly.  

"Can I?  I want to, I'm really sad about it `cause I had to leave my best friend at home and I miss him so much."  
His grip on my shoulders became fiercer as he looked directly at me.  

"My best friend's name is Paulus and we were like you and Paul and we hoped no one else knew how close we really were.  All the boys were wanking and sucking each other, even the socalled athletes and we all knew but nobody ever said anything.  But, with Paulus and me it was different, we really loved each other and had done since we were in the prep school.  Another of our friends was Hendricus and we'd both done things with him, just like boys do.  I didn't know but Hendy, as we called him, was very jealous of us two although we'd been friends for years.  This didn't come out until our last year after Christmas, just last year.  Pauli had stayed on the farm with me over Christmas and Hendy knew and when we got back he wanted me to leave Pauli and get together with him.  We tossed each other off a few times after that 'cause I did like him and we had been good friends in the past but I said I didn't want anything else.  But then, just before the exams, he was in my room one night and he tried to rape me.  He's much bigger than me so he held me down on my front and shoved his cock up the leg of my running shorts I had on but he couldn't get it in.  I struggled and got away and then I socked him one right in the balls and he went off swearing...  

"A couple of days later I was called up to the Rector's office as Hendy, as Head Boy, had said Paulus and I were more than good friends, which in our school meant sex with a capital S.  And that meant instant expulsion.  It was very difficult.  Hendy's father and Paulus's father are both in the government and my father is very wellknown too.  It was all hushed up but we were told Paulus and I could take our exams and then leave South Africa as soon as possible.  The Rector arranged my place here and when the time came I was escorted to the plane by two very large thugs to make sure I was on it.  Pauli was sent to Australia and we can write to each other and we do almost every day.  When my brother heard what had happened he said he'd kill Hendy as soon as he ever gets near him.  I told him he wasn't to, I'd be OK.  And here I am.  And I love it here, except I miss my Pauli..."  

I was so overwhelmed with his story and the strength of his feelings, especially for the loss of his best friend, I pulled him towards me and kissed him full on the lips.  He responded immediately and our tongues twisted against each other.  Paul leaned over and hugged us both.  

"Oh, Jacob, why didn't you tell me all this before?"  

Jacob disentangled himself, his blue eyes shining with tears.  

"I've never told anybody the whole story except Casper.  Even Dad doesn't know what really happened.  He thinks we got into a fight over politics as both their fathers are ministers and lots of people are leaving the country because of that.  The Rector knew, but he's a very kind man and I'm very grateful to him.  And you two are so happy together I wanted to tell you how happy I've been and I want to be happy again...  Will you help me?"  

My first response was to put my hand down and feel his cock.  As I'd noticed before it was much shorter than mine.  He put his hand between us and mine began it's rapid ascent to full stiffness as he gripped it tight.  

"Oh my God, Jamie" he moaned as I pulled his foreskin down, "You've got a massive prick.  I may have all the hair but look at my poor thing!"  

Paul let go of us and watched as we beat each other's meat, slowly but with great feeling, our eyes locked.  We both came within moments of each other, both of us produced substantial spurts and then all three hugged again.  As we separated I looked at Paul who mouthed, "Later".  

We tried a different restaurant that evening and Jacob insisted on paying.  He explained his father gave him a very good allowance and his greatgrandmother who lived in London sent him a cheque every month.  "As you Britishers say, I'm flush!"  

He wouldn't join us that night in my room.  He said it was important for us to have time together but, he said with a roguish twinkle in his eyes, he would have his friend in bed with him, and waved his right hand.  

That night I sucked Paul off twice and shot two more loads deep inside him.  We both commented that four times a day seemed to be good for both of us.  In fact, it nearly did for us as we didn't wake until eight the next morning and I had to rush to get ready for Dr Bell's next tutorial.  

