Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

Chapter Seven - Cambridge,  The Dream and Billy's Performances:  

Paul and I only managed two satisfactory sessions before he went off to Cambridge again.  Term went on and I became more involved with the couplings and triplings and even more multiples in Gerry's basement.  Although Gerry and Charley were constantly together now, Kish and Dave Richards were often around so with Billy and me there was always something going on in the basement.  Gerry said poor Charley couldn't get over the depictions in the wankmags and demanded they try out every position portrayed.  I found Kish alone there one afternoon gently masturbating while he flicked through the pages, shaking his head in disbelief and we all wondered where some of the young men were bred because none of us had ever seen the length of some of the cocks displayed.   A small matter such as that was of no consequence.  The six of us were very happy, getting our `sudden urges' satisfied regularly and working together at the same time on our various school subjects.  

Two particular highlights of the term, for me, were, being called up for an interview at Cambridge and then the school play.  Of course, my trip to Cambridge meant I would be seeing Paul again sooner than I thought.  The letter said I had to see Dr Bell in his rooms at 2.30 on the Friday afternoon and accommodation would be arranged in College for Friday night.  I travelled by bus to Cambridge on Friday morning and Paul met me at the bus station and took me to lunch, not in his College as he said the food was foul!  He said it was common knowledge that Dr Bell was a very highly respected mathematician but could be a bit daunting.  My knees were knocking a bit when I rapped on his door at the top of a winding stair in a very ancient building.  Dr Bell was very short, with twinkling blue eyes and I didn't think at all daunting at first acquaintance.  I followed him into a room crammed with books and papers and three large blackboards fixed to one long wall.  He asked me about Gerald Jackson and I learned they had been undergraduates together.  Then the inquisition started.  I was led over to one of the boards where there was a complicated looking proof.  I recognised the type of problem but I also knew there was something wrong.  I plucked up courage to say so.  

Dr Bell beamed at me.  "Good lad," he said, "Have the courage of your convictions.  What's wrong with it?"  

I worked slowly down the proof and spotted a line where the reasoning was wrong.  I pointed it out and he beamed again, nodded and led me to the second board.  A massive equation was displayed there.  He told me what the first two lines meant and then asked me to follow through as much as I could.   I recognised a technique Dr Jackson had gone over with me.  Again, something seemed to be not quite right.  Again, I said so.  

Dr Bell asked "Why?"  

 I floundered through as much as I could and when I was silent he said "Come and sit down and we'll look at something else."  

As I went past the third board I glanced at it.  It was an incomplete proof.  Something caught my eye.  I knew what the answer would be but I couldn't see why.  I said so to Dr Bell.  He handed me a piece of chalk.  I wrote down the solution, then went back and did a couple of lines, but I was stuck then.  He was so short he only came up to my chest in height but he patted me on the back.  

"You've done more than my best second year student did this morning," he said, "You do the entrance exam and you can come here.  Let me show you."  

He then, slowly and carefully went through the rest of the solution, pausing at each step and I was able to say I could see what he was doing.  We sat at his desk and for the next two hours, which flashed by, I learned so much I knew I wanted to be a mathematician.  In fact, we went on until we were disturbed by a light tap on the door.  It was Paul.  He and Dr Bell obviously knew each other well even though Paul was only a second year student in another college.  He welcomed him in and said if I wanted to come and stay in college for a time after Christmas he would tutor me.  Paul grabbed me and hugged me while Dr Bell beamed at us both.  

As Paul and I went down the winding stairway I asked him how he knew Dr Bell.  He said Gerald Jackson had told him to contact him if he had any trouble over how he was.  I was rather startled.  

"Does Dr Jackson know about us?"  I asked, rather confused.  

"Oh, yes," said Paul, "You've never guessed about him as well?"  

I was silent while Paul led me round.  I was also silent as he showed me some of the sights of Cambridge and then said he would stay with me overnight and then I was to stay with him until Sunday morning when I had to catch my bus back.  

