Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

Chapter Five - How the Next Year Went  

I wrote my thankyou letters and towards the end of Easter week I had a letter from Frankie.  He said the night we left he supervised the younger lads' bath and nothing was said about the morning's adventures.  A bit later he crept along to their room and the door was just ajar.  He said they were both in the bottom bunk and he heard Duncan giving David a straight down the line sex lesson which was followed by both boys pulling each other's pud.  He heard David's gasp of astonishment when Duncan's load splashed over him.  He also heard David's whimpers of joy as he had two dry cums in succession.  On Easter Saturday, Frankie said his peace was shattered soon after he got into bed as the two youngsters slunk stealthily into his room and his bed where he was then used as an anatomical exhibit by Duncan to demonstrate the superior wadmaking and firing power of an older boy!  I wrote back pointing out that I expected his anatomy was examined first of all but it was his physiological processes which the boys had watched in action!!  

Frankie came to stay for two nights before he went back to Bristol for the Summer Term.  The first night in bed he said he was going to make me physiologically inactive for the next day.  He didn't quite manage it but I was pretty shattered after his ministrations.  He met Paul who hadn't yet gone back to Cambridge.  The second night after we had kissed, sucked and fucked each other a couple of times and felt rather exhausted we lay back in my bed just holding hands.  

"You really love Paul, don't you?" he asked.  

I said I did and that I'd adored him as far back as I had known him.  

"He loves you too," Frankie said, "He asked me this afternoon how I felt about you and he said he could never be jealous as he wanted the best for you always."  

While I lay digesting this he continued, "I love you too but I've met someone at Bristol who is just like your Paul with you.  He's in his Second Year this year and we do love each other very much."  He squeezed my hand.  "We're going to share a flat next year and you'll have to come and see us.  His name's Tom and he's reading Music and he wants to meet you too."  

 Both of the FifthYears, David and Charley, became firm friends and joined Gerry and us others at times for further explorations which were enhanced even more with the visit of JeanPierre and Albert at summer halfterm.  I was able to arrange that Sean and Aidan could came and stay with me for the whole of their summer holiday as their parents were still abroad.  As my room was pretty big we moved a single bed in as well but almost all the time we slept as a threesome in my doublebed and just rumpled the other in case Mum thought of entering my sanctum.  I was rather amused when tidying the bed on the second morning to find a collection of discarded black and ginger pubic hairs on the bottom sheet after our rather hectic session the night before.  A good job it was my task to make my bed each day as there were other telltale signs as the week progressed before I changed the sheets.    

Aidan, Sean and I went off to France to stay with the French lads at their grandmother's house for two weeks in August.  So, what with the Irish, the French and me, the English, in that house all at once there was some heavy rivalry in all sorts of comparisons.  I, the solitary Englishman, had over the past year overtaken both JeanPierre and Aidan on one important aspect of growth and won easily now on length of prick and also, as before, on amount of cum produced but the others all had individual attributes of an impressive nature.  Young Sean came the quickest every time, young Albert came the most daily a spectacular six times two days in a row , Aidan had the biggest and hairiest balls, but we were all beaten soundly in the distance competition by JeanPierre who shot a foot more than even my best ever.  We awarded him an imitation gold medal in the Wanking Olympics for that tremendous squirt!  We met up again with Armand, the goatboy, now seventeen and quite grown.  Our afternoon hour each day with him now meant there were six of us in full heat and wanting satisfaction.  He didn't disappoint us and we certainly didn't disappoint him!  

 On the Monday before my final school year started there was a 'phone call from the Head Beak's secretary.  Would I be available to see Dr Morrison the next day at two o'clock?   I said I would, wondering what on earth I had done wrong.  The Headmaster was a rather aloof figure and one was rarely sent for unless in dire trouble.  I cycled to school and was standing outside the Head's study at the appointed time.  I knocked and entered.  Dr Morrison wanted to know what sort of summer I'd had and having heard that I had been to France started to speak in French and was quite pleased with my responses.  He then said I had done extremely well in the end of term exams and he had spoken to the Maths tutor at one of the Cambridge colleges and arranged an interview for me in October.  Then came the bombshell!  He said would I accept the position of Head Boy.  I stared somewhat goggleeyed.  I fully expected one of the ThirdYear Sixths to have got it.  But no, the staff had decided I should be asked.  He said that Kish and Gerry would be my deputies as joint Head Prefects and other than Prefects he and the staff had chosen I could choose the SubPrefects as I wished.  He handed me a list and I saw that both Charley Fawcett and David White were on it as full Prefects.  I thanked him profusely and then I saw the twinkle in his eye  he certainly wasn't the aloof figure now.  He said he'd heard I'd had a good influence on Mee and Smye.  Such a good influence that both had done well in their end of term exams and were being put in the fast stream for their Fifth Year.  He shook hands and I left the room in a daze.  

I was in rather a trance as I walked along the corridor towards the changingrooms and the usual way out to the bikesheds.  A burly figure came rushing out of the door as I turned in.  It was Billy.  He had the most incredible grin on his face.  He saw me and, although I was three inches taller than him and quite hefty, he picked me and swung me round, then kissed me full on the lips.  Luckily there was no one about!  

"Oh, Jamie," he burbled, "I'm to be fucking Captain of Rugby.  Just seen Podger and he's given me the news!"  

 Podger was our secret nickname for the Rugger master, the rather menacing hulk whom I had got to know as a superb teacher and trainer.  Billy was almost dancing with joy.  

"He said I could have whoever I liked for ViceCaptain, what about Charley?" he asked.  

 I nodded and murmured "I suppose so."  

Then he looked quizzically at me.  

"Why are you here?" he demanded.  

"I've just been to see the Boss, I'm to be Head Boy!" I said quietly, savouring every word.  

Billy grabbed me again and landed me a really smacking kiss this time.  

"Oh, Jamie, congratulations, wonderful fucking news!"  

I kissed him back and said, with equal feeling, "Same to you, Billy, I'm so proud for you!"  

We broke apart.  He gripped me by the arm.  

"Come on, let's go and tell Gerry the news."    

 On the way I filled him in with the rest of what the Head had said that Kish and Gerry were to be my deputies and also about Smye and Mee's change of behaviour and luck.  Billy said he was sure Charley would be a fucking good ViceCaptain and I agreed.  Although Billy was a good Methodist, but not so rigid as his father, his language at times was a bit ripe, never more so than on the field when telling the scrum to get their `fucking heads down and fucking puu..sh!'  I assumed he just used that language when he was excited.  And, boy, he was excited now!  By the time we'd got through all this and he'd calmed down a bit we'd arrived at Gerry's.  As we parked our bikes round the side of the house Billy pointed at a bike already there.  

"That's Charley's, isn't it?"  

I nodded and whispered that we'd go in quietly.  By this time in our friendship Gerry had issued Billy, Kish and me with our own Yale keys to the door into the basement.  I quietly opened the door and we went into the small, separate hall.  There were low lights on in the main room as the curtains were drawn and a record was playing rather more quietly than normal.  We went through into the main room but there was no one there.  Then we heard sounds from the back of the room where Gerry had his bedroom.  There were unmistakable sounds of grunting and exertion.  We crept forward stealthily until we could peek through the halfopen door.  The sounds were getting louder and as we stepped into the room there was Charley lying on his back on the bed with his legs over Gerry's shoulders with Gerry thrusting his cock back and forth in Charley's arse.   Both were quite oblivious to our entry.  Charley had his eyes tight shut and his mouth was open and he was grunting and urging Gerry to fuck him hard.  Gerry's breath was whistling through his nose as he had his mouth tight shut and he was staring fixedly at the body beneath him.  