He was very happy that morning.  He said for two reasons, a) that he'd had his toothache cured and b) that I'd made a very good stab at the problems he'd set me.  Again the three hours flew and when Paul appeared at twelve Dr Bell suggested we just had two hours that afternoon and he would give me lots of things to do at home.  I asked him if we could take him to the Blue Boar that evening for a meal and he beamed and said he would be delighted.  I said there would be a fourth member of the party, Jacob Van Zyl.  He beamed again and said he knew of him as the Rector of his school had written to him to ask him to keep an eye on him even though he was in a different college.  He said he knew that Paul had made friends with him as his supervisor had told him.  What a network everyone seemed to know everyone else!  

Anyway, we had a marvellous evening, a very good meal and Dr Bell told us countless stories about the very odd dons he'd known in his time at Cambridge.  In fact, he said, being seen with three handsome young men like us would enhance his reputation no end.  As we left, several of the other diners, all male, spoke to him and smiled at us.  I wondered if they thought Dr Bell was included in our pursuits!  

That night Jacob did stay in my room with Paul and me.  That night he gave me his virginity as he'd only ever been wanked or sucked before.  Paul and I prepared him well for my entry.  We kissed and licked him a bit odd at times considering his furry body  but he was soon writhing and moaning and squirmed even more as I inserted the first of my welllubricated fingers.  Paul added a second beside mine and Jacob could hardly contain himself with our probing and thrusting.  We both managed to get two fingers in so he was well opened up as I presented him with my unsheathed knobend.  He grunted as the knob entered him and his ring muscles closed behind my ridge and gripped that first inch or so very tightly.  Gradually, as he relaxed, I pushed slowly and relentlessly and my bush was soon pressed against his balls.   As Paul held his legs over my shoulders he dipped his head and began to suck on Jacob's short but ever eager cock.  I fucked Jacob slowly, matching my movements to the bucking of his hips.  I couldn't get near his lips as Paul's head was in the way but we communicated with looks and darting tongues through our lips.  Just before I came his eyes closed tightly and I knew he was near his climax, too.  We more or less came together, I felt myself shooting loads of cum into him as Jacob emptied his balls into Paul's mouth and throat.  As soon as we were able we turned onto Paul and as Jacob sucked his huge cock I licked him and kissed him feeling so close to these two wonderful lads, my Paul and my new friend, Jacob.  

We all three had poured out so much rapturous energy in giving our love to each other we fell asleep in a huddled bundle on my narrow bed after having a quick wash at the most inadequate basin.   Poor little Jacob was squashed between us two great hunks but he repaid us in the morning by sucking us both off in turn as we awoke gradually.  I wanked him in return and he produced a great amount of spunk.  Paul was right, he blasted out even more than me.  He was a real bundle of energy as, after a leisurely breakfast, he rushed off as he wanted to go for his run.  "Must keep fit, ready for the Bumps."  

I learned that the Bumps were College boat races held in February on the Cam and they were fun races but also fiercely fought.  Also, I found out Paul was rowing in his College's second boat.  So, after breakfast and I had packed my duffel bag and carted it to his room, he took me down to the boathouses and we had lunch at a rather grotty pub, the Fort St George. It was pretty cold that afternoon so, as I worked on the first two of Dr Bell's problems,  he went to Fitzbillies and bought crumpets and we toasted them in front of his gas fire for tea.  If this was college life I was going to enjoy it.  Even more as Jacob joined us for tea and Paul took us to yet another restaurant for a meal.  

That night Jacob insisted I fucked him again.  Paul watched this time and I wanted to make certain that Jacob didn't come as I hoped he would fuck Paul.  He was very impatient for me to enter him but I went very slowly, lubricating him well first and finger fucking for quite a while until he was wriggling like a demented worm, groaning and grunting and imploring me to fuck him.   As I pressed my rampant shaft into him Paul inserted a finger, then two, into my uplifted hole.  I was hoping for a long, slow fuck but I couldn't control anything and I was soon frantically thrusting back and forth to a rising series of delighted yells from Jacob and yowls of jubilation from me.  If Jacob had beat me the day before on amount of come I was sure I beat him that time.  I thrust forwards and backwards about eight times and each time deposited another burst of my hot boyjuice into him.  I flopped onto him and kissed him passionately for a couple of minutes.  Paul was giggling because of the effect he'd had on me.  I would pay him back with his own medicine as soon as possible and make him come like he'd never come before!