We had dinner at the Blue Boar in Trinity Street and then Paul took me back to Dr Bell's college where, after carefully locking the door to the rather Spartan bedroom he slowly undressed me.  After he had taken off his clothes we started to make slow, passionate love.  Our kisses were sensuous, tongues entwined, then he roused me even further by licking my chin, round my neck, down to my nipples and gradually further and further down until the tip of my fully erect cock met his lips.  I was so far gone with ecstasy that I didn't realise the noise I was making.  He quickly slid up me and closed my open mouth with his.  

"Shuh," he whispered, "If you make so much noise the whole of the staircase will be in demanding satisfaction and I only want you."  

His slow descent down my body started again and my cock was in his mouth being gently massaged until I knew it wouldn't be long before I would come.  He sensed this and rolled over onto his back on the narrow bed, presenting me with a tube of jelly as he did so.  

"I want you so badly," he said, "Fuck me, Jamie!"  

I lubricated his pucker and kissed his lovely cock as I did it.  His groans were just as loud as mine.  I drew his legs up and centred my knob end on his slit and pushed.  He opened up and the whole of my seven inches flowed in with almost no resistance.  I fucked him slowly knowing that on each inward thrust my knob gave him a great jolt of satisfaction.  In fact, it must have been so intense for him he came quite suddenly, gushing out a stream of hot, silvery spunk up his chest and onto his chin.  His internal muscles clamped on me and my whole being was sucked out of me.   My cock pulsed and pulsed as spurt after spurt of me entered him, deep, deep inside.  He dropped his legs as I lay down on him, still embedded in him, my prick still hard and still pulsing in time with the contractions of his internal muscles.  We kissed and clung to each other, passing our love between us and then, carefully, we turned on our sides with him peacefully impaled on my shaft and slept.  I awoke, at least a couple of hours later, in the same position.  The light by the bed was still on and Paul was looking straight into my eyes.  

 "Again," he whispered.  

This time I fucked him as we lay, our mouths locked ours arms holding each other so tightly we were as one.  I fucked him slowly, slowly, slowly, until the buildup was so intense I had to gasp.  He held me even tighter as my second climax, so much greater than the first, burst from deep within the base of me.  I felt my balls contract then pour a seemingly unending load of my spunk far inside him.  We slept again until about five o'clock in the morning when I fucked him for the third time.  This time he shot a load so immense I thought he would never stop.  Mine was buried within but I knew it was monumental as well.  We both woke again about eight o'clock and my cock was still hard as I drew it out of him.  

"You're the horniest monster I think I've ever met," he whispered as he saw my erection.  

"And you're the only monster I want to be with," I said.  

We lay entwined for about another hour until he said we'd better get up or we would be disturbed by the bedder who was due at ten to clear up the room.  Of course, the washing facilities were primitive but we made ourselves presentable and I packed up my possessions and got ready to leave.  After all that slow, relentless activity I was absolutely starving.  Paul grinned when I told him and said he'd planned our day, starting with a late breakfast.  As I handed in my key at the Porter's Lodge the Head Porter called out, "Mr Tanner, a letter from Dr Bell."  It was a formal offer of an Exhibition in Mathematics at the college on condition I passed the entrance exam.  It was all I could do from hugging Paul on the spot.  That day passed in a whirl.  First of all I 'phoned my parents to tell them the news.  Then even though it was the end of October Paul insisted we went on a punt on the Cam.  We looked at colleges, and ate and drank.  We watched the eights training and commented, sotto voce, on some of the nice bodies straining on the oars.  Paul pointed out one lad who he said had his eye on him and lived on the same staircase and, if I didn't mind, he might make a move himself.  I said I didn't like to be teased like that and said if I heard anything was happening I would personally castrate the pair of them.  

"Before or after?" asked Paul, digging me in the ribs.  

"While you were doing it," I said.  

I actually told him I trusted him and if he felt he wanted the lad he could.  I confessed that `The Six' were at it all the time.  He grinned and said he knew as Billy had written to say what a good friend I was.  Good for Billy, I thought.  He then added that I wasn't to neglect Billy and he and I could do as we liked because he knew I was also faithful to him.   

That night I was to spend in his room.  A bit more spacious than the one the night before.  I was introduced to several of his fellow inmates on the stairway, including the rather strapping young lad who we had seen rowing  that afternoon and no one seemed at all fazed about Paul having someone to stay.  Paul said no one bothered if you had a male friend to stay the night but girlfriends or `young ladies from the women's colleges' were not allowed!  

