Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

Chapter Eight - Christmas Comes but Once a Year, Poor Bugger!!  

Term went steadily on and, although we didn't have another weekend session, Billy and I met up regularly with the others at Gerry's.  Kish called Billy a boastful toad when he said we'd both come six times that weekend but I shut the gibes up by describing Billy's tremendous fountain.  So, after Rugger practice one Thursday we were all in Gerry's den when the others, obviously preplanned, grabbed a notveryprotesting Billy, stripped him and ordered me to repeat the demonstration.  As the others had roused Billy by a combination of licking and sucking on various parts of his anatomy my task was pretty easy and Billy did not disappoint.  Perhaps the geyser was not quite so extreme in height but the volume of gism was impressive.    

The day term ended Dad paid for another evening out for the lads and I was allowed up to a dozen.  As well as the usual six, Paul, of cause, was home and included and I invited Varun, much to his delight, and the terrible pair, Smye and Mee, who were suitably impressed and, finally, the Tracey twins, as I'd been helping one of them, Chris, with his Maths.  There is one certainty in life, other than death and taxes, a good Italian restaurant knows how to fill the stomachs of growing boys!  We left the place so full to bursting I didn't even have my nightly wank but fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.  

Christmas came and, through some misplanning on my mother's part, both my sisters, husbands and kids (my other sister had a fouryearold son) were invited as well as Gran who had recovered somewhat but it might be her last, my father said in hushed tones of mock gravity.  The misplanning was good for me as I volunteered, with Paul's connivance, to move across to the Phillips's for the duration.  As they also had a couple of elderly relatives to stay as well I had to sleep with Paul.  The only problem was that both of us, being a pair of horny bastards, could hardly keep from bellowing out each time we came.

By the day after Boxing Day we had sucked and wanked each other so many times we had to blame our haggard looks on lack of sleep having to share a rather narrow bed not designed for two six foot plus hulks.  We didn't dare to try to have a fuck as neither of us could guarantee we wouldn't yell our heads off.  In any case, the bed squeaked!  

Not being able to have a fuck was solved after New Year when I went up to Cambridge with Paul to see Dr Bell again.  Paul said that going back early would give him a chance of doing some muchneeded reading and he would also be able to keep an eye on me.  Both Mum and Dad said I did need an eye on me and I wondered even then if my parents had an inkling into our true relationship?  

Arrangements had been made for me to stay in college for three nights.  I was to see Dr Bell at nine o'clock on two days running for tutorials.  So, Paul and I set off early in the morning to get to Cambridge and sort things out ready for my stay.  I had the same room again and, although Cambridge in January can be a bleak, cold place, someone had prepared the fire and it was lit with a box of wood and coal beside it.  Paul sniffed derisively when he saw it.  

"At least I have a gas fire in my room.  It's very primitive in this place!"  

We made sure it was all stoked up and then went into the town for some lunch.  After lunch we went to Paul's college and up to his room.  He said as far as he knew the only person back on his staircase would be Jacob Van Zyl, the lad in the boat I had seen the previous term.  Paul had told me over Christmas that he and Jacob had spent a couple of nights together, only wanking each other, and that I would like Jacob.  He had told me he had come over from South Africa and there had been some trouble at his school and he nearly got expelled but took his exams and was shipped off to England rather than going to University over there.   I was intrigued and Paul had said he hadn't enquired further but, no doubt, Jacob would tell him all the story some time.  

Paul was making some tea when he looked out of the window.  

"Talk of the bloody devil," he said and opened the window.  

A cold blast of air blew in as he stuck his head out and bellowed.  

"Hi Jacob!  I'm back!  Come up here you big thick boatie!"  

He slammed the window shut and turned and grinned at me.  

"That's rather rude for you, Paul," I said rather primly.  "He can't be thick if he's here, can he?"  

"No, but it's a tradition that all boatie's are thick and some of them are.  They get in here because they'll be in the Boat Race and the other thickies'll be in the University Rugger team."  

"But you play Rugger for your college and you're not thick!"  

"Look, they have to someone bright in the team to help them put their jockstraps on the right way round or else they wouldn't know which way to run!" he laughed.  "Anyway, as I said, all boatie's are supposed to be thick and they say that boatie's think the ridge behind your knobend is merely there to stop your hand from slipping off the end.  Yes, and Jacob's got a nice ridge to prove it!"  

With that there was a hefty knock on the door which burst open to reveal a very sweaty Jacob, dressed in tracksuit top and running shorts and shoes.  

"Hi Paul..." he started and then saw me.  

His big grin disappeared and he looked rather disappointed, I thought.  Was I being in the way?  But no.  The big grin reappeared.  