Gradually we unwound and Paul lay back on the bed.  I kissed Jacob and said he was to fuck Paul and to make it last.  I knew it would be the first time Jacob had ever fucked another boy and I knew he was a bit apprehensive but as soon as his dick entered Paul's lubricated hole he was in his seventh heaven.   He came twice in quick succession and when I fucked Paul as soon as Jacob had finished the second time there was so much spunk in him I slipped in even more easily than usual.  I came gallons again having been roused to a high state of frenzy watching my Paul being fucked so rapturously by our new friend.  As I withdrew, his hole really squelched and he refused to even try to empty it out.  After Jacob and I had washed our pricks Paul lay back as we both wanked him to release two mighty gushes of thick, creamy, spunk, and in between these rounds he sucked us both off.  As we lay down to sleep I was almost delirious with feelings.  I had been roused to such heights and my friends had been too and we still had one more night, all three together.  

Next morning we just lay in bed feeling each other's bodies, our cocks, nipples, lips and so on.  I loved stroking Jacob's furry pecs and he wriggled in response as my fingers brushed over his very prominent nipples.  At that moment Paul was fingering my twitching ring and Jacob was licking under Paul's chin.  We had spent well over an hour just enjoying each other's bodies in all sorts of different ways when Paul said suddenly, "Watch it lads!"  We had to as the most enormous jet of spunk erupted from his pissslit and sprayed both Jacob and me all over our bodies.  "Oh Hell!" said Paul, in a weary voice, "I never even knew I was near coming."

Both Jacob and I gripped each other's cocks and I was over the top, adding my hoard of semen, this time over Paul, in a matter of seconds.  I pulled down sharply on Jacob's five and a bit inches and he shot well up into the air and his cargo of come splashed down on top of mine on Paul's stomach.  We lay and panted until Paul gave the pair of us a mighty shove and demanded that we should get up before we stunk his room out with the smell of accumulated spunk.  

Jacob laughed, "You mean like the Honourable Jermyn's at number seven?"  

They both laughed again and then had to explain to me.  The Honourable Jermyn was the younger son of some peer and seemed to spend most of his time in his room beating his meat.  At least, that was what everyone believed.  Jacob said he was really thick and was only at Cambridge because Daddy paid the College to put up with him.  Paul said he was reading English like him and was very grateful when Paul helped him with his essays.  "No he doesn't suck me off!" he retorted when we both grinned at him and asked how he showed his gratitude.  But anyway, Paul said, there was always an allpervading smell of stale cum in his room and he was always playing pocket billiards!  

After breakfast I settled down again to try solving the problems and Jacob and Paul went off to the Library to do some reading there.  They appeared together about half twelve with sandwiches and bottles of Coke.  I'd had a good morning and explained to them when we'd finished eating that I had got on really well and saw there was a pattern in the problems.  As I solved one it gave me clues to solving the next.  Both looked suitably impressed especially when I showed them the pages of weird hieroglyphics I had produced so far.  Paul patted me on the back and said I wasn't to let my poor little brain boil and I'd better have a rest that afternoon as he had to go and see his tutor.  Jacob said he would stay and keep me company and Paul raised his eyebrows.  I said I was going to wait until that night and, nudging Jacob, said we would give Paul the best night of the year so far.  

After Paul went we made up the fire and sat either side of it and we exchanged life histories.  He was most surprised at the number of encounters I'd had, albeit mostly wanks, with so many lads and said he'd just had wanks with about a dozen, all his age or thereabouts, except for his brother and his friend Pauli and they'd sucked each other a few times.  He grinned at me.  