We had another slapup meal that evening, paid for by a very generous Dad who had pressed four five pound notes a tremendous sum  on me on Thursday evening when wishing me well.  We sat and chatted for a while when we got back to his room but soon we were undressing and without anything being said were head to cock on his bed.  His cock seemed even bigger than during the summer and he said the same thing about mine.  Perhaps we were both on a final growth spurt which I would have to check up with Gerry, his ruler and his charts.  We sucked each other off twice before settling down in bed.  Paul said he was so proud of me and wanted me to be happy and successful.  I knew with him and my other friends I couldn't go wrong.  

As we both got horny again I insisted he should fuck me.  His prick was bigger.  I needed quite a bit of lubrication even though I'd had Billy's thick monster in place on Wednesday.  Paul's was thick and long and he used it to raise me to heights of passion I wished would never end.   I wanted more and more of him and held him tight by squeezing my muscles as I felt his bush of hair brush against my tight balls.  My spunk squirted out as he relentlessly thrust his prick into my willing body.  He came in long, forceful spurts inside me soon after I had emptied myself with jets of warm spunk squirting right up over my face and onto the pillow beyond.  He fucked me again in the same intense way as dawn came and when he roused me at nine o'clock I didn't want to disentangle myself from his breathtaking clutches.  I broke down and wept and startled Paul who thought I must be unhappy about something.  I wasn't.  I was gloriously happy and they were tears of happiness.  I told him more about how sad Billy had been and Paul again said I must never neglect him and I agreed.  We parted at the bus station later that morning and I sat all the way, nearly missing my connection, pondering over the whole wonderful weekend.  

After arriving home to joyful parents I 'phoned Billy to tell him the news.  He couldn't ask me too much on the 'phone but said we would celebrate soon!  He also said he was spending a lot of time learning his lines.  Oh, dear, I thought, I'd better do the same.  The reason was we had parts in the school play to be performed in the last week of November.  It was "A Midsummer's Night's Dream"!  Appropriate for the start of winter?  Anyway, our head of English, Fergie Potter, had decided that this was the play to do as a) he wanted to perform it as in Elizabethan times with an allmale cast, and b) he wanted Billy as Bottom.  

Billy was always in the school play and this year was to be no exception.  Fergie said he would be perfect in the part.  Of course, this caused a bit of hilarity with our little clique as we said Billy was quite happy being `top' or `bottom' so it was an ideal part for him.  Kish was cast as Oberon and Gorgeous Gerry was to be Titania.  This caused even more merriment but he said it was an honour to be chosen and he would be able to shag Kish on stage in full view of the audience.  We pointed out that it was Bottom who did the shagging and Gerry said "Him as well!"   Varun was to be Puck and I was to be Snout the tinker with a chink in his wall.  Fergie was very adept at casting!  A set of statuesque twins, Richard and Christopher Tracey, in the First Year Sixth were cast as the two girls and Nads Conway, the Captain of Hockey, was an imperious Theseus.  Nads got his nickname not because of the size or shape of his organs but because, as a shy First Former, having heard the word used by someone and realising they were something unknown but anatomical, piped up in a Biology lesson and asked the master what were `gonads'.  He'd been Nads ever since and rumour had it even his mother referred to him in that way and only called him Leslie when she was annoyed with him.  

As rehearsals went on we found that Mee and Smye were drafted in as the `rude mechanicals'' attendants and Billy personally selected the sweetest of the First Years as Titania's little helpers.  A big surprise was that Gerry's Mum did the wigs and makeup and we all looked absolutely stunning.  Varun darted about the stage clad only in the smallest of loincloths and a broad smile, much to everyone's delight.  The performances were a huge success.  Billy brought the house down every evening.  His parents and mine were there for the first night and immediately booked for the last night as well.  

The next weekend we had a big match and Dad and Mum were booked to go down to see one of my sisters as her brat, Anthony David James Hanford, was to be six.  I detested the child, even though my sister had given him two of my names, as I thought he was very spoilt.  Daddy was a solicitor and also played Rugger but I always found him to be a pompous prat so, even though I always got on well with my sister and loved her dearly, I was glad of the excuse of the match not to go as well.  I think they were also secretly pleased as some sleeping space would have had to be found for a great hulk like me.  