 Without a word and as silently as possible Billy and I shucked off all our clothes and stood and watched as Gerry started to increase his in and out movements and then yelped loudly as he climaxed.  He steadied himself over Charley and grabbed his cock and in moments we were rewarded with the sight of  Charley's load splashing up over his chest   Billy and I clapped.  The pair couldn't really move as Charley was still impaled on Gerry's prick.  

 "Christ Almighty, I might have known you'd turn up!" Gerry panted.  

Charley was too far into the aftermath of sexual exertion to be able to say anything but he did smile weakly.  I, for one, didn't know Gerry was in the habit of ploughing young Charley.  

 "Good show boys," said Billy, almost avuncular in his tone.  "Congratulations to the pair of you, a fucking good show, if I might say so.  But we bring you glad tidings, to you, Gerry, as Joint Head Prefect and to you, Charley, as ViceCaptain of Rugger as well as a Prefect!"  He paused while both boys looked at him openmouthed.  "And, when you prise yourselves apart," he said even more portentously, pointing at me, "This is your new Head Boy and I..." Here he grabbed at Gerry's shoulders and started to pull him off Charley and almost shouted with glee,  "....And I'm the new fucking Captain of Rugby and I'm going to fuck my new fucking ViceCaptain!"  

 Billy's hefty tool was now rampantly rigid.  Gerry slid off the bed and Billy took his place.  

"Are you ready lad?" he asked a seraphically smiling Charley.  

"Oh, please Cap, fuck me really hard!"  

Billy grabbed the hand lotion on the bedside table and liberally applied it to his pole.  He knelt nearer to Charley, leaned down and bestowed a kiss on his lips.  They stayed glued like that for almost a minute until Charley bent his legs right up and Billy stationed his knob end right on Charley's just open pucker.  With about three pushes and accompanying whimpers from Charley, Billy was completely accommodated inside Charley.  They lay still as Charley's own tool began to lengthen and harden.  Then Billy started a gentle movement with just an inch or two of his cock emerging from Charley's hole.  He kept this movement up for about two minutes then sunk down on Charley with a great sigh.  

"You've sucked the spunk out of me that time," he murmured, "That was great!"  

  He extracted his still hard cock from Charley who looked over to me and smiled and said.  "I want you as well, Jamie.  Celebrate with me, please."   I did.  

We washed up and dressed and sat and went over the news a dozen times.  In the end I said I'd better get home and 'phone Kish and tell him and also call in on Dave White who lived not far from me with his news.  Both were over the moon.  Then when I told Dad he immediately said I could take my friends to the best restaurant in the district on Wednesday to celebrate.  I made up the guest list:  Paul, of course, who'd been to America the whole summer on a debating tour and had only just arrived back, my three old friends Billy, Kish, Gerry, and finally, the two new friends, Charley and Dave.  We had a marvellous evening at the Italian restaurant and went through the menu.  Even Billy could eat no more!  What a way to start the new school year!  

The first day back at school was very hectic.   As Head Boy I had to organise the new Prefects' lists of duties and appoint the SubPrefects with Gerry and Kish's advice.  There was a note from Dr Morrison saying that as the school was increasing in size I could appoint eight Subs instead of the usual six.  There had always been a bit of friction because more Subs usually came from the fast stream Fifth Year.  I decided on four and four, equally divided between the two streams.  In fact, I put Mee and Smye down on the list although they had only just gone into the fast stream.  A few eyebrows were raised but after the first couple of days everything worked smoothly and by the middle of the term they were even more changed characters.  

While I had been away Mum had tidied my room and had made a heap of outgrown clothes.  She wanted to know what I wanted to do with them especially old sports clothing.  There were rugger shorts and shirts as well as gym and running shorts plus the old jockstrap Paul had given me.  I had graduated to a new one as I had grown quite a bit over the year.  I thought of Varun and asked Kish if he would like my castoffs.  He grinned and said he would be delighted as it was his fourteenth birthday the next Monday.  I invited Kish and Varun to tea on Saturday as a prebirthday celebration.  As it was the first Saturday of term we didn't have a game and I knew Billy and Gerry were doing other things.  Mum and Dad were going out as usual so they didn't join us for tea as they were having a Masonic Dinner so we scoffed all the laidout goodies and said cheerio about seven.   

Varun seemed a bit overawed at first and listened as I told them about my trip to France at least without the interesting bits.  After my parents went off  I told Varun I'd got some things for him upstairs so we three trooped up to my room.  He was over the moon to think he was going to have my things.  He said he'd always had Kish's but he wouldn't mind more.  I pointed out a pair of rugger shorts and a shirt which I thought would fit him and said he could have the gym shorts and running shorts as well.  Lastly, I picked up the jockstrap and said it had been Paul's and explained how I had got it and told him if he was to have it he had to promise to get a place in the First XV like Kish and me.  I also added he could only have it if it fitted.  He looked over at Kish who said very solemnly he'd better try the things on to see if they did fit.  He rather shyly took his shoes off.  Kish said he'd better try the shirt first so he took his jacket off slowly and undid the buttons on his shirt looking at Kish all the time.  

 "Come on, slowcoach," Kish said, reaching out and unhooking the shirt from the boy's shoulders.  

I noticed as Varun reached out for the shirt on the bed he had a small tuft of black hair in his armpit.  The shirt was a good fit.  

"Come on," Kish reiterated, "Get your trousers off!"  

Varun undid his trousers and stepped out of them.  

"If you want the jockstrap you'll have to take your pants off as well," said Kish.  

Varun hesitated, looked at the jockstrap, then at his brother and hoiked down his pants and stepped out of them.  For a kid just on fourteen he had a nicesized cock which drooped down below the hem of the shirt and his balls were a fair size as well and hung quite loose.  Just as I remembered his brother at that age.  Varun bent over and reached for the jockstrap.  

Kish said, "Let me help you."  

He took the jockstrap from the boy and pulled up the shirt as Varun stepped into the elastic thongs.  I could then see he also had quite a bush of jet black hair haloed round his cock.   Kish pulled the waistband up the boy's legs and fitted it round his very trim stomach.  It was slightly too big for him, but no matter as his young balls and prick settled well in the pouch.   Kish twisted him round so he could see himself in my fulllength wardrobe mirror.  Oh, ho!  As he looked at himself  I could see his prick stirring, then becoming stiffer.   He looked up at Kish's reflection in the mirror then at mine.  I just grinned at him and winked.  

"Nothing new," I said, "It happens to all of us, all the time, doesn't it Kish?"  

"Too true!" said his brother who then grabbed at the rapidly expanding rod, "He's quite big for his age, too, don't you think?.  Want to have a look?"  

Varun tried to prise himself from Kish's grip but Kish deftly yanked down the waistband leaving Varun's solid young phallus exposed.  The kid didn't know what to do.  Kish just pulled down on the rigid shaft about four or five times and the kid gasped and shot his load.  Luckily, all over a white gym vest on the bed.  

"Bit premature, isn't he?" said Kish laughing, "But the little sod's been primed up all afternoon.  He had a hardon all through tea, didn't you?"  