"Got to tell you this, Jamie, you and Paul are wonderful.  You haven't teased me about my little cock, 'cause I did get teased quite a bit at school but the other boys were envious of all my hair when it grew and I used to say you couldn't have both!.  My brother's the same, in fact I'm a touch bigger than him.  It must run in the family 'cause my Uncle Albert's is very small and that's what pisses off Hendy so much."  

I looked puzzled.  

"Oh", he said, "I never explained.  Hendy is also my cousin, my Mum and his Mum are sisters and Hendy's cock is even shorter than mine.  He's built like a brick shithouse, he's huge, but he's got this tiny dick and all the boys gave him hell about it until he grew bigger and could beat them up if they made remarks.  That night he tried to poke it up me I said it wasn't big enough to shag a rat and that's really why he was so mad at me.  He called me a rat anyway and accused me of telling the other boys to make fun of him and said I had nothing much anyway  between my legs to boast about.  It was a lie 'cause I hadn't said anything about him but there were some in our form who whispered things whenever he came into the room like "Here comes Hendy dinky dick!" and one day before a big Rugger match someone had stitched up his jockstrap so the pouch was ever so tiny.  He was really pissed off with what I'd said so he grabbed me again and when he tried again to flatten me on the bed that's when I got away and walloped him where it hurts.  The bastard, 'cause we'd been such good friends as well as being cousins.  He was just so jealous."  

I said he would be together some day with Pauli and he could always rely on my Paul if he was lonely.  

"You don't mind?" he asked.  

I said I didn't because I would like him to be my friend as well and all being well I would be in Cambridge in October.  I told him all about Billy and my other friends at home and all our adventures and described the Easter Rugger Tours and we were chatting happily together when Paul returned with muffins, this time, for tea.   

That evening after coming back to Paul's room after our evening meal in a very nice restaurant I was in a raging need for release.  All during the meal I'd had a rampant hardon, not helped by Paul who was sitting next to me putting his hand on my thigh at regular intervals and by seeing Jacob's bright happy face opposite.  Luckily there was a flowing tablecloth and a linen napkin which I arranged across my lap so the young and rather dishy waiter couldn't see my predicament.  Actually, he was most attentive and made sure we had the best service.  I wondered if he would like to be serviced as well, especially with some of the looks he was giving Jacob!  

I knew that night I wanted both my Paul and my new friend Jacob.  I knew I also wanted Jacob to fuck me.  Crumbs, I was in a horny state.  We'd had a bottle of wine with the meal and this fuelled my lust but I grew even more randier after Paul produced a bottle of vintage port when we sat down in his room and I had a large glass.  I knew my juices would be flowing mightily over the next few hours!  

As I finished my glass I took off my tie and undid my shirt.  Jacob watched and he began to do the same, Paul was fiddling around with glasses on the dressingtable.  I loosened the top of my trousers and stretched and slid them down my legs.  Within moments I'd divested myself of all my clothes except my underpants which were bulging out with the size of my erection. As Jacob removed his trousers Paul's attention was caught by our movements.  

"Christ, you pair of horny bastards, I turn away a minute and you're almost at it!"  He grinned down at me.  "You're so fucking lovely, though, isn't he Jacob?"  

Jacob stood up and I could see his erection straight up his belly against his underpants.  He reached out and pulled Paul's tie and undid it.  I stood next to him and we undressed a notunwilling Paul completely very quickly.  Needless to say his massive shaft was fully erect as well.  I reached over and lowered Jacob's underpants and as he stepped out of them he did the same to me.  There we were, three rampant lads ready for a night of lechery!  

I said to Jacob that he was to fuck me first.  He leaned forward and kissed me and Paul got the KY jelly and as Jacob and I stood and hugged each other Paul lubricated our puckers and inserted a finger into both of us.  Gradually he worked us until he had three fingers in both of us and Jacob and I were tonguing each other energetically and I could feel my knob rubbing into Jacob's furry stomach leaving trails of my slimy, silvery juice which was pouring out of my cock head.  

