Easter Rugger Tours
Before and After  

By Joel

Chapter Four - The Second Easter Tour  

My second Easter Tour came and I renewed my acquaintance with Gareth, this time in the company of a very horny FifthFormer, David Richards, and visited Frankie, home on vacation, with a second, even more randy, FifthFormer, Charley Fawcett.  Charley had a chunky body, dark brown eyes and an infectious smile and was the quintessential sixteenyearold.  Full of hormones and having an almost insatiable appetite for wanking and a near inexhaustible supply of spunk.  As I got to know him better over the next few months he also became insatiable over other techniques.  

Frankie's young brother Duncan was also now squirting copiously at every opportunity according to Frankie, even more than when he had stayed with me the previous Autumn Term.  In fact, he insisted on giving us a demonstration of his prowess when he brought the tea in to us in the morning. As  soon as he had set the tray down on the chest of drawers he said "Watch this!", dropped his pyjama trousers and fisted his now grown length very vigorously.  He had somehow managed to get his younger brother David to stay out of the way for the less than two minutes it took him to come!

We three were hunched up in Frankie's bed as Duncan got into the wellknown boys' routine.  Frankie sensed when Duncan was getting near his climax and pulled the covers off us just before the little sod shot his load.  Drops landed on all three of us.  Duncan panted a bit with his exertion and then pointed at us with his sticky juice on our thighs and laughed.  Frankie reached out, grabbed and told him, "Lick it all up!"  Obediently he lapped up the cum from Frankie's thigh, then off Charley in the middle and, finally, came round the other side to me and licked up the single drop which had shot as far as me.  As he bent over me with his tongue out I put my hand behind him and stuck my second finger against his pucker.  

He came up looking a bit startled, then grinned and said, "That was nice."  

Something for the future I thought.  He had just pulled up his pyjamas when David knocked at the door.  

 Frankie growled, "Come in!" and David peeped round the door.  He was intrigued at the sight of the three of us in bed and Duncan with a rather red face as well after his efforts.  I thought, sod it!, and rolled off the edge of the bed.  I had a really good hardon which the two youngsters eyed, David almost openmouthed.  I pulled Charley out of bed.  He was much shorter than me, but very stocky.  He had a shortish prick but it was thick and it was also, like mine, standing at attention, his knobend protruding slightly from his heavy foreskin.  That only left Frankie.  I nudged Charley and we leaned over the bed and rolled him off the edge the other side.  He came up, brandishing a fist at us in mock belligerence.  

"You bastards, if I'd've fallen on this the fucker might have snapped off!"  

His cock was also at full stretch.  David stared hard then piped up, very reminiscent of my previous visit and what Duncan had said that time.  
"I'll tell Mum you used two of those words!"  

"Sneak," said Duncan grabbing his younger brother.  "Don't you ever dare tell on Frankie!" he admonished him fiercely.  

"Huh!" riposted David, quite unabashed, "And I'll tell her you were wanking last night!"  

 Duncan went even redder than before.  The three of us older ones laughed.  

"How do you know about that?  Who told you that word?" Duncan demanded shaking his smaller brother.  

Frankie put out a restraining hand separating the two boys.  "Tell me," he said to David.  

David looked up at him with his innocent blue eyes wide open.  "He does it every night, he makes the bed shake and I didn't know why so I asked Bernard weeks ago."  

"You mean Bernard Fields, Johnnie's brother?"  

"Yes, he said that Johnnie wanks every night and he'd shown him and he squirted some white stuff.  I know he squirts white stuff," David said, pointing at Duncan, "'Cause I saw him in the bathroom rubbing his thing after school one afternoon and it squirted out the end and I hid so he didn't know I was there and when I went in there was stuff still on the tiles."  

Charley and I were almost in fits.  I moved over to Duncan and put my hand inside his pyjama bottoms and held his prick.  It was limp and rather sticky.  He wriggled against me and his prick got a bit firmer.  

"Who are they?" I asked, "Bernard and Johnnie?"  

"Oh," said Frankie, "They live down the road.  Bernard's in the same class as David and  Johnnie's in our Fourth Year.  We've known them for years.  In fact, Johnnie's Captain of our Junior Rugger team."  

David moved over to Charley and stood by his side looking up at him.  

"I can't make white stuff, I've tried ever so many times.  Can you?"  

Why he'd picked on Charley I don't know but Charley stood the test.  As I laughed inwardly I massaged Duncan's cock which was becoming increasingly rigid.  

Charley looked down at David and said with an absolutely straight face, "Of course, I do, David.  All boys when they grow can shoot white stuff.  You will soon I expect."  

I realised Duncan wasn't too far off another climax.  I put my other arm across his chest and quickly pulled the cord on his pyjamas so they dropped to the floor.  
"Look David, just like this!"  

The three boys watched as I speeded up my grip on Duncan's cock.  He was leaning back a bit then bucked his hips and fired quite a wad onto the bed and it's bottom sheet.  He opened his eyes and looked up at me, all roundeyed.  

"That was lovely.  Thanks, Jamie."  

I held him tight.  "Now, you look after David, won't you?" I said hugging him to me, "Promise?"  

He smiled and nodded.  I let go and he pulled his pyjamas up for the second time, went over to David, took his hand and left the room.  

We three big 'uns looked at each other, all grinning broadly.  

Charley pointed at the tiny spreading drops of spunk on the bottom sheet, "Your Mum'll think it's yours, eh?"  

Frankie grinned, "Won't be the first time!  Actually that looks a bit like my first time, not much but it was my best at the time!"  He turned to me.  "You did a good job there, Jamie, took him in hand, so to speak, eh?"  

We laughed but I was not going to be able to last out much longer.  

"Fuck the game!" I said, reaching for the towel on the bedside chair and chucking it over the spunkstained sheet.  

I grabbed Charley's prick and wanked him hard 'til he came quite quickly with a small fountain of spunk.  Frankie then grabbed mine and it wasn't long until my load shot from my knobend.  Charley was already holding Frankie's shaft and the third wad was deposited to join the others.  Needless to say both Charley and I ran with undiminished vigour all over the field that afternoon against the Public School, with Charley scoring a lovely try while I kicked the conversion easily.   

 Our visit to the Catholic Public School was even more interesting than the previous year.  After winning quite easily against a very mediocre and not very weighty side we had the usual filling meal.  Our squad had all retired to our beds just as the lights went out after our traditional cockkissing and circlejerk when the door to the dormitory opened slowly and the whole of their First Fifteen and reserves crept in silently and slipped into bed with us.  Whether by accident or design young Sean, now in their Fifth Year and a reserve scrum half, found me and we spent the whole night together wanking and sucking and repelling any other wanton boarders.  From the conversation in the bus on the way home whatever their lot lacked on the field they certainly made up in wantonness!  I was able to confirm the others' tales by my night of almost continuous climaxing with Sean.  I was sucked off for the fifth time at six o'clock and so had about an hour's sleep before the wakeup bell rang at seven.  I sat next to Billy who whispered he'd never felt so shagged out and we both slept solidly until the bus drew up outside our school.