I solved the problem of companionship for the weekend by getting Billy to stay with me.  He jumped at the chance and he decided he would also stay Friday night as well as Saturday night.  I told him as it was important that we won the match that he wasn't to tire me out on the Friday night and he certainly wasn't going to be exhausted either.  He merely winked and said "Just wait, me lad!"  

Well, Friday night wasn't a problem as we both agreed once was enough so we had a very satisfactory sixtynine and then slept soundly.  It was a good job we had a good night's rest as the school team we played against were very good and very strong.  We were behind in the score right up to the last five minutes when one of our wings grabbed the ball, made a desperate run for the line and just made it as four or five of their lot piled on top of him.  It was up to me to convert.  Not too bad, a slight angle and I just made it.  We won, by one point.  Billy was so pleased he thumped everyone on the back to congratulate them and, good sport as he was, commiserated with the Captain of the other side.  

It had been a tough game and all of us were full of aches and pains so when Billy and I arrived home we had to daub each other with embrocation.  Billy was in a skittish mood so I had to watch where he was rubbing the stuff as I certainly didn't want any near my knackers.  I threatened retribution if he even accidentally anointed any sensitive part of my anatomy.  He had an evil grin on his face all the time so I wondered what he had planned for later.  

I left him in charge of getting the table laid while I took Mum's car to the fish and chip shop.  I got good helpings again as the lad was serving that night as well.  He grinned this time and didn't blush  I nearly suggested he might like to come round after he'd finished as a nice present for Billy, but thought better of it!  Anyway, when I got back home again Billy had set out everything immaculately.  We had fish and chips and a bottle of Dad's best Chardonnay, an excellent mixture for a boys' evening in, and after washing up went straight upstairs to bed.  It was only half past eight!  

We had another shower, mainly to get rid of the stink of wintergreen.  In any case if I was going to use my tongue on Billy I didn't want to be lapping up the remains of a liberal application of Sloan's Liniment.  I needn't have worried.  As soon as we got back to the bedroom I was Rugby tackled and dumped on the bed with Billy kneeling over me holding my arms out so I couldn't retaliate.  Then he started licking.  Under my chin, a number one turn on for me.  I squirmed and threw my head back and moaned.   Billy's tongue then went on a lightning tour of all my erogenous zones, stopping briefly on lips, nipples, armpits, navel, up and down my ribs and then lapping at my more than horny dong.  He let go of my arms but I just kept them spread out as he continued, never stopping long at any point, while I, to coin a phrase, lapped it up!  Somehow he had managed to get some Vaseline on his fingers as next thing I knew he was sucking my cock and inserting the first of three fingers into my hole.  He left my cock and licked up to my chest and attacked first, my right nipple, then, secondly, my left.  His second finger entered me and as he locked his lips on mine I felt myself being stretched by his third finger.  

He finger and tonguefucked me for several minutes.  I was nearly on the verge of cumming without him touching my shaft.   He lifted his head.  

"I promised you when I came to see you when I was all upset that I would fuck you rigid, so it's tonight, Jamie, `Be Prepared!'  

With that he lay over me between my legs.   I automatically lifted them and put them over his shoulders.  I was ready and waiting.  Not for long though.  I felt his ohsohard rod press straight on my still open hole as his fingers were withdrawn.  I pushed down as the whole of his knobend plunged into me.  I gasped.  Not with pain but the suddenness of it.  He stopped a moment and stuck his tongue into my open mouth.  Then with slight thrusts I felt his whole thick length enter me completely.  We lay still, our tongues battling for supremacy, our unfocussed eyes staring fixedly at each other.  Very gently, his hips began to move and his prick was withdrawn and pushed back just a tiny amount.  Each time he moved it was so positioned that my inner gland was rubbed.  In return I was keeping the same rhythm squeezing his cock with my butt muscles and trying not to scream out in ecstasy.  

We kept this up for what seemed like ages until Billy withdrew his tongue and whispered, "Oh my God, I'm gonna come!"  