I pulled away from his mouth as I knew I was beginning to be worked up to a climax.  I didn't want to come yet, I wanted Jacob's young rod in me and I wanted it now!  I moved over to the bed on which Paul had thoughtfully laid a big soft towel and laid back.  I drew my knees up and Paul guided Jacob, who had almost a glazed look on his face, to kneel between my legs.  Paul lifted my legs and Jacob ducked down so I could place them over his shoulders.  His knob touched my partially opened ring and with a gentle push he was in to his full, short length.  His knob end was just in the right position to massage my prostate.  He began slow thrusts then quickened until he had a gentle steady rhythm going.  I knew it wouldn't be long before the telltale signs of his approach to a climax would be apparent.  He quickened his thrusts slightly and then his actions became quite violent as began to pound my arse with the tops of his thighs. He came in great squirts calling out, his voice rising in volume, in time with his spasms, "AAAAH...,  AAAAH..., AAAAH..., AAAAH..., .........AAAAAAAH!"  

He laid on top of me and his lips found mine.  We kissed sensuously, forgetting that poor Paul was still standing beside us, watching.  I came out of my daze first and pushed Jacob up a bit by his shoulders.  

"That was marvellous, Jacob, wonderful!   What about you?"  

All he could do was nod and he almost slumped to the side of the bed and sat against the wall.   I swung my legs off the side of the bed and saw Paul's smiling face.  

"Are you going to fuck me now, Jamie?"  

"Yes, please!"  

My shaft hadn't lost its rigidity all through Jacob's assault on my insides and I wanted Paul so badly.  He took my place on the bed and Jacob scooted up to watch.  I lubricated Paul liberally and soon I was pressing on his pucker.  He wanted me as much as I wanted him so he was relaxed and opened easily.  I was in and setting up my preferred slow strokes in and almost out.  Jacob reached under me and gently held my balls and carefully rolled them in the palm of his hand.  I was watching Paul's face as I lovingly fucked him and then, deep in my body somewhere I sensed the beginnings of one of the most magnificent climaxes I had experienced so far.  The internal pulsing centred on my balls which, still in Jacob's hand, drew up close to my body.  Jacob closed his fist and ringed round the top of my sac and pulled down.  Then he squeezed, gently at first and then harder, and that's when I came.  I couldn't stop myself calling out as I shot a stupendous amount of my hot boyspunk into my dear Paul.   

Jacob gave my balls a last squeeze and I shot one more stream of come and collapsed on top of Paul, so exhausted, but so completely satisfied.  

Jacob let go of my balls and I managed to give Paul a kiss from the position I was in, then I unfurled myself and sat up and leaned over Jacob and kissed him.  I slowly pulled my still erect cock from Paul and then Jacob and I, simultaneously, started to lick and suck Paul's solid pole.  I copied Jacob's actions on me and cupped Paul's pendulous balls and began to caress them, then massaged them and then, as I detected the jerks of his muscles, I squeezed his bollocks, harder and harder.  His spunk shot from his slit way up and over his body.  It splashed in a great river on his face, chin and chest.  I wanted his come and so did Jacob.  Our heads knocked as we scrambled up to lick Paul's essence off him.  Paul was gurgling with pleasure and still producing small droplets of cum but when Jacob went to lick them from his knob end Paul very roughly pushed his head away.  

"Please, Jacob, don't, it's so sensitive."    

He held Jacob's head and drew him down and kissed his cheek.  

"I'm sorry, Jacob, that was all so good, thank you, thank you.  But  I didn't hurt you, did I?"  

Jacob said he hadn't and gently put a finger to Paul's mouth with a drop of cum still on it.  Paul licked it off and then drew both of us down onto his broad chest.    

"I want to watch Jamie fuck you again like last night, Jacob.  Would you like that?"  