He tweaked Varun's ear.  Poor Varun, he looked quite bewildered for a moment.  He stared at me looking as if he wanted to run for cover.  

"Crumbs, Varun," I said, "I've never come as quick as that!  My quickest must be about thirty strokes."  

Varun's jaw dropped.  He still hadn't said a word.  

"And your brother takes ages sometimes, eh, Kish?"  

He laughed.  "We'd better see," he said, kicking off his shoes and whipping off his other clothes in double quick time.  "And you, " he commanded, indicating me as he cast off his trousers and pants and stood in just his socks and wristwatch.  

Varun's jaw was still in the open mouth situation as I quickly divested myself of my clothes and stood next to Kish.  I was now 6 foot 1 inch and Kish was a couple of inches shorter so we looked very alike with my summer tan and his light brownness .  We also matched as our dicks rose simultaneously to full mast.  I was a bit longer than him at near enough seven inches, but he was thicker.  Varun gave a gasp as a drop of precum appeared at the tip of my knob.  

 "Get yours off,"  Kish instructed his brother.  

Varun was no slouch as he pulled off the shirt and stepped out of the jockstrap.  His cock also rose and stood a proud four and a half inches.  Varun's eyes were fixed on my cock.  Next moment he was no longer the hesitant schoolboy because he had stepped forward and his mouth was fixed on my cock.   In a second or two he had licked over the end of my knob just poking out of my foreskin, then he'd opened his mouth and pushed down taking my foreskin down so my knob was free.  He slurped and sucked like a mad thing with my shaft finally almost fully engulfed in his hot mouth.  I began to pant as the feelings mounted up behind my balls.  Within a minute I could feel myself  begin to unload.  

I whispered, "Watch it, lad, unnnnnh, I'm coming."  

My prick rammed into his mouth as I coated his tonsils with several spurts of spunk.  He swallowed noisily but still kept my shaft in his mouth.  I felt his tongue lick round it.  I moved back a bit and my semierect rod was withdrawn.  I was panting even more trying to get my breath back.  I heard Kish give a gasp as the lad first enveloped my dick but he stood and watched until my prick emerged from the lad's mouth.  

"You've done that before, eh?   Who taught you that?" he quizzed his brother, "We've never done that!"  

 Varun looked up at him and spoke for the first time.  "We have now!"  

With that he latched onto his brother's rigid dick which had a liberal dribble of precum oozing from the slit and did the same as he had just done to me.  As he sucked greedily I knelt down and caught hold of his prick and wanked him as fast as I could.  Kish and he shot off almost together with Varun's second load of cum trickling down his brother's hairy legs.  

 Varun swallowed Kish's spunk and it was my turn to question him once both he and his brother got their breath back.  

 "If it wasn't Kish, who was it?" I asked.  

"Tony Smye," he said quietly.  "He did it to me first then I did it to him and then Peter Mee for practice.  They said they wouldn't mind doing it to you but I got there first, didn't I?"  

 He smiled and turned to his brother.  "Sorry, Kish, I would have done it to you first but I waited for Jamie."  

It was the first time he'd used my first name.  I suppose when you are only a Third or Fourth Year bug a  Sixth Former is too lofty to have a name  

 Kish guffawed.  "My little brother holding out on me like that.  I'm a good mind to tan your arse but you're too precious for that."  

I moved over and put an arm round both.  "That was really wonderful, Varun, I'm glad you practised first though.  I don't like getting bitten!"  

Varun looked up at me.  "Oh, I practised lots more times with Robin Jones round at his house."  

It turned out that Robin Jones was  in Varun's form and Varun and he had compared cocks and prowess when Varun had met up with him early in the Summer vac.  Once the terrible pair had initiated Varun into the joys of sucking the two youngsters had practised at every opportunity after that.  After we had got cleaned up and dressed we sat on my bed and Varun was all questions, mostly very personal ones, and I think Kish and I were very honest in our answers.  We told him about some of our adventures and  I said a bit more about my summer and filled in some of the interesting bits which I had left out before.  We also stressed  the importance of having one or two close friends, like his pal Robin and the two reformed reprobates.  Then I remembered, Robin was in our Scout Troop, but I hadn't encountered him.  Varun smiled when I told him I thought I knew him.  

"Robin knows you, he thinks your brilliant!  And you're getting your Queen's Scout Award soon, aren't you?"   

I nodded and chuckled to myself remembering the list of unlikely badges the Scouts could award which three of us Patrol Leaders had devised one wet Saturday at camp.  They included  "Peter Pulling", "WadFiring" and "Dick Watching", all of which I could have added to my collection.  

 The next Monday Kish said he'd had a very tiring Saturday night and Sunday.  Varun had insisted on more practice several times using me as `I bet Jamie would want it again' material.  In the end on Sunday evening after his parents had gone out he had tied Varun to the bed and wanked him solidly for nearly two hours with about five minutes in between each new squirting..  He thought that might quieten the little sexfiend down a bit.  Tuesday morning Kish looked even more worn out.  Apparently, the little imp had wanted to be tied down again and threatened to scream blue murder if Kish didn't do the same as Sunday evening.  "My bloody arm aches, the little bastard!"  We devised a plan as Varun was now in the Junior XV who practised on Tuesday afternoons after school and some of us in the First XV helped coach them.  We decided to make the little bugger run his arse off the whole fortyfive minutes of the practice.  We did too, with his suckbuddy Robin who was also in the squad.  We thought we would make the  pair of them too tired even to raise a finger let alone put it to their cocks that night.  

Kish on Wednesday morning was dying to tell me something from the moment he saw me leave my bike in the sheds.  

 He motioned me over and whispered, "No good, all that exercise only made the little sod even more randy.  He jacked himself off at least four times in bed after I said I was too tired after the practice.  In the end I had to tell him to do it more quietly as he was keeping me awake.  Then this morning he was at it again and stood by my bed and shot his load all over me!  I grabbed him and smacked his bare arse a couple of times but all he said was `that was nice' and asked would I do that again to him tonight!"  

We had a laugh and I said he'd better get the terrible pair onto him for more regular servicing!  

I hadn't seen Paul at all until the night of the dinner because of his trip to the States.  However, my parents went off for a fortnight in Spain on the Monday after Varun and Kish's visit so Paul moved in `to look after me' and his mother supplied the food.  If Kish was worn out each night with Varun's requests Paul and I spent each night catching up on lost time.  He gave me four magazines he'd brought back, `illegally through Customs' as he told me, which were my first introduction to the even more overtly male versions of mags like  Playboy which were at the time surreptitiously passed from boy to boy at school as wank material.  The pictures in these American publications  gave Paul and me many visual aids to our activities.  He confessed that he had found San Francisco to be the best place he's ever been to and had been taken to a couple of rather exclusive bathhouses where his Englishness was a great hit.  He slyly said his other attribute was also a great hit and he was determined to go back again once he'd finished his degree.  Although we didn't discuss it in detail I realised that although we still were the best of friends and I loved him dearly, he, at least, wanted to experience as much as possible.    

The game on the Saturday at the end of the first week Paul was staying with me was close fought.  It was against our main rivals and they were bi....g!  I thought poor old Billy was going to be mashed but he got our scrum to give back everything their lot threw at us, even a few punches in the tight mauls.  Both he and our other prop ended up with black eyes but all three of their front row finished with bruises meeting other bruises.  We managed to draw and all was forgotten once we got into the showers where they regaled us with numerous verses of `Four and twenty virgins'.   Kish, Gerry and I had to massage Billy all over when we got to Gerry's cellar afterwards and Kish and I told the others about Varun and his exploits.  Of course, that led to a practice session all round and as we finished that I said they were all invited round to my house for a fish and chip supper as Paul would be there feeling lonely.  