He quickened up his thrusts although the movement in and out remained the same.  He collapsed on top of me gasping for breath as he shot the most stupendous amount of spunk deep inside me.  He was still twitching as his belly rested on my dick and this was enough for me to shoot as well.  I produced loads of creamy spunk and I felt it gush up between us in warm surges.  His mouth met mine again and we breathed for each other, openmouthed, forcing the oxygen into each other's lungs.   We fell over sideways.  I still had his hefty dong in me and no sign that it was shrivelling.  I put my arms round him and we lay together still tonguing each other as we relaxed.  That is, we relaxed, not our cocks, as mine as well was still quite rigid.  

"Fuck me again, please, Billy," I whispered after about twenty minutes.  

He started the tiny hip movements again and I could feel his hairy bush tickling my balls.  He fucked me like this for the best part of an hour giving me the most wonderful feelings which sent the whole of my body into periodic frenzies where the internal, animal passions took over and I could not, and didn't want, to control them.  In essence, he was fucking me rigid.   I was so far gone I couldn't control even my voice or the noises I was making and when I shot my second load I just gave vent to the most horrendous howl.  Billy immediately clamped his mouth over mine again and speeded up his thrusts and within a minute also howled as his second charge of hot cum filled me even more.  

As he lay panting I watched his tightly closed eyes.  There was a stream of tears running down his face onto his nose and down his cheek.  I licked his salty tears and whispered, "Are you OK, Billy?"  

"Oh yes," he murmured, "I'm so happy, being here but I want to do my best in the future."  

I asked him what he meant.  A serious talk with your best friend's thick cock still gouging out a massive chasm in your internal arrangements might seem not quite what one wanted.  But, Billy was both happy and concerned.  I clasped him even tighter.  

"Tell me, Billy," I said, nuzzling his cheek.  

"I don't know what to do.  I'm leaving school next year and I don't know what to do," he said almost plaintively.  

I giggled, perhaps unadvisedly.  

"Don't repeat yourself, Billy,"   I said reprovingly, "What would you like to do?  Think of what you're good at."  

"Don't know," he said, haltingly, "I like History and I like acting."  

"Well," I said, "Think about those then."  

I wanted more of Billy than his worries at the moment.  We could talk about such things in the privacy of the school not in the privacy of my bed.  He lapsed into silence so I took the initiative.  

"Come on, Billy, let's go and have a shower and then it's my turn."  

He flashed me the evil grin again.  

"Fucked you rigid and now it's your turn, eh?  What are you going to do?"  

"Wait and see!"  

With that I moved sideways and Billy's still halferect cock slid out.  I knew I was wellfilled with his spunk and  luckily I'd put a large towel down on the bed.  I clenched my buttocks and made for the bathroom.  I sat on the loo and expelled Billy's outpourings.  He came and stood in front of me, laughing as I strained.  

"Come on, Jamie, you've got to wash all your spunk off my chest."  

I looked down and saw I was also liberally coated with the drying remains of my creamy outbursts.  I stood up.  

"And you've got to clean me up, too!"  

We went into the shower and soaped each as the hot water cascaded down.  Billy gently cleaned me internally with his fingers and I started to get another hardon.  

"Bloody hell, Jamie," he exclaimed, "You've only just come twice and you're wanting it again."  

"Wait until I get you into bed," I threatened.  

"But I'm hungry," riposted Billy.  

"We'll raid the fridge and then watch out, I'm randy as hell!"  

Billy grabbed a towel and dried himself rapidly and then threw me the towel.  Next thing he was haring down the stairs in the nude and I heard the fridge open and close.  I put the towel over my shoulders after I'd dried myself and sauntered downstairs.  Billy was sitting at the kitchen table, a large sandwich in one hand and his cock in the other.  

"Want a bit?" he asked.  

"Of what?"  


I grabbed at the sandwich, which he handed over and I took a bite.  

"Now make your own," he instructed, "Or you don't have my body!"  

I laughed and prepared another couple of sandwiches, one of which Billy wolfed down together with about a pint of orange squash.  He burped loudly, slapped me on the back.  