Jacob whispered, "Please!"  

We lay and cuddled for an hour or so then I moved off the bed and Paul sat up and he and Jacob changed places.  I watched as Paul prepared Jacob for me.  He gently massaged him from his eyebrows downwards, probing with his fingers and thumbs all over Jacob's strong and muscly young body.  He spread his legs and took the jelly and inserted his fingers one by one into Jacob again.  I watched as Jacob became transformed into a wanting, craving, hungering being.  The whole sensuousness of this moulding and preparation by Paul, getting Jacob all ready for me, was getting me to the edge again.  I wanted Jacob now more than I wanted anything else and I must have him!  I laughed internally as I'd had the same feelings as I prepared to fuck Paul earlier. Paul smiled at me and lifted Jacob's legs so I could position myself easily.  Jacob had only lost his virginity the last evening, and he'd only been fucked twice so far, but he knew what he wanted.  My thick knob end probed at his ring, he gasped, relaxed and I was in.  I went right in, my whole seven inches slid in so easily, just bumping twice, until I couldn't push another fragment of myself into him.  I saw the yearning in his eyes as I made tiny movements trying to will my cock to grow another millimetre to fill him even further.  Paul stroked my butt cheeks softly, moving downwards until he could press his finger into my still cumsticky hole.    

"Oh, wonderful, wonderful.  Fuck me slowly, please, Jamie," murmured Jacob.  

I lay down right over him, his furry chest level with my stomach.  I had to bend slightly to lock my lips on his and all the time keeping  up the tiny, almost imperceptible movements of my hips.  He was licking my tongue and moaning in his throat.  My ring seemed to be on fire with Paul's exploring.  I felt I wanted this to go on for ever.    Paul's other hand cupped my balls and he whispered "You're nearly there, Jamie!"  

I knew I was, he must have felt my balls harden and rise because my prick started to pulsate and, as Jacob somehow clamped his ring muscle so tight around me, I started to come.  The three of us that night must have beaten the whole triple jump record.  I came and I came and I came in an even longer sequence of "AAAAH......'s" than Jacob.  Spunk poured out of me and I felt it squelching along the length of my rod as I pressed back and forth.  

"Please leave it in me, please, please!" pleaded Jacob, "I need you in me, don't take it out, Oh, plea.....se!"  

My tiny movements picked up again and Paul now had at least three fingers probing me.  We kept this up for at least another twenty minutes and then I thought my balls were going to burst.  I couldn't stop.  My hips began to buck violently and I came again in an even longer series of spasms.  I know I frightened both of them with the intensity of my cries as I shouted out and then collapsed quite senseless on top of poor Jacob.  I had never experienced anything like that, not even with my Paul, nor with Billy, nor any other of my pals.  

Paul extricated me from the grip of Jacob's ring and both lifted me and laid me on the bed and started to stroke me to try to revive me.  I heard Paul say I was breathing so I was OK.  I came to slowly and they both said I'd given them a fright.  Fright or not I'd had the most powerful and passionate feelings ever.  I sat up and they sat on either side of me as I put my arms around them.  I told them how wonderful it had been and Jacob said he wanted to be fucked like that always.  I kissed his cheek then turned to Paul and told him what he had been doing to me had turned some key in me and had unlocked such cataclysms of passion, I loved him so much and I wanted to fuck him again and again.    

I think we then decided we were so satiated with what we had been doing we'd better try to get some sleep.  I moaned at the inadequate washing facilities as we cleaned ourselves up and, finally, after we had clambered into the narrow bed, again with little Jacob between us, I, at least, dropped off into a dreamless, exhausted sleep.  

I was awoken quite early in he morning by an insistent whisper in my ear.  

"Fuck me again, Jamie, please.  Please, fuck me again!"  

It was Jacob of course. As my eyes opened in the gloom, he kissed them shut again and felt for my cock.  