After arriving at mine and chewing the fat for about an hour I was dispatched in Mum's car to get the supper.  I loaded up with five large pieces of cod, five double portions of chips and five of the biggest pickled wallies in the jar on the counter.  I got extra scoops with the chips as the lad who served me was in the Fifth Form and the Scouts and he blushed a bit when I thanked him and winked at him as I left as we'd had a wank together once on a Scout camp as we had shared a tent.  
When I got back and parked the car in the garage I found there had been developments.  Billy had decided we were to have a Roman toga party.  He and Kish had raided the laundry cupboard and the spare room and the four of them were attired in elegant togas from the bed sheets they had found.  Paul had made some laurel wreaths for our brows from the shrub in the back garden while Gerry had raided my father's rather extensive drinks cabinet and was busily mixing up a series of cocktails.  I was shown graphically that togas were worn `au naturel' so I scooted upstairs, stripped off, wound my sheet round me, put a wreath on my head and descended regally being greeted by the four of them at the bottom of the stairs with raised glasses of some weird and wonderful concoction of Gerry's.  The fish and chips went down very well, our throats lubricated by at least four different cocktail mixtures.  Gerry presented Billy with the biggest wally.  A long, thick, green, wrinkled and knobbly one, dripping with brown pickling vinegar, which he warned Billy was just like his cock would look when he caught the pox.  Billy's response was that Gerry had better watch it or he would experience the wally in the place where he, Billy, would probably catch the pox!    

As we finished eating I looked over at Kish who was sitting in one of the easy chairs, glassy eyed, his wreath at a rakish angle, with a tumbler of dubious coloured liquid in his hand.  He was as pissed as a newt.  I wasn't too far behind and Billy, whose strict, teetotal upbringing precluded imbibing strong liquor, was sitting on the floor at Kish's feet also looking slightly the worse for wear.  Only Paul and Gerry, who had kept up and probably surpassed us in the supping stakes, looked at all, shall we say, normal.  We all sat and contemplated the universe silently for quite a while, Gerry getting up to replenish our glasses at least twice more.   I noticed, rather foggily, that he and Paul had silly grins on their faces but then the orgy started.  Paul chose Billy and Gerry went over to Kish.  The two of them  were laid on heir backs on the floor with their togas rucked up exposing their finery.  Paul passed Gerry a tube of KY jelly and the pair of them liberally applied the unguent to the puckers of their not unwilling Roman slaves.  By this time both Billy and Kish also had silly grins and raised their legs as Paul and Gerry went for their targets.  

I wasn't in a particularly fit state to participate although I soon got my usual hardon.  However, Paul's arse looked too inviting as he inched his way into Billy.  I stood up and found I could move about more steadily than I thought.  I picked up the tube and applied the jelly to my rigid shaft and aimed for Paul.   He wasn't expecting it but as soon as I pushed on his bud he gasped and I was in.  That first fuck must have lasted at least fifteen minutes or so, perhaps because of  the slowing effects of the alcohol.  Neither Billy nor Kish came that time but we three others all shot our loads.  After that we all lay on the floor for some time and then, perhaps, with the fuel from the alcohol and the calories from the fish and chips we set off on a marathon bacchanalia.  Billy must have had some inner spark set off by that first fuck.  He was Chief Centurion as well as Captain of Rugby after that and choreographed the action for the rest of the night.  To put it mildly there were set scrums, loose mauls, up and unders, touch downs, balls in and out, all of which  continued unabated with Billy, stripped of his toga but still with his laurel wreath on his head, directing every move until exhausted we staggered up to the two beds in my room about 4 a.m. and slept soundly for several hours.  

I was sandwiched between Paul and Gerry and it was only Paul stirring about half past ten which finally woke me.   I surfaced from a deep sleep dripping with sweat, dried cum on my belly and chest and a dull ache in my nether regions.  I heard Paul stagger to the bathroom and the water running in the shower made me realise if I didn't get up quickly Gerry would have a warm and wet awakening.  I joined Paul under the shower after pissing my heart out.  We soaped each other and dried each other off as the other three drifted, bleary eyed and groaning, into the bathroom and under the cool water now coming from the shower.   Poor Billy looked the most shellshocked.  Not only were his black eyes now really obvious but his eyeballs had a red film over them and his acne was livid tokening a night of misspent youth.  I stuck a tentative finger to feel my rather sore ring and mused that a good deal of Billy's youthful spunk  had been spent up there somewhere during the night.  Kish was holding his head and moaning that he wondered where the little man was who was banging his brain with a hammer.  

Gerry said he knew how to cure that with the hair of the dog that bit him.  He dropped to his knees in front of Kish and began to suck his drooping dick.  It didn't droop long, it stood up long and sturdy very quickly and within moments all five of us were on the bathroom floor in a circle, each sucking noisily on the next lad's rod.  Even with the number of times we'd come during the night we all came again quite quickly and Gerry said it was the best breakfast he'd ever had even if he'd never had an Indian at that time before.  I and Billy held him down while Kish got his own back for that corny crack by tickling him unmercifully.  Paul said he'd better get dressed and he would see what he could rustle up for lunch.  He disappeared off next door and soon came back saying his mother and father had invited us all to lunch at half past one.  We four than staggered back to my room and clutched each other and rested for another hour before getting up and dressing and making ourselves presentable.  I reminded Kish and Billy to 'phone their parents to tell them they had been invited out to lunch!    

Mr Phillips had a sly grin on his face as we trooped in through the back door.  He didn't comment other than raising his eyebrows as the battered and bruised Billy entered.  I wondered if he had an inkling of our capers as he gave me quite a slap on the bum as I passed him which made me wince.  We were hungry.  Luckily Mrs Phillips had experience of feeding Paul and me so she had cooked Yorkshire puddings, a mountain of roast spuds and tureens of other veggies to go with the roast beef.  Mr Phillips brought out a couple of bottles of wine which he said couldn't be drunk by any teetotallers present so he'd better have their share.  All supped the wine which went down very nicely.  Apple pie and custard rounded off the meal and after sitting recovering for about half an hour we lads went back through the hole in the hedge to my house.  Oh, God, the place stank of sweaty bodies, old fish and chips and a distinct aroma of orgy!  Paul and I opened windows and at six o'clock turfed the other three off to their respective homes.  There was no desire for more activity!  And I still had my Maths homework to do!!  

Monday morning I woke up very early with Paul beside me snoring gently.  I woke him gently by lifting the covers and taking his half erect cock into my mouth.  It wasn't long before we celebrated the dawn together by sixtynining and both coming most copiously considering all the outpourings over the weekend.  I got up, showered and went off to school.  Paul promised to clear the place up and get some supper ready.    