"Second course upstairs, eh?"  
After we got back into bed, lying on a clean towel, it was my turn to start the ball rolling.  Actually I started the balls rolling as I felt down between us and took Billy's pendulous young bollocks in my left hand and hefted them so they bounced one after the other in my palm.  My right hand found a nipple which I began to caress gently with a wetted fingertip.  Billy was now the one to moan and groan.  I had located where he'd put the Vaseline so I rescued it and dipped my fingers into it and moved from his balls to between his legs.  He parted his legs and drew his knees up slightly.  My first finger entered him very easily and he moaned louder.  I began to be a bit more rough on his nipple and pushed a second finger in and then a third and as his mouth opened I stuck my tongue in so our opening manoeuvre was almost repeated, now with me in charge.  My cock was now fully erect so I rolled on top of him and pointed the head at his pucker.  I thrust forward and went up to the hilt in one slow, forceful lunge.  

I wanted to fuck him so badly I couldn't wait.  My body and cock took over as I pulled almost out and pushed in fully getting faster and faster accompanied by fullthroated cries from Billy.  

"Fuck me, Jamie, harder, harder, go on, fuck me!"  

I speeded up and my movements were so intense I felt the sweat streaming down off my neck and between my pecs.  Billy kept up the litany of exhortations until with my ramrod going at full throttle I felt the spunk somewhere below my balls begin to boil up and I shot another full load, this time fully and deeply inside Billy.  

Billy's pleas changed as I inhaled and leaned up.  

"Wank me, wank me, please, please, wank me, quick, quick,.........!"  

I grabbed his thick cock and pulled his foreskin back and wrenched the skin down as far and as roughly as I could.  

He screamed "AHHHHHHHH......!"  

Then as I pulled down even harder, "More, more, I want more," he wheezed through gritted teeth.  

I gave him more.  I used as much force as I dared and my fist was gripping so hard and flying so fast I wondered if I might injure him.  

There was a final "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH" from Billy and a huge fountain of spunk flew straight up in the air from his slit.  I swear it must have gone upwards at least three feet.  He wasn't only the highest pisser but, I bet, he would have broken allcomers' records for the high jump in spunk!  The stream of pearly cum sploshed down onto his chest.  He grabbed my hand to stop me beating his meat.  

"Oh Christ, Jamie, that's never been so good.  How did you do that?  Oh God, I want that again, but not now!"  

He put his arms up and, this time, I was grabbed and bonded to him, with his load of spunk.  I was still hard as iron and rammed right up inside him.  We rolled onto our sides and fell asleep.  

I woke up gradually at about one o'clock.  The light was still on and Billy was snoring quietly.  My still firm prick was trapped inside Billy.  I inched my way out and all Billy did was grunt in his sleep.  I went to the bathroom and washed my cock and the dried cum off my chest.  I crept back into bed, switched the light out and spooned myself against Billy's broad back, my arm over his chest, and slept the sleep of the innocent.     

In the morning  I woke first and went downstairs and brewed up a pot of tea and took it back upstairs.  I woke Billy up slowly with nuzzles and kisses and he looked rather startled when he opened his eyes.  

"Oh God, Jamie," he said, with some relief, "I wondered where I was."   He stretched his arms up.  "Come back to bed for a moment I want to tell you how I feel."  

In the next few minutes Billy poured his heart out, he was so happy to have such good friends and never wanted us all to part.  When he had finished, without saying anything, we moved around and sucked each other off, slowly and sensuously until we had both come pouring our friendship offerings into each other's open and willing throats.  After we had shared spunk on our tongues I poured the still hot tea and we sat up in bed like `an old married couple' as Billy said and tried to decide what we would do for the rest of the day.  Decisions, decisions.  The first one we took was at ten o'clock when Billy's hand reached for my prick and he gently wanked me to my fifth climax since last evening.  The feelings in my cock and balls were terrific even if, this time, my outflow was rather limited.  Naturally, I had to give Billy the same and he came, like me, to an almost dry culmination.  We lay huddled together until almost eleven when hunger got the better of Billy so we showered once again, this time got dressed and went and scoffed cereals and toast and marmalade.

Being good lads and even better students we settled down and did a couple of hours work before I stuck the two prepared dinners from the freezer into the oven.  As appropriate celebration of our
overwhelming sexual prowess we had two glasses of sherry each before dinner and, after, nodded off on the settee, replete.  I drove Billy home at six and returned to clean up and do more homework.  What a wonderful weekend!