"Please Jamie, fuck me again, I need it, I want you and then I want to fuck Paul!"  

As his fingers played up and down my halflimp cock I went to my usual rigid self.  Paul was still asleep as I maneuvered myself on top of Jacob.  He raised his knees either side of me and with his left hand guided my knob end to his ring.   He took my full weight as I pressed into him.  My thickness filled him easily and I was soon getting faster and faster with my urgent thrusts.  Of course, this woke Paul who grasped the scene immediately.  

"You've recovered bloody quickly, you horny little toad," he said to me with a tone of mock sarcasm.  He directed his comments then to Jacob.  "And as for you, you wild colonial boy, you're fucking insatiable!"  

Both Jacob and I had to laugh even though it broke our concentration on our fuck for a moment.  No matter, Paul  started to lick the side of our faces and down under our chins and this set the pace for a really fast fuck.  Jacob got what he wanted in record time.  I heaved and shoved with great force, flattening the breath out of him, but he responded in kind with powerful upward movements of his muscular hips and thighs until I shot my morning load into him as far as my prick end could reach.  Within moments we both turned on Paul and Paul's ring succumbed quickly to Jacob's urgent probing with his slim, short dick.  As Jacob fucked him I pulled Paul's pudding and the pair of them came with delighted shrieks and a flurry of come from Paul.  Again we licked up his come and presented our tongues to him and then Jacob and I flopped onto Paul, now in the middle, and fell asleep again.  

I was awakened by the elephantine heavings of Paul as I was sprawled almost across him.  Poor Jacob got the same treatment and we were unceremoniously flung off him as he said he was bursting for a piss.  It was eight o'clock and I had only this morning with them before I had to catch the twelve o'clock bus.  I felt rather sad.  Although I'd had a most wonderful stay and an extremely exhausting one at that, I was sad I would have to leave them and be in my lonely bed at home tonight.  

Jacob roused himself and then rolled over me and soon we were tickling, licking and laughing together, our legs entwined and our bodies rubbing together, playing together like two young puppies.  Funny though, neither of us had a hardon, we were just happy enjoying the friendship which had grown fast over the last few days.  Paul came through from his tiny bathroom just as I was making Jacob thrash around as I scrabbled my fingers through the hair on his stomach and chest.  

"Oh, fucking hell!"  he said exasperatedly, "You two horny little buggers are at it again!"  

"No we're not!" said Jacob.  "Come on Jamie, let's get him!"  

With that we launched ourselves on Paul who was pulled onto the floor and both began to tickle him mercilessly.  He was helpless.  I hadn't seen Paul in this state.  He was almost screaming out with laughter.  In the end we let up and he relaxed, puffing and panting.  

"You little bastards, I'll have your knackers for that!  Look, I was all washed and clean and you've been rolling me on this filthy floor!"  

"It's your filthy floor so you lie in it," said Jacob as we scrambled up and, laughing ourselves, jostled for supremacy at the tiny sink in the bathroom.  

We washed and tidied ourselves up then slipped back and sat, side by side, on the bed against the pillows and headboard.  Paul, by this time had prepared some breakfast and brought it to Jacob and me and we scoffed away sitting up all together on Paul's bed.  

"I'm not your bloody servant," he grumbled as I held out my mug for more coffee.  

"It's alright, Jeeves," I said, "You'll get your reward in heaven, or tonight with Jacob after I've gone."  I put my arm round Jacob's shoulders.  "That is if I don't take him home and keep him tied up at the end of my bed like a little woolly toy."  

"Oh, ho," chortled Paul, "Now we know!  Jamie here must fuck his teddy bear when he hasn't got us or his other little friends, eh, Jacob?"  

"I wouldn't mind being his woolly bear," said Jacob, "And I would be yours as well, Paul, if you like."  

I gave him a hug.   "Yeah," I said, "You look after Paul while he's here for me, will you?  Knowing him he'll keep you busy!"  

Paul gave a laugh and I saw the delighted look on Jacob's face.  