I had a couple of lessons with Dr Jackson who said to me after the second one that I had a particular flair for Maths and he would coach me specially for the Cambridge Entrance exams.  This pleased me mightily because I knew I liked Maths and could see solutions even if I didn't, at present, have enough techniques to reach them.  Other things happened that day too.  Billy and the other prop, with their battered visages, were objects of fear and wonderment to the younger boys.  In fact, Billy was doing his Prefectural patrol and found two Third Years tormenting a small, rotund, First Year at the back of the cricket pavilion.  He told me he `did a Jamie', telling the youngster to scoot and fixing the two miscreants with a menacing stare.  He did more than `a Jamie' because he told them first to bend over and administered four hefty whacks to their behinds, which he said not only brought tears to their eyes but it stung his hands as well.  He then told them to appear in rugger kit the next afternoon outside the Junior changingrooms with the Junior XV which he would be coaching.  He said the two lads went off clutching their behinds and quaking.  

When I arrived home after school I opened the back door and went through into the kitchen.  There was Paul, with one of my mother's aprons on and nothing else, just putting the finishing touches to a great pot of stew.   I was commanded to go and make myself comfortable and tea would be ready when I came down.   I went upstairs, had a pee, and took off my school clothes completely and just slipped on a rather outgrown pair of running shorts.  I had to tug the leg down a bit as the tip of my dick was peeping out.  What did impress me was that the bathroom and bedroom were spotless.  In fact, when I looked in the linen cupboard there were the bedsheets we used for our togas all freshly washed, dried and ironed.   I went downstairs to be greeted by Paul with a big hug and kiss and a pot of tea and sandwiches.  I thanked him for what he had done and said, jokingly, he'd make someone a good wife.  He then went serious and said if I offered he wouldn't mind.  We couldn't drink our tea quickly enough before we were up in our bedroom with me fucking him slowly and sensuously while he held my head and probed my mouth with his very prehensile tongue.  After I had come and rested a very short I sucked him off for the second time that day.  We lay together and talked about my day at school and Billy's encounter and I knew we could live together when the time came.  I then had to stir my stumps as I had to get to Scouts.  As I went out of the door all dressed up in my uniform I promised Paul I wouldn't be long as I was looking forward to my supper.  He winked and said "Wait for the dessert!"  

Skip wasn't going to be around to take the troop through the evening programme so I, Gerry and a couple of the other Senior Scouts had been deputed to see everything ran smoothly.  I was sitting entering some of the test results when one of the Patrol Leaders, Terry Finch, one of the First Year Sixth at our school, came up with a grin on his face.  

"Hey, Jamie, I've got a couple of thugs in my lot who are just about shitting themselves with fright over what Billy Hall has in store for them."  

I looked over to where his patrol were busy getting on with some activity except for two who were looking at us rather furtively.  They were two of the bigger lads in his patrol and I guessed they were the pair Billy had chastised earlier in the day.  I said I knew about them and Billy was going to make them sweat a bit during the Junior XV's rugger practice the next day.  

"Tell 'em I know about them," I said, "And tell 'em I'll be there so they won't be hurt... too much!"  

Terry grinned and went back to the corner of room.  There was a hurried consultation and the pair came over to me with rather hangdog expressions.  

"I hear you weren't being very good Scouts today....," I started to say, but one blurted out, "We're ever so sorry, what will he do to us?"  

"I hear you had your bottoms spanked," I said with a grin.  

They both blushed and for two lads of their size they looked quite crestfallen.  

"Don't worry too much, you'll get chased round the pitch a bit, I'd think.  But, tell me what you were doing."  

The bigger one bit his lip and went silent but the other looked at him, then me, and said "If I tell you, you won't say, will you?"  

"Of course not," I said, "But I bet I could guess in less than two goes...."  

I remembered the pair being discussed after the last summer camp was over.  The story I'd heard was they outwanked the rest in their tent.  

"Did that young lad catch you at anything?" I asked.  

The bigger one blushed even more but nodded and said that it wasn't all their fault.  Apparently, the First Year lad had seen them in the bogs having a wank side by side in a cubicle and had threatened to tell on them.  So they had waylaid him and were about to give him a good going over when Billy arrived.  I said they'd better keep their hands to themselves in the future in more ways than one and, especially,  not in public view in the bogs.  I also said they'd better get the lad to join the Troop and get him on their side.  They did have the grace to grin at that and both said `thanks' and went back to their Patrol group.  I gave Terry the thumbs up sign and mentally noted to tell him and Billy of what had actually happened.  By eight o'clock hunger was getting the better of me so I got the other Seniors to finish off the evening and lock up and went off home.  

I changed back to the running shorts as soon as I got in and as soon as I was downstairs Paul served up the stew.  He was a bloody good cook.  We had a couple of platefuls each and as we ate I told him the story of Billy and the boys and their antics.  Paul said that more gallons of spunk must have been offloaded in those cubicles over the last hundred years since the school was built than anywhere else on earth!  I couldn't disagree as I'd shot off, behind a locked door, a good few times myself.  As  I still had to do my homework  I sloped off upstairs leaving Paul to clear up and wash up.  I felt very relaxed and Dr Jackson's problems he had set me just solved themselves.  I was blissfully happy.  I remembered that Paul said there was dessert.  There was, Paul came up silently behind me as I wrote down the last answer.  He gently turned my head and placed his halflimp cock against my lips.  I needed no more bidding.  My vitamin-rich dessert was shot straight down my throat within a few minutes.  I slipped off my shorts and guided Paul over to our bed.  That night I fucked Paul twice more and he came twice more as well.  Four times that day; was the rest of the week going to be the same?  It was.  My parents were due back on Sunday and each day until then Paul and I celebrated our love for each other four times.  Gerry, Kish and Billy didn't get a look in, not at least until Saturday!   However, the next morning after the revelation at Scouts I was in the Sixth Form room after break and told Billy what I'd found out the night before.  He grinned and said he'd give the pair a good run-around after school during the practice.  

"Huh, but I'll get that little fat fucker on Friday.  Podger has an away match on Saturday so he's leaving early Friday afternoon so he's got me and Georgie to help with the First Year games that afternoon.  Can't have him interfering with youthful pleasures, can we?" he said with a twinkle in his eyes under the now turning green colouration around them.  

He did give them a good run-around, they were in the scrum, on the wing and being chased by him and Kish all the way.  They were loving it from the looks on their faces.  I rescued them, with the last quarter of an hour to go, and got them with Tony Smye and Pete Mee to do goal kicks.  I noted that both Pete and Tony were good goal kickers but the two young `uns also tried their best.  As we walked back to the changing room I said I hoped they hadn't been too overworked.  Both grinned at me and the smaller of the pair said he was very happy.  I waited for Billy and Kish and we went into the Junior changing room and stripped off to have our showers.  This gave me the opportunity to check on Pete and Tony who I noticed were developing fast.  Their young cocks were now much longer and thicker than a few months ago and their bushes were now quite curly.  The other two youngsters were a bit slow in stripping off and I saw them taking stealthy looks at the older lads and their possessions.  As soon as Billy had cast his kit off he herded the pair under a shower and I joined him.  It was rather like the Smye and Mee episode except when I looked down at their thirteenyear old cocks I saw they were both much more developed than I'd been at that age.  No wonder they were ardent wankers.  I saw Billy appraising them as well.  

As he turned the shower on he said in his gruff voice, "The pair of you did very well and you can join in every week if you want to.  D'you agree Jamie?"  

I said they could and I hoped they would.  

Billy cuffed them both lightly on the back of the head, "But keep your activities until you get home in future."  

They both went bright red and the smaller one sniggered and put a hand out and tweaked the taller one's cock.    "He wants it all the time," he said above the rushing of the water.  