"Hi, you must be Jamie, I did meet you last term for a minute or two, Paul's told me all about you...... and him!"  

Oh Christ.  What had Paul said.  I turned to him.  He grinned back at me too.  

"Sorry Jamie, I should have introduced you, this blond bombshell is the lovely Jacob Van Zyl, from one of our better known colonies.  He's the big thick boatie I shouted at through the window and as you can see he's into healthy sports."  He turned to Jacob, "Where have you been?"  

Jacob then said he'd just run to Grantchester and back and wanted some tea.  While he was saying this I was looking at his legs.  They were very muscular and still looked very tanned, but the most noticeable thing about them was the blond fur which covered them.  His thighs below the revealing shorts were thickly covered in small, damp curls of hair and these continued down his shins.  He turned slightly and I saw the backs of his thighs were even more abundantly forested.  He had a mass of blond curly hair on his head and I wondered if he was as blond as that all over.  Paul told him to take his stinking, sweaty body away and wash himself and he could have some tea in five minutes.  

He waved and went off at a trot closing the door behind him.   I heard his door open below and slam.  

"Is he as blond as that all over?" I asked Paul.  

He shook his head as if I were a naive infant.  

"Wait and see.  I'll ask him to show you, shall I?  But I will tell you  he doesn't have a tan line!"  

Jacob was back in six minutes, dressed in shirt, pullover and trousers.  It was obvious he and Paul were good friends.  After a few minutes bantering and discussion about the new term to come I asked Jacob where he had been for Christmas.  His face fell a bit.  He looked at Paul and then at me and then it all poured out.  

"Oh Paul," he said in a rush, "You know I was going to stay with Harry's folks?  It was OK we had a good time over Christmas then one of the girls staying there latched onto me and the night before I was coming back here she came into my room at midnight and wanted me to fuck her.  I said I wasn't into that sort of thing and luckily she thought it was because I was religious.  I cottoned on to that and told her so but it was bloody awful.  I wondered what she might say to Harry."  

Paul stood up and put his arm round Jacob.  "Don't worry Jacob, Harry's a big thick boatie like you but I bet he's never had the opportunity to have it away, yet.   He'd just be jealous you'd been offered, even if you did refuse.  In fact, knowing Harry, I should think he would be glad you two didn't fuck in his parents' house.  His Dad's very straitlaced isn't he?"  

Jacob nodded and broke away from Paul's grasp.  He looked at me.  

"Sorry Jamie, I shouldn't have told you this, but it's been worrying me and Paul's told me you and he always tell each other everything."  

I was getting to like Jacob more and more, his looks, his accent and he certainly wasn't thick.  Especially his looks, he was much shorter than either Paul or me, about five nine I guessed, but he looked very strong.  I was hoping I would see more of him!  
"Yes, we do,"  I said, "And we love each other too."  

Jacob smiled, a lovely smile.  

"I know," he said simply, "And I'm very jealous!  I want you and Paul to love me too!"  

This conversation was getting really heavy and Paul realised it so lightened it up.  He told me a few things about college life and admitted Jacob wasn't thick.  We got on really well and we decided to go out together for a meal that evening.  After leaving the restaurant we'd walked with Jacob back to their college and Paul came back to the one I was staying in and announced he would be with me for the night because the place was haunted and he didn't want his little boy to be frightened.  Luckily, there was no one in the rooms below me and all the ghosts were scared away by the howling and shrieking which came from us as we each shot our spunk three times that night.

Paul was now getting more used to shagging me even though he said he still preferred to be sucked off.  I wanted to be inside him as much and as long as possible so I shot my three loads deep into him at ten o'clock, twelve o'clock and three o'clock.  I sucked him off in between the first and second times and then at six o'clock in the morning he lubricated me and fucked me slowly for nearly an hour before, with a roar, he also came for his third time.  I thought, poor Jacob, probably having just a lonely wank that night.  

Breakfast was a bit hurried as I had to be at Dr Bell's rooms on the dot of nine.  Paul came with me to the bottom of the staircase.  He poked me in the back, "Don't wear your poor brain to the bone, young Jamie, and when the bawdy hand of the dial is upon the prick of noon I'll be back."  I wrinkled my nose at him and climbed the stairs and knocked, just as the college clock began striking.  

Dr Bell was most effusive but he kept clutching his jaw.  He explained we could only have a morning session that day as he had a dental appointment in the afternoon.  However, the tutorial he gave me must have lessened his pain as he only grimaced a couple of times.  Once was my fault when I said something really stupid working through a proof but I realised it straight away.  The three hours sped by and I was engrossed in a problem when Paul knocked to take me to lunch.  Dr Bell had given me a couple of problems to have a go at before the next day and we wished him well at the dentist's.