Paul turfed us out of bed about half past nine and sent Jacob off down to his own room as he said he had to clear up the stinking mess we'd made.  I helped him before I dressed, and deliberately kept bumping into him with my swinging cock but he said he didn't want to be distracted.  In the end I packed my things and at about eleven Paul said I'd better go and say cheerio to Jacob.  I didn't bother to knock on his door and found him getting ready to go for a run.  He was dressed just in his running shorts and shoes and was about to pull an old rugger shirt over his head.  He dropped this to the floor when he saw me.  

"I've just come to say cheerio for now," I said, "But I'll be back and I hope you'll come and see me if you can.  I'm sure Paul will want to bring you and we can explore London a bit during your Easter holiday."  

"I really would like that," he said and came over where I was standing.  He looked up at me.  "I've been so happy the last few days.  You remind me of my Paulus and I miss him so much but you've been so kind and Paul has too, I want to love you both.   Look, here's Paulus."  
He pointed to a framed photograph on his desk.  I went over to look at it.  There were two boys, both in rowing kit, each holding an oar.  Both were the same height and one was very blond and the other had black hair.  Jacob and Paulus, with happy smiles on their faces.  

"We had that taken a few days before Hendy attacked me.  He wanted a photo with us but Paulus walked away.  That made him angry as well."  

I turned to him and put my arms round him.  

"Jacob, we'll be here whenever you want us, Paul is very fond of you and you'll look after him for me as well, won't you?"  

I slipped my hand down his front between the elastic waist of his shorts and his furry belly and past the wide band of his jockstrap and felt his partially erect cock and nestled his balls in my hand.  

"You've got a lovely cock, Jacob.  Think of what we've done together.  And, anyway, you've got big balls....."   

They were too.  In fact it was their large size which drew one's attention to the shortness of his cock which, when soft, just dangled an inch or so away from the dense mass of hair surrounding it.  

"...And," I continued, "They work well, don't they?"  

He grinned at me.  "Overtime, I should say!"  

I drew him to me and we kissed, very gently, not lasciviously, but as true friends.  

"Don't forget, look after Paul," I said as we drew apart.  He nodded and I knew he was close to tears.  

 The bus ride home was tedious.  I spent the time thinking about the next of Dr Bell's problems and wondering, intermittently, if all the juice oozing from my prick would show through my pants and trousers by the time I reached home!  

Luckily, it didn't because as soon as I arrived home Mum was waiting for me.  After asking how I'd got on she said Gran had had to go into hospital again and she and Dad would be off for the weekend to stay at her house to be near her.  School was starting on Thursday and so I asked if I could stay at home.  I explained about Dr Bell's problems and said I wanted to get as many done as possible and send them off to him.  As nothing untoward had happened on their previous absences she agreed.  Whoopee, I thought, Billy would be asked if he wanted to come and sleep over and it would be an offer he couldn't and wouldn't refuse!  

I'd written to both Paul and Jacob to say how much I'd enjoyed my visit and I couldn't wait to see them both again.  Our letters crossed in the post as I received letters from both the next day.  Paul's was restrained in that he didn't refer directly to our activities, on the other hand, Jacob was so explicit in his descriptions of what we had done together, what he wanted the three of us to do when we met up again and in the report of how Paul and he had `consoled' each other because I wasn't there I had to surreptitiously burn his letter in the boiler fire!  That was after I'd had a really good wank as the contents gave me a colossal hardon!  I scribbled him a hasty note thanking him but asked him not to be so candid in future in case my mother opened a letter in error.  His next letter was contrite and I detected a couple of small stains at the bottom of the page.  I deduced they weren't spunk but tears.  A third letter had to be written to assure him of my fondness for him and reiterating that I hoped he was looking after Paul for me.  The next letter came from Paul saying Jacob was very happy now and they were getting on fine and he was helping Jacob with his exercises between his runs and rowing.  I read into that a lot!