With that the taller one blushed even more and started to get a hardon.  He couldn't escape as Billy and I were hemming him in.  

Billy laughed, "Just like I was at their age, eh, Jamie?"  

I nodded, almost helpless with laughter.  As the hot water cascaded down the kid's tool lengthened and hardened until it was upright against his belly.  He tried to cover it with his hand but I put my hand down and pulled his hand away.  

"Scout's motto, `Be Prepared', eh?"  

Poor kid he was red from the neck upwards while his pal giggled.  

"You'd better take him home and deal with that," said Billy, "Get his towel for him."  

The smaller kid squeezed past us and Billy put his hand down and stretched his fingers against the other lad's erection.  

He held up his fingers, "Five inches I would say, wouldn't you Jamie?  Got a bit to go yet, I would think."  

For a Third Year with five inches and still growing he was likely to end up with a whopper.  The smaller lad returned and held up a towel.  We let the kid get past us and as he did so his stiff tool brushed my leg.  

"Watch it, lad," I said, "Nearly had my eye out then!"  

The smaller one laughed and handed him the towel which he hastily wrapped round him.  Billy and I finished showering and stepped out, dripping.  The younger lad stood there, his cock slightly raised, and handed us our towels.  

"I'll see to him," he said, "He's just a bit shy."  

"Not what I heard about last year's camp," I said taking my towel from him.  

"Not with kid's our age," he said, "But he's scared of you two."  

"You're not?" I asked.  

 "No, not now," he replied with a cheeky grin, "Anyway I've heard about you from my brother."  

The penny dropped.  Of course, this was Georgie Thomas's young brother; Georgie my wanking partner of years before.  

 "Georgie Thomas's brother," I said.  

 "Yes, I'm Ray.  He told me all about you and the Scouts that's why I joined."  

 "What about him?" I asked, pointing to the hunched over figure trying to dry himself without showing off his rigid rod.  

"Oh, he lives down the road from us, his name is Tony Speers."  

"And his brother is Andrew Speers?" I asked, remembering another wankbuddy of the same era as Georgie.  

The kid nodded vigorously.  "He says his brother knows you as well."  

So my past was catching up.  Billy and I dried ourselves and saw the two youngsters deep in discussion.  In the end they both came up, the taller one's dick now drooping.  

"Can we really come to practice every week?" the smaller one asked.  

 Billy and I eyed them up and down.  

"Just as long as you practice other things elsewhere," said Billy very solemnly.  

They both grinned and turned, their young dicks flopping against their thighs.  Billy put up a foot and toed them both right in their arse cracks.  

 "You're a pair of cheeky buggers," he said to no one in particular as they skipped away to their piles of clothes.  

 "You've made a conquest there, Billy boy," I said  putting a hand down and flicking his thick shaft lightly.  

 Gerry commented on Thursday morning that I had a smile on my face like the cat who'd had cream.  I explained that I was getting plenty of cream, Paul's, and he and the others weren't to worry if they thought I was neglecting them because Paul would be going back to Cambridge soon.  Gerry said that it was obvious at the weekend we were more than just good friends and he felt the same about Charley.  I was thinking about Gerry's little confession and also about Paul and me all day Thursday, even Dr Jackson had to ask me if I was thinking about other things when he asked me a Maths question.  I just nodded and tried hard to erase Paul from my thoughts while I tried a rather difficult differential equation.    

That afternoon we had our usual First XV practice after school.  I really let myself go and Kish and I had a great time.  I also practised lots of goalkicks and Tony Smye and Peter Mee ran around collecting the ball each time.  I patted them both on their backs and thanked them as we ran off the pitch into the changing room.  I realised all the exercise had made me particularly horny so I didn't bother to change but just bundled my clothes into my duffel bag with my school books and cycled back to home and Paul.  He raised his eyebrows as I burst in the back door but followed me upstairs closely.  As I stood in the middle of our room he stripped off my rugger kit and with me still all sweaty and muddy pushed me onto the bed and proceeded to kiss then suck me.  He stripped off as he was sucking  then lay on his back on the bed and I got between his legs and after lubricating him thoroughly with spit I fucked him slowly and sensuously as if for the first time.  

I whispered in his ear as I felt my balls contract and the subterranean pulsing start, "I'm going to come gallons."  

The next few moments I was absolutely lost in sensations.  I thrust as deep as I could, his hips bucked and he shot a stream of hot cum up his chest hitting himself under the chin.  Within seconds I came too with thrust after thrust and grunt after grunt, deep, deep within him.  We held on to each other tightly, my chest glued to his with his outpouring of spunk and my still hard shaft in as far as it would go.  

"Do it again, very slowly," he whispered.  

He moved his legs until they were gripping my back and I moved back and forth almost imperceptibly.  I shagged him slowly like this for over twenty minutes until I felt a second even more fierce building up of tension beneath my balls.  I shot again, gush upon gush, even deeper than before as I felt my lengthy tool expand even more.  

"I felt that, he whispered, "Just keep in there."  

I moved my arms up until I had them round his neck and we moved until we were on our sides still facing other.  I licked his lips and then gently ran my tongue all over his face, into his eyes, behind his ears.  He erupted a second time and I felt his hot fluid running down my chest.  

"Stay there," he whispered again.  

We dozed for about an hour until he whispered, "I want it again."  

This time my outpouring of spunk took less than ten minutes of slow urging in his depths.   We slept rather than dozed after that and it was nearly eight o'clock when he whispered to me to wake up as supper would be ready as soon as we had bathed and got dressed.  I was quite exhausted but so happy and Paul seemed to be so alive after that most intense bout of love making.  As I lay on the bed and thought about the two of us he went to the bathroom and then down to the kitchen.  

My reverie was broken by the insistent ringing of the 'phone.  I rushed downstairs, in the nude, covered with dried spunk and smelling of sex.  It was my elder sister wanting to know if I was OK and not starving.  I must have sounded very happy as she wanted to know what I was doing.  I explained that Paul was looking after me very well and he was just cooking some supper.  "You sound like an old married couple," she said.  I nearly told her I wished we were but just laughed and said it was nice to come home from school and be looked after just as Mum does.  

 "It's a bit late for supper, isn't it?" she queried.  

I had to explain hastily I had been helping out with the Junior XV practice and so had been late home, etc., etc..  This seemed to satisfy her but I knew that at some time I would have to tell her a bit more and I hoped she would understand.  I was still talking and just saying my goodbyes when Paul came up and stood behind me and kissed my shoulder.  As I put the 'phone down he said I stunk like a rutting stag and supper was nearly ready.  I rushed upstairs and washed quickly and returned just in my running shorts.  

"Bloody sexy bugger, you are," he grumbled goodnaturedly as I plonked myself down at the dining table, "Food, sir, and a good fuck afterwards?  I don't think you're mother would approve of your dining attire, but I do!"  

We didn't fuck in bed that night, we arranged ourselves, sucked each other off simultaneously and then slept very, very soundly.  

The game on Saturday was another very tough one, this time scrappy and very physical.  The other team buggered it up for themselves because at least two of their scrum lost their tempers, mainly because of the antics of their hooker, a surly creature with a broken nose at the age of seventeen and acne more rampant than Billy's.  He managed to get a couple of penalties awarded against their side early on, even though the ref was one of the staff from their school.  I kicked the two and got them between the posts each time.  This didn't improve the lad's temper and he was mouthing imprecations throughout every scrum, according to Billy's account afterwards and one of their props told him in the end to shut the fuck up and get his head down.  Then during the second half Kish had just gathered a good pass when he was tackled and during the loose maul which developed the poxy hooker walloped him in the balls which the ref saw and awarded another penalty for a late tackle.  Anyway, I kicked that one easily, which didn't improve his temper even more, nor the frayed tempers of most of their scrum.  He got his comeuppance in a scrum shortly afterwards when, I think, one of our second row bashed him in the goolies.  The scrum collapsed and the hooker then received a second bollocking as Billy `accidently' gave him the sharp end of his elbow.  He was helped off the field for a few minutes muttering about reprisals.  

However, Billy was in a jubilant mood when the game finished as we had routed them 27 nil.  He was unscathed this time but several of us were a bit worse for wear.  I had a cut over my eyebrow having been tackled and in the fall banged my head on something hard in the grass. One of our wings had a bloody ear and there were plenty of bruises and at least two of their forwards also had bloody noses.    Still, we had quite a singsong under the showers, except for the hooker who was still nursing his swollen nuts and breathing fire and brimstone.  His own team were fed up with him and needed someone to take the blame for the loss of the game.  In the end three of them held him down while a fourth tickled the sod all over while he raved and swore.  He called the tickler a great bag of shit which pissed the lads off even more so they upended him in a shower and turned the cold water on him and left him.  He was much quieter when he got out, his dick shrivelled and just poking out of his bedraggled bush, but he was still muttering, "I'll get the fuckers, I'll fuck the lot of them!" as he passed me on the way to his clothes.  Of course, his teammates had tied his sleeves and trouser legs in knots which incensed him even more.  I wouldn't have liked to have got the wrong side of him in the scrum next time.  

I had taken Mum's car to the ground and had collected Billy and Kish on the way.  It was a tight squeeze after the match as they, plus Gerry and Charley all came back to my house.  Dave said he was going to the pictures that evening so had to bow out.  I warned the others that my Mum and Dad would be back the next day so there mustn't be any mess.  As soon as we got indoors Paul saw my cut eyebrow and hustled me up to the bathroom to have it cleaned up.  He had just dabbed some stinging iodine on it when there was an almighty yell from downstairs.  Paul said I wasn't to rush down, they weren't tearing the place apart, yet, and carefully finished off his  ministrations by putting a neat piece of sticking plaster over the cut.  

When we got downstairs the others had Kish over the kitchen table, trousers and underpants round his ankles with Billy inspecting his balls.  As soon as we entered the room Billy laughed.  

"For if he hath been wounded in the stones or hath his privy member cut off he shall not be allowed into the presence of the Lord," he announced in tones of mock gravity, "As you are the Lord for tonight, Jamie,  I can say he hath no damage and his privy member is whole, intact and looks to be in good working order!"  

"No it's not!" exclaimed Charlie. "I think he's one of the two hundred Philistines whose foreskins David gave to Saul!  And as Jamie's second name is David and Saul became Paul there must be a connection somewhere."  

Kish was grunting, swearing and laughing at the same time.  "You're the bloody Philistines, floppy foreskins and all! ....And the only connection will be between my foot and your backsides!"  

We were all laughing our heads off as we all knew our Leviticus and First Book of Samuel having giggled over the passages in RI and that Kish was also mentioned there as well.   The others released Kish and he hobbled round the kitchen, trousers and pants round his ankles, swatting fruitlessly at Billy and Gerry's nether regions.   

We were all starving hungry but no worry, Paul had made a huge lasagne and we went into the dining room which Paul had laid out as if for a posh dinner party.  Before we ate Gerry said he and Charley had something to tell us.  He said we were the only ones to know.  He and Charley were going to be together as they loved each other and it was also going to be Charley's seventeenth birthday on Wednesday so they wanted us all to celebrate both events tonight.  This was very brave to say as, although we had all fucked and sucked each other it could be, like any adolescents, that we were just satisfying our monstrous carnal appetites.  Kish said he was very happy for them and Billy, bless him, got up and gave both a great kiss, full on the lips.  I looked at Paul.  He grinned and nodded.  I then said that Paul and I were just the same as Gerry and Charley.  

Billy gave a mock whistle, looked at Kish and said, "That just leaves us, doesn't it Kish me dear!"  

We all laughed and Kish said he loved us all dearly and he really had tears in his eyes when he said it.  I got up and hugged him and then hugged Billy.  

"You lot are the best friends anyone could have," I said with great feeling.  

Paul must have had an inkling of the announcement as he then produced two bottles of champagne, culled from my father's hoard, which we drank toasting the happy couples and Charley, especially, for his forthcoming birthday.  We then scoffed everything in sight and, full up, rested for a while.   

After he'd finished a postprandial ciggie, cadged from my father's box on the table, Billy proposed we adjourned to my bedroom and seal our friendships properly.  I said it was our bedroom going over and standing by Paul, but I was very willing to share it with all my dear friends.  

By the time we got to it we were all naked.  A trail of clothing stretched from the living room, up the stairs and along the landing.  We were all sporting hardons as we pushed  the beds nearer the wall and lay on the floor in a sort of natural order.  Billy nuzzled at Gerry's dick and enveloped it as Gerry engulfed Kish's whippy rod.  I pressed my knob end against Kish's lips and stretched over to take Charley's young prong into my mouth as he stuck his tongue out and began to lick Paul's massive cock.  The silence of the next ten minutes or so was only broken by the sounds of sucking and deep breathing, then by soft moans and slurping noises as each mouth was filled with friendly cum.  

As if orchestrated we all gathered in a huddled group, just like the pictures of seals on the rocks, and everyone exchanged cum with everyone else.  I for one, lay glassy eyed for a while until I felt a pair of warm and sticky lips brushing my half erect prick.  I looked to see who it was.  It was Billy and I moved slightly until I could catch Gerry's stiff prong between my lips and gradually the circle formed again as Paul moved over to Kish's cock and Kish lapped at Charley's newly grown young dick.  The circle was completed as Gerry put his head against Paul's furry belly and Charley attempted to swallow Billy's swollen dong.  Silence reigned again for several minutes then there was more sounds of licking and slurping, halfstifled moans and grunts and then more fullblooded groans as willing mouths received another basting of warm creamy cum.  Gerry thrust his hips at me as he prepared to come then fired a load straight into my open throat.  I withdrew a bit and caught the last spurts on my tongue.

I was so engrossed in receiving Gerry's offering it was a moment before I realised that my own cock was being sucked strenuously by a very roused Billy.  He must have come suddenly in Charley's mouth as he stopped and panted a bit before renewing his urgent attention to my length.  He sucked very hard and my prick went completely into his mouth and into his throat.  I shot immediately right into his gullet.  I realised I was coming even more than usual so I pulled my dick out and sprayed the last of my spunk over his face.  He was gagging a bit and swallowing hard but he patted me on the buttock to indicate he was OK.  Paul was last to come and the rest of us sat up and watched Gerry teasing his foreskin back and forth.  Paul's mouth was ringed with Kish's spunk as he lay back, mouth open, making guttural moaning sounds and then a great roar as he erupted into Gerry's wide open mouth.  Great bubbles of semen formed round Gerry's lips as he tried to keep the twitching cock in his mouth.  Paul's whole body jerked as he spasmed.  

"Oh my God," he muttered, "Don't let it stop..."  

We watched bewitched as the process started again and a second blast of come fired into Gerry's mouth.  Paul lay back, eyes closed with Gerry still holding his cock upright in his mouth.  What a performance!  I'd had several bouts with Paul where he'd come twice in very quick succession but this was the quickest yet.  Perhaps he liked an audience as well!  

Well after that we sat around discussing all sorts of things until Billy said he'd better get home or his father would think he was getting pissed in some lowlife pub.  

Gerry looked up and grinned.  "More likely shagging some tart's arse off in some common brothel!" he said and then realised a slight fauxpas.  

"You said it mate, not me," said Billy.  

After I had made a halfhearted lunge at Gerry for downgrading our establishment Kish said he'd better be going too as he'd promised to help his father the next morning and he would be completely shagged out if he didn't get a good night's sleep.  

"You would definitely get the first but not much chance of the second here if you stayed!" said Gerry with an evil grin making a dive for Kish's not quite limp cock.  

"Leave off, sex maniac," said Kish, sounding all prim and proper, "You can have what you want next week when I've had a rest and recuperated a bit."  

He stood up and leaned over Gerry with his bollocks level with his nose.  

"Say goodnight to your friends nicely."  

Gerry turned his head up and gave Kish's balls a big, sloppy kiss much to our amusement.  

"I want one too," said Billy lumbering to his feet.  

Gerry complied.

The pair disappeared off to the bathroom and sounds of sloshing water were heard, then a scramble along the landing and down the stairs as they collected their clothes.  They appeared at the bedroom door fully dressed, blew us kisses and went off slamming the back door behind them.  
I looked at Gerry and Charley.  

"Do you want to stay the night?" I asked.  

They looked at each other and grinned and nodded.  

"We've got this bed," said Paul, indicating the fourfooter, "so you'd better have the narrow one or some pillows and  his sleeping bag on the floor."  

I asked if they wanted some more food and drink and as everyone was hungry again we all trooped down to the kitchen, luckily with the blinds drawn, and raided the fridge and pantry.  One by one we went to the bathroom and then settled down for the night.    

I was snuggled up against Paul and was just dozing when I heard sounds of quiet activity coming from the floor.  I leaned over Paul who was on his back and snoring gently and saw that Gerry was just about to push his knob end against Charley's pucker.  I watched, getting more and more horny as he pushed gently and entered Charley.  Charley looked up and saw me watching and winked and mouthed silently, "You two as well" and passed up a jar of Vaseline.  I took the jar and anointed my first finger, then slid back across Paul and put my hand down between his legs and pressed my sticky finger against the crack of his arse.  It slid in easily.  Paul grunted.  I pressed my index finger against him as well and soon I had two fingers inside.  I fingerfucked him for a minute or so and he gradually woke up.  There was a steady sound coming from the floor of inhalations and "uuhs" and "aahs" from both Gerry and Charley.  Paul was now wide awake.  I slid back over his body and down between his legs.  I manoeuvred them up until they were resting on my shoulders and then lubricated his hole with spit and a gob of  Vaseline.  He was ready to receive me as I pushed slowly but forcefully and we joined the others in our sighs and groans.  My bed squeaked a bit as I thrust up and down, in and almost out of Paul.  His moans got louder as I touched on sensitive spots within him and then I felt the mounting tension in the roots of my prick and shot squirt after squirt of my hot cum as I bayed like the proverbial hounddog, "AAAAAH.... ...AAAAAAAH.... ..AAAAAAAAAHHHH!"  

Gerry must have climaxed about the same time as I did as he opened his lungs and shouted, "Oh my.y.y.y!...,  fu....ck!..., I'm cummmmmmming!..... OOOOOOH! ..............UNHHHHHHHH!"  

I was glad we lived in a detached house what would the neighbours have thought!  

I collapsed onto Paul who held me tight and kissed me and our tongues entwined in each other's mouths.  We were lying very quietly savouring every moment when I heard a hurried exchange between Gerry and Charley.    

Then Charley called up to us, "Paul, if Jamie doesn't mind would you like to fuck me?"  

I knew Paul really didn't like to fuck, he'd only done it to me rarely and last Saturday was a revelation when he'd actually fucked Billy.  He'd told me many times he much preferred to be fucked and then wanked or sucked.  

I stopped licking his ear and whispered "I don't mind, please Paul, you can do whatever you want, it'll make us all happy together."  

Paul kissed me again then said, "No Charley, I won't fuck you, but you can fuck me, I'm all ready.  Come up here."  

I moved off Paul onto the side of the bed and Gerry stood up and let Charley get onto the bed.  Paul opened his arms and Charley took my place.  Charley's rod was at full mast as he knelt between Paul's legs with Paul's knees on either side of him.  As he lowered himself over Paul I lifted one then the other of Paul's legs over his shoulders.   I got off the bed and stood next to Gerry and watched as Charley pushed and penetrated Paul very easily.  Charley had a cherubic smile on his face as he rocked back and forth with Paul making ever increasing noises.  Paul must have clamped down hard as Charley almost screamed out with ecstasy, shot his load and collapsed onto Paul.  He lay groaning in an almost demented way while Paul caressed his head and planted a kiss on his forehead.    Both Gerry and I had hardons again and as Charley sat up, still encased in Paul, Paul said, "Toss me off, now."   

Charley gripped Paul's thick and heavy rod and began the slow climb to Paul's climax.  I reached over and took hold of Gerry's cock underhand while he grasped mine with ringed fingers.  We matched Charley's beat, stroke for stroke.  Paul came first with another mighty load which splattered up his chest and then the last spurts dropping just above his navel.  I came next and splashed my come on Paul and over onto the bed sheet beyond.  Gerry wasn't very far behind and produced a real fountain of spunk which landed right on the streams already on Paul.  Charley put two fingers in the three loads and mixed them then licked his fingers.  

"That's from my three best friends," he said with great feeling.  

We three copied him and then kissed each other very lovingly wishing Charley a very happy birthday next week.  The four of us spent the rest of the night in a fourfoot bed in our couples, face to face, with arms uniting all of us.  

 Sunday morning Paul woke first and was washed and dressed and cooking up breakfast by the time I and the other two had had a morning piss and washed.  Christ! the bed was in a mess!  The combined spunk and debris of our night before were all over the sheets and pillow cases.  I hurriedly stripped them all off and gathered up the towels we had also used to clean ourselves up with and whipped them downstairs and into the washingmachine.  They had to be washed, dried and back in place by seven o'clock in the evening when my parents were due back.  Paul and I sat and ate our breakfast and were most amused as Charley and Gerry couldn't keep their hands off each other as they tried to feed each other.  At eleven we shooed them out of the house and they said they were going to spend the rest of the day in Gerry's cellar  shagging each other silly, we surmised.   As they left I gave Gerry the four wankmags discreetly veiled in a Marks and Spencers green bag and said he wasn't to look in the bag until he got home and to keep the contents safe!   

Like two good housewives, Paul and I cleaned the house again airfreshener fragrance was the order of the day and all had to be  ready when Dad and Mum arrived back,  then went to Paul's for lunch with his Mum and Dad.  As soon as my parents got home and had had a good cup of English tea Mum did a quick surreptitious check and I could see she was rather mystified when she found no evidence of damage or uncleanliness.  Even my room was back to normal, my schoolbooks all over my desk where I had caught up with my homework during the afternoon.  Little did she know of the sexual antics which had been perpetrated under her roof over